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In Memoriam

Viscount Sir Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus, OL, OP

Sable, on a cross
cotised Or, a sun gules.

From Gaius' brother, Ralph Kizewski:

Obituary of Gaius Richard Auklandus

On October 22, 2007, Gaius Richard Auklandus (formerly Richard Kizewski), a former Stevens Point resident, age 54, was found dead in his apartment in Pleasant Hill, CA. apparently of natural causes.

He was born Richard Joseph Kizewski on October 4, 1953 in Milwaukee, WI, a son to Joseph A. and Cecelia M. (Gabor) Kizewski. The family returned to the Stevens Point area in 1958. Gaius attended local Stevens Point area schools and graduated from P. J. Jacobs in 1971.

He joined the U.S. Navy and served 10 years honorably in this country and overseas. He trained in computer technology and worked in many U.S. states following his time in the military in that field.

Gaius was married to a local resident, Ms. Laura Schneider of Stevens Point. They later divorced. He was married 3 other times, the last being Ms. Joellyn Dorkin of Philadelphia, PE in 1991. They were divorced in 1995.

He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Cecelia Kizewski, a sister Debra (Anton) Gessler, and a brother, Ralph Kizewski, all of Wittenberg, WI, a brother Joseph Kizewski of Aurora, CO, a brother Mark (Brenda) Kizewski and a brother Steven (Lynn) Kizewski of Hatley, WI, a sister Christine (Paul) Holter of Corpus Christi, TX, and a brother Albert (Joan) Kizewski of Mosinee, WI. He is also survived by numerous nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by a sister Grace Mary Kizewski in 1956, a brother Allen Francis Kizewski in 1986, and his father Joseph A. Kizewski in 1997.

Gaius was a member of the Masons, and a long-standing member of the Society of Creative Anachronisms. He is survived by many loving friends of those organizations as well.

A vigil was held for Gaius on October 26, 2007 at 7pm at Hulls Walnut Creek Chapel, Walnut Creek, CA. His earthly remains were cremated. He will be missed.

From Gaius' Memorial Service
Photo by Joshua Harris
(SCA: Wilhelm von Homburg)

Gaius Aucklandus was a Viscount of the Principality of the Mists, a member of the Order of the Laurel (for teaching dance), a Knight of the West, a member of the Order of the Pelican, held a Grant of Arms, was a member of the Orders of the Rose Leaf and the Leaf of Merit of the Kingdom of the West, was a Commendabilis twice (runner up in the Crown Lists), a member of the Queen's Order of Grace in the West, a member of the Queen's Order of Courtesy in both the East and Atlantia, held several Cynaguan and Mists awards, as well as served on several Queen's Guards.

Posted on SCA-West, Monday, October 22, 2007:

I have just received word from the Pleasant Hill Police Dep't. that Gaius was found(deceased) in his apartment this afternoon. There are no details at this time, other than it appears to be natural causes. We, House Auklandus, have notified his family. We will get back to the list with further details, as we get them.
We will all miss him.

Elf [Aelf of King's Crossing]

Some Reminisces:
I'll always remember his knighting at "Freeze in the Trees". It was overcast, but as soon as he was dubbed Knight a break in the clouds occured and the sunlight struck only him. One of those moments...

Damn it, another friend gone.

Vlasta von der Weissen Sonne

Once again, we have lost a great friend. I will greatly miss his humor, his warmth and his teaching. Sorrow and condolences to all of his family and all of us.

Anastasia Grindstead of Raven Oak

We are greatly saddened by this loss to the Kingdom. Gaius was a dear friend and I will miss him. I saw him rarely in this last year with him off in Caid and all, but he was always quick to keep e-mail contact.

Good bye, Bear-
Better times ahead!

Mari Alexander

He was Captain of my Queens Guard. I will miss him.
Letitia (Leticia de Scocia)

I am in shock.

No, I am coming out of shock, the waterworks have started.

Thanks for the news, Aelf, sad though it is. I was really looking froward to seeing him at 12th night. I consider it providence that you were at crown, and called him for me when you did.

I learned a lot from the rascal, even hard things.

~Wilhelm von Homburg

Godspeed, Gaius. You were the first Prince of the Mists I remember meeting. yeah, You were *that* guy for me.

Rest in Peace.
Cyneswith aet Caldhaefen

I heard via a call from Caid. I am very saddened; this is a loss that is going to hit many of my friends very hard indeed.

Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne

Mari called me last evening to give me the news about Giaus' passing. I keep wondering through waves of disbelief and sadness, so strange to think of him as gone so sad to be without his smile.

Six years ago, in Our last reign, Giaus became a good friend and an even better informer. He used to tease me about being my Nosey Viscount and a Spy for the Queen. Though we have not had much contact in the near past he has always remained special to me and I feel his loss.

I will miss my Nosey Viscount,
Ginevra, Regina

P.S., Tell everyone you love that you love them. We have all been shown this month that you don't know when you won't see those people again and though it may sound cliche it is in our immediate past that this saying holds true. There are so many people in this Kingdom and in the Society that mean much to me, please know that I try to let you all know how special you are to me when you are standing there and that I think of you even when you are not.

Bucky [Eric Bearsbane] and I are in shock! We were looking forward to seeing him again. Like so many others who have recently left us there will be a empty space in all our hearts for a truely unique guy. I will miss his charm, his wit, and the long talks. He could always make me laugh. May the Gods bless him and his family. Please keep us in the loop on any info. -- Aricia Jehane Deveraux

I met Gaius years and years ago, he and Kathrine of Bristol had recently been Prince and Princess of the Mists, but I moved to the Bay Area from Alaska (Oertha) after they had stepped down. I think I met him after he and Kathrine had been divorced, but I could be wrong. I know that went sideways in a very ugly way. I won't go into details here ...

I have had, in general, very mixed feelings about Gaius over the years. He was extremely personable, but there was always something that made me not want to be too close to him. I am not saying this to be rude, or speak ill of the deceased, but to try to process my feelings. He was one of those personalities that if someone asked, about all I could say was "Gaius is ... well ... Gaius." He made me crazy at points, but ... like any large family (and the SCA is, to me, a very large family) there are always those family members who do that.

One example of the above: I remember a Crown Tournament where he hadn't gone to the Laurel's meeting. I asked him about it after, and he turned to me and said "Have you heard the phrase 'Fuck you and everyone who wears a medallion like yours?'" He walked away, I stood there for a moment and then walked away rather confused. I never did find out what that was about, but ... um ... okay.

I can't say exactly why, but I was never real close to him. On the other hand, when I saw him, we always laughed, had good chats, and so on. I know others were closer to him, and I do feel for them. The loss of anyone you care about is hard.

Gaius was rather restless. He didn't settle down anywhere. He moved to the East, to Atlantia, back to the West, to Caid, and then back to the West (and I probably missed some of his moves in there -- I didn't keep close track on him)... I am not sure what it was about him. He usually found pretty good jobs, and all, but he just couldn't sustain staying in one place for all that long.

I would not be surprised to find that part of the reason Gaius passed away (we haven't heard any further details yet), is that he really didn't take care of himself. The problem he had with his foot had to do with his diabetes, something that could have been taken care of well before it got to that point, but he didn't. It was just ... the way he was ... I guess.

Well, Gaius, whatever happened, however it happened, rest in peace. I am not sure you ever were fully at peace before ... but I hope you've found it now. -- Hirsch von Henford

It's hard to believe Gaius is gone.

When he lived in Champclair, he had the chutzpah to petition the BoD to move the border between the Mists and Cynagua; he wanted Champclair to be Cynaguan because he got tired of playing in the Mists and wanted to get up to some fresh mischief in the other principality without having to move. We'd sit around of an evening and gossip and filk -- there was always singing, and mighty fun, too, when Gaius was around. He introduced me to my dearest friend, Aldith Angharad St. George. We sat around one afternoon under that tatty red sunshade and talked about Warner Brothers cartoons and sang every scrap of Looney Tunes songs that we knew, much to the dismay of the neighbors.

He started attending fighter practice in Vinhold and would stay to run a dance practice afterwards, as Vlasta said. These strange goings-on attracted the notice of a notorious local busybody who wrote a scathing letter (probably one of five he'd written that week) to the editor of The Napa Register, about "... who are these people and their strange, occult-like dances?" This tickled Gaius to death, and some time later when Geoffrey of Griffinhold approached him about reviving dance practice, it prompted the following twinkling response: "Oh no, Jack, not -- DEVIL DANCING in the park!" He dragged me to my first herald's meeting down at William of Houghton's house back when Eric Foxworthy was the Vesper Herald, getting me interested in doing book heraldry and court heraldry, as well as field heraldry. After Kevin O'Furey started calling me "Tati", so did Gaius, resisting all my efforts to get him to use a proper Russian diminutive like Tanya or Tanka, because he knew it irritated the snot out of me. He was like that, too.

He encouraged me to apply for a job at the Kaiser data center back in 1985. I didn't know a log-on from a log house back then, but he assured me that there was nothing to it, and I've been working with mainframe computers ever since. I owe him my livelihood and have never forgotten it. His personal life was always a disaster and his SCA life generally was, too. He moved from place to place and job to job and name to name, but things never seemed to change for him -- in the immortal words of Buckaroo Banzai, "No matter where you go, there you are." He had a gift for messing himself up once he got successful, which was a shame. He didn't seem to want to change; the most annoying thing about him was his attitude of "yeah, I know I have a problem, but on me it looks good." One could only shake one's head over it.

He once told me he got his high school letter in curling. I'd never heard of curling, so he proceeded to describe it. I told him he could knock it off, I wasn't that gullible. He insisted that there really was a sport where guys played around with brooms and sliding rocks on ice, and I kept telling him enough was enough, go play that lame joke on somebody else, because I wasn't born yesterday, you know! (I was aware that curling is a legitimate sport, but that was the fun of it.)

But on one famous occasion he made the mistake of asking Aldith, "Don't these dark glasses make me look like an oil sheikh?" You think he'd have known better, as Aldith instantly responded with something like, "Oh, yeah, like you'd be an Arab with THAT nose -- hah! You look more like Lawrence of Poland. Quick, Gaius -- 'Who wears a white sheet and rides a pig?' 'Why, it's Lawrence of Poland!'" He was a bit annoyed at first but then he had to laugh at the joke because he loved a good laugh, even on him -- and that's how I always thought of him afterwards.

Good ol' Lawrence of Poland. I do miss you.

-- Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova

Damn it apprentice, I did NOT give you permission to do something so stupid. All my apprentices (and grand apprentices and great grand apprentices, etc.) are supposed to out live me ... the rest of you have now been warned.

Juana Isabella [de Montoya y Ramirez]

-- additional from Juana:

Ive known Gaius for a very long time and Id like to share a special memory of him that he and I joked about over the years. He and I were sitting together watching court one March Crown many moons ago (AX XIV). I had been called up several times in court that weekend for various things. Well, near the end of court, the herald called up the Order of the Laurel. Gaius turned to me and said, If they call you up, Im never speaking to you again. As soon as these words were out of his mouth, the herald spoke my name. This was back in the day when all peerages were surprise and my little flabber was gasted. So was Gaius. He immediately took it back as I stumbled forward in a daze. Now we fast forward several years. It is Twelfth Night AS XIX. I was Crown Princess. Gaius was my apprentice. His candidacy for the Laurel was just about ripe. In the Laurel meeting, Their Majesties James and Verena determined that it was time to make Gaius a Laurel for dance teaching. I begged the boon of breaking the news to him, since the fashion for all peerages being surprises had passed. After the meeting I saw Gaius walking down the hall. I looked him in the eye and said, Im never speaking to you again. His face fell and looked confused. And then the light-bulb lit. He knew his time had come. I was pleased to welcome him as my peer before I became Queen that day.

Eilis called me this morning to break the news. I am shocked and saddened. He came over just before Bill [William of Hoghton] went into the hospital with a broken hip (and stayed for two months with diabetic complications) to show off his missing toes and to cheer up Bill and try to encourage him to take better care of himself. He was sometimes a prize troublemaker (for which I loved him), but he was that kind of guy who would sit with a fellow knight and give him comfort and good cheer. And he and I would laugh at ourselves and the "potato school" of fighting (for all us who were too short and too stout to make anything of ourselves, but did anyhow). In my office, I have a picture of Gaius and me fighting, and it was always just a personal memento, but now it is a cherished memory. Go in peace, brother.

-- Maythen Gervaise

When I read the announcement last night at work, I was stunned. I knew Gaius since my early days in the SCA. He was a big teddy bear of a man ready to flirt at the drop of a hat and always a smile. His prince's whim was "there is never too much cleavage" and there were many low cut bodices seen within the principality with much deep bowing to the prince ... and the prince did smile indeed. Gaius and Kathrine gave me my Corolla Aulica during their reign. In 2002 Jade and I elevated him to the Order of the Pelican, surprising him at court ... he was king's side herald so Jade knew exactly where he would be when Jade called him.

Years ago (1985) I wrote a song for Gaius when he won Coronet tourney and felt it would be good to share it here today. (by the way, he changed his name years later)

For Gaius

     Gaius Marcellus Librus Aucklandus
     Gaius Marcellus Librus Aucklandus

He fought for the coronet early one morning
Fought for a lady bright and fair
Fought for a lady's glory and honor
To win her a coronet for her hair.

At the end of the day he stood on the field
And looked across at a younger man'
Although he was tired, he looked to his lady
Her love brought new strength into his hand.

The battle waged on both long and hard
This final round of the Coronet list
His love was strong, his sword had won
Gaius made Kathrine - Lady of the Mist

Megan nic Alister

During Our first time as Prince and Princess of Cynagua there was a problem with getting a replacement Herald. Gaius stepped up to the job and he was so funny and such a flirt. We all had so much fun together.

I remember having an officers meeting at our home right after coronet. Went into the living room to talk and Gaius sat down in a big comfy chair...only there was a stuffed swan in the chair he didn't see. As he sat down there was a loud squawk from the toy! Everyone erupted in laughter, and the look on his face was precious!!! WE will both miss him so very very much!!!

Bronwen, Princess of Cynagua

I first met Gaius at Great Western War, the year he came back from the East. I came into the BC after a long day of fighting in the heat. I was barefoot, since the grass was thick, green and cool. There was a man sitting under the shade that day who couldn't take his eyes off my feet. He had a silly little grin on his face. When I asked if there was anything the matter he stated "you have the cutest little toes!" It takes quite a bit to make me blush, but my face was as red as a pomegranate. Gaius had a thing for toes, you see. So from that day on I would, at certain opportune moments, remove my shoes and wiggle my toes at him and watch that silly little grin appear on his jovial face. That is how I will remember Gaius.

Katherine n Cheallaigh of Skye

My friend Sir Gaius, i.e. Rich Aucklandus, was found dead yesterday in his residence apparently from natural causes. I will miss him greatly. The last time we traded quips on the internet, I was joking about something silly. We were very silly when we got together in person or on line... but sometimes we talked about important, serious stuff... depending upon our mood, we talk about a number of esoteric and complicated topics ranging from the meaning of life, how to cope with getting older, religions/God/the cult of the BVM, health issues and the ever-popular concept of chivalric virtue.

No platitudes... nothing I haven't said to his face... he was a good guy (one of the good guys)... he will be remembered as a kind, gentle and generous soul... he had faults, but they were easily forgiven... he was not malicious... and he was very sad, even amidst his giggling and his wise-cracks.

As I think back upon all of the times we talked, I am stunned by how little I know of his family and his early years before coming to the SCA. There was a lot of stuff that he didn't like talking about... and there were a lot of people who really hurt him... but he never seemed to give way to hating... never maintained a grudge or vendetta... and if you were his friend, he'd do anything within his power to help you or support you.

His last gift to me was returning to the West one last time. I can't believe he's gone... I can hear his voice and I can see his face... and I will miss him. -- Antonio Giordano da Sicilia

I came from the Middle Kingdom back in '87. At my very first Western Event(March Crown) I got to see a *gasp, sigh* knighting. My first one. It was Gaius. I watched him that day and how he handled himself and treated others and I thought "I want to be that guy". I then went to our local practice(a couple of weeks later) and there he was! He was a local! I was just starting as a fighter, I hadn't even been in armour yet, when he asked me to be his first Squire. I was stunned! He always told me that "we'll get you in armor, then authorized, then your first Crown, then we'll talk again." A year later I was fighting in my first March Crown. Soon after, the time for The Great Auk Migration came. About every 5-6 years Gaius would just get restless. I think he felt he had to go do something else for a while. Maybe he was bored. I never really figured it out. But anyways, He released me from my oath before he left and I Squired to Sir Jade of Starfall for many years. About a year after Jade and I ended our Fealty, Gaius aproached with the words "We have some unfinished business, you and I." To be blunt, I was skeptical. I asked him if he was going to "bolt" on me again and his reply was "Maybe." I accepted anyway and have not regretted it since. We were closer than ever. Between the many adventures to Disneyland, going to events, just sitting around at RedHouse and grousing about things I got to know Gaius better than I ever had before. He was smart, charming when he wanted to be, funny, generous, and kind. He spoke his mind for good or ill. He never gave up. He just redeployed on a new front. In a lot of ways he was a father to me. I'll miss him terribly until we meet again.

Aelf of Kingscrossing
Squire to Auklandus

My last memory of Gaius is a happy one. This happened I believe at a Crown, though it could have been a Cynaguan Coronet at the Fairgrounds by Davis. Many people have felt that Gaius and I look very alike. Apparently several times that day Gaius was called Torvaldr. I was merchanting at the time and he came by my booth and asked me to be at Court. When he was called up he stood up and called me up. Then he said,

"I am Sir Gaius Auklandis. I am not Torvaldr. This is Torvaldr. Who is not Gaius."

I said. "Right, remember I am a herald and Gaius is.... Uh wait a minute. Okay I am a fighter and Gaius, oh that wont work either he's a knight. Um,..."

To which he said, "You're a Bard!"

"Right!" I said, "I'm a Bard!"

The King or Prince then spoke to Gaius, calling him Torvaldr, and then spoke to me, calling me Gaius. And then made us sit down, but putting Gaius in my chair and having me sit next to Gaius's lady to make sure he didn't get the two of us mixed up. Which of course he did. A few minutes later someone pointed out to him that he had indeed gotten us mixed up and had us switch back. The whole thing was enormously funny.

Not long after I had Mistress Anastacia Grindstead make a matching pair of embroidered red tunics. In gold letters his said, "I am not Torvaldr." And mine said, "I am not Gaius." My one serious regret is that he and I never got a chance to wear them at the same time at the same event.

Just this year at Pennsic I was called Gaius as I walked into the West Kingdom camp. And after Pennsic I wrote to Gaius, who thought it was hillarious.

I will not claim to have been a close personal friend, but I did consider him a friend and have known him since I joined the SCA. I am lessened at his loss, in ways I could not foresee, and find myself wanting to cry. But at the same time I have these wonderful memories of him for the last time I saw him and spoke to him. And I still want to cry. Both from joy and sorrow.

I am supposed to be a skald. Good with words. Creative. But I can not find the words to compose anything fitting for him and my feelings. I can only hope to see him again one day, standing and smiling as I make the journey one day too. The only quote I can think of is from Gandalf at the end of the Lord of the Rings. "I will not say do not weep. For not all tears are evil."

May God carry and love you Gaius.

Hersir Torvaldr Torgarson

Robert James Koepke II

big toe loving bear
potato dojo boy
my joyous knight - gone

tears flow smiles shine
fighting dancing bird
sun breaks through the clouds

Siobhan ni Seaghdha

I have been lucky thus far; Gaius is the closest person to me yet to have passed away. So there's been a shadow over my world since I heard the news. I will very much miss my Good Bear and The Biggest Ferret.

Photo of Gaius and Aelia, by Keradwc an Cai

Like many many others before me, I now have a ton of inside jokes courtesy of Gaius that I'll never be able to properly explain to anyone else. "My toes are looking par-TIC-ularly cute today" might be the exception. The memory of them (the jokes, not the toes) has been a surprising and welcome balm for me now, however, as I've not yet found a way to grieve for him except by trying to be there for those others who shared more of his life than I.

He was a dear friend, an understanding Pelican, and a great socio-political advisor. He introduced me to a whole new level of cuteness via the ferret kind. He supported me when I was down, remembered my birthday, yet managed to never be there for any of my awards. We weren't in constant contact over these last couple of years, but we always managed to touch base eventually, catch up, and make sure the other knew they were loved and appreciated. And that, my dear cousins, is what matters.

Aelia Apollonia
The Littlest Ferret

Gaius was one of my SCA mentors. It is likely that I never would have achieved the Accolade of Chivalry without his guidance and support, and when my time came, he drove all the way from Texas to Pennsic just to provide the spurs for my Dubbing.

Gaius and Mitchell

Rich was a dear friend whose infectious smile never failed to produce the same from me. We constantly challenged each other to find jokes that the other did not already know.

I am utterly bereaved by his untimely passing. Goodbye, big brother.

Mitchell MacBain, Bro et Miles Orientalis
mka Matthew J. Lecin

Gaius -- or as I knew him, Cai -- was always yours, friends: a West Kingdom knight who may have traveled to other places, but his heart truly never left the Mists. While we had him in the East (and for a short time in Meridies), he was like a delightful foreign guest that almost -- almost -- made you forget he wasn't yours to begin with.

The West may know me, if you have a dinosaur's memories, by name; but not in context as Cai's last wife. Most people in the East looked at us and said "WHAT?" with a bemused look, because we certainly didn't seem each other's type, and history would have shown both of us apt to shy away from permanence -- but there was strength, and laughter, and the same cockeyed look at the world Absurd, that bound us together -- and oh, the dancing! I knew his background, as much as he'd tell me, and he knew mine. Both of us knew we weren't getting pristine packages, but that was part of what made sense to us. And for a few lovely years, we made it work. My mundane family welcomed him as well, as a son- and brother-in-law, and that was something he cherished long after we parted.

I left the SCA in the 90s because the real world called me more than the Knowne World at last. But it was always with delight that I would "paw touch" with Cai to find out how he was -- and where he was. He was listed in my contacts as "Ex-Husband First Class." We never missed each other's birthdays. And though we haven't seen each other face-to-face in years, and I'm happily remarried, getting a call on Monday to tell me of his death was like a hammer-blow. And my world is a little cracked, and a part is missing that can never be replaced.

Joellyn Auklandus Kopecky
f/k/a Countess Tamera FitzGloucestre of the White Boar

I was one of Maestro Gauis' apprentices while he lived in the East, where he was known as Cai de Lyon. I can only speak for myself: He was a brother figure, teacher and friend. He was courteous, chivalrous, and had a wicked sense of humor. He heard me sing about 11 years ago and took it upon himself to start me along the path that eventually led me to a Laurelate as a poet this Pennsic past. He had a temper, and I was the verbal target of said temper only once, but he was never malicious, and truth be told, I had that particular comeuppance coming. When, after that particular lecture/outburst, I asked if that meant I was "fired", he answered, "Of course not." When he went back West 7 years ago we severed the contract amicably because it did not seem practical to keep, but he was as good an advocate and teacher as one could have. I remember most his sense of humor. He was a fan of the Harry Potter series of books; he went so far as to translate "Chicks dig Slytherins" into Latin and used that as a signature for a while. That said, I am donating my hardcover copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to the Maurice M. Pine Public Library in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, in his memory. I will be contacting the Library to find out whether they have memorial book plaques or shelves, and what it will take to put his name on one. I am only now getting over the shock and have started writing an elegy, but it may not be ready in time for the services tonight. The best I can do is quote from another series of books we all know, by J.R.R. Tolkien, if it hasn't been quoted from already: "Take counsel with yourself, beloved, and ask whether you would indeed have me wait until I wither and fall from my high seat, unmanned and witless. "***"In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! we are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory." Vaya con Dios, Maestro, from your "Troubledour", Ana de Guzman, OL (mundanely Ana Areces Keveney)

Viscount Sir Gaius was one of those folks who was there when needed, never complained and just did his Herald duties with a smile and many thanks.

I found myself wondering how many times he must have said, "Yes, Your Majesty!" -- and with much enthusiasm.

I liked him as he was a good man who wished to improve things wherever he went and did. He was outspoken and I liked that. He was always kind and polite to me. I liked that he organized dancing and it pleased me long ago when I was Queen of the West that he did that so well.

Duke Ronald Wilmot called me to let me know of Gaius' death. Ronald and I do chat from time to time, though too many of our phone calls have been "who is gone now" -- all those who are leaving at an early age.

In remembering Gaius the last couple of days since I have known -- I remembered all who have left this Earthly plane in the West before this. It brought me many fond memories of my times in the West, time well spent with many dear friends.

Rest now Gaius -- it now your time for that. Godspeed, Gaius... I know that you will be remembered by all whose path you crossed. -- Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles

I was very new to the Knowne World when I met Viscount Gaius early in 1989 at our newcomers meeting in what is now Atlantia's Barony of Ponte Alto [Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.]. He wrote his name in the Roman fashion, with a "C" rather than a "G," and I did not know it should be pronounced "Gaius." So I called him Caius, and he did not correct me. I enjoyed his charm, exuberance, and sense of fun as well as his fund of SCA lore and knowledge, and he soon became both my apprentice-master in dance and SCA mentor. In time, I shortened Caius to Cai, and he decided he liked the nickname well enough to change his SCA name to Cai de Lyon. What stands out in my memory about Cai is his generosity and as one of you commented, his utter lack of malice. He lavished time, energy, and affection on me as his apprentice, and organized a memorable dance practice in the neighboring Shire [now Barony] of Stierbach. It was at that weekly event that I became acquainted with the man I later married, Lord Erich von Kleinfeld--a development that apparently caused Cai very mixed feelings, though I didn't know that until much later. Yes, Cai could make mischief, but his more typical response to boredom was to create a good time for everyone around him as well as himself. He inspired several of us to form the Amusement Guild, whose purpose was to instigate pranks, games, and dancing at events that threatened to become stuffy or stodgy. (I still have my parti-colored guild tabard.) Even after we parted company as master and apprentice, he put aside our differences and led the campaign to get me my AoA. I can still see him grinning at the shock on my face when I was called into court.

When Cai left for the East Kingdom, I never imagined it would be last time I saw him. I always thought that someday I'd walk into an event and there he'd be, or someone would call to say, "Hey, Cai is back, and we're having a party for him." He and Erich kept in touch sporadically by email, and I followed his travels and adventures (and misadventures) at a distance. Erich and I were concerned when we learned about his poor health this spring but completely unprepared for news of his death. Here in far-off Atlantia, we feel his loss deeply. Hail and farewell, dear friend.

Angharad ferch Rhys ap Rhodri
[mka Anne DeMarsay]

I met Gaius (or Cai, as he was then known) at a Pennsic War some 20 years ago. Vanessa introduced me to him, and we became friends (quite aside from the fact that he was friends with my wife!). I had been thinking of finding a Knight who would be interested in a squire, and Cai was one of the very few Knights that I knew that, I felt, really LIVED the ideal of a Knight. All too many of the Knights I knew were glorified stick-jocks... but not Cai. He gave me my red belt at a War of the Roses, on a dusty street outside the merchant's area. Oh, we had a formal ceremony some time later... but I considered myself his sworn man of life, limb and earthly worship from then on.

To my surprise, we became much closer than just Knight and squire - he truly became one of my best friends, even though his travels often moved him away and we didn't get to spend that much time together. Email and cell phone kept us in constand contact. And about 10 years ago, he decided to follow me into the Masonic fraternity. I had the great honor to Raise him to the degree of Master Mason in his Lodge, as I was a visiting Past Master. Squire... Brother... and the Master who Raised Rich. A triple tie that I'm not sure even death can sunder.

But Lord, how I'll miss the sound of his voice. G-dspeed, Cai, until we meet again.

Laird Domnall MacDaniell,
squire to Viscount Sir Master Master Cai de Lyon Gaius Auklandus of the East Meridies Mists Caid
Shire of Quintavia, Kindom of the East

Shire of Quintavia, East Kingdom, in AS 32 or so
Gaius with one of his apprentices, Lady Vanessa Silverstar
his squire, Lord Domnall MacDaniell

I knew Cai in Meridies. He and I both had a very hard time fitting in here. I had just moved in from Ansteorra and didn't know anyone. Over time I've finally found my place, but he moved on, as he always did. I think I'm one of the few here who kept in touch with him, although less in in the last few years since my son was born. I remember the last time I saw him - I was on a business trip somewhere in California and he came and met me for dinner. I never knew that would be the last time I saw him. Or worse, the last time I hugged him. He was always a hugger. Go in peace Cai and remember somehow that you were loved.

Janessia, Meridies

Cantiga de Gaius Auklandus

Gaius Pilgrim we remember
wandering these many lands,
knight and teacher, friend and helper,
great good heart and helping hands.

From the Mists a Prince most gallant
dancing 'neath a wreath of green,
always was Gaius Auklandus
at a lady's left side seen.
But his feet were ever restless,
for new lands his eyes were keen,
through Caid and Western lands,
across the Ansteorran sands.

Gaius lent his sword most able,
and his herald's voice as well.
Journeyed he to far-off Pennsic
to give spurs to Sir Mitchell.
In Atlantia he labored,
teaching with both book and pell,
in Ostgardr and Rusted Woodlands
of the far-flung Eastern stands.

Gaius Marcellus Auklandus,
loyal squires remember you,
and the lessons you had taught them
give strength now to see them through.
Proteges gained from your wisdom,
'prentices learned from you, too,
peregrine through many lands,
life's fabric made of many strands.

M. Ana de Guzman, O.L., once an apprentice to Viscount Sir Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus (O.L., O.P.)

Written XXIX February AS XLII, in the style of Cantiga de Santa Maria #159
Previously printed in Ostgardr newsletter The Seahorse.

About the Poem:

When I heard that Viscount Sir Gauis Marcellus Liberius Auklandus had died in October AS XLII, I tried to write an elegy then, but the pain was too great. I had to let some time go by before I could write something about my first SCA mentor. I could not attend his memorial service in the West because of familial obligations in the East.

A tavern event in the East some months later played host to many of his far-flung family, so I chose to contrafait a song to one of the more cheerful and comical Cantigas de Santa Maria. In Cantiga #159, some pilgrims at the shrine to Mary in Rocamadour settled at an inn and ordered pork chops for dinner. Nine pork chops went into a pot, but only eight came out, leaving one of the guests to go hungry. The pilgrims prayed to Mary for the hungry guest when--lo and behold--the missing pork chop began to hop about in the chest where a serving girl had stolen and hidden it. I felt the lively melody and comic imagery of the original song were better suited for something associated with my former mentor and friend. I did not want a sad song for him, but a sweetly comic pilgrim's song seemed an appropriate frame for this wandering Peer and peerless man.

P.S. I sang it at the Tavern event with one of his squires. Our voices cracked in places. It was a liquid moment, to say the least.

"I found out recently that Sir Cai (Richard Auklandus) passed away back in 2007. I was a member of the SCA years ago and also a friend of Cai, but as years passed, I was going in another direction and only found out about his death somewhat recently. I was shocked to find out about this and want to extend my heartfelt condolences - Cai was a fine person and I will miss him greatly. I'm so sorry that he passed on at such a young age and hope he's doing well wherever he may be. He was great at conversation and I'll always have fond memories of him." -- Ann of the Wild Meadows,from the Kingdom of the East

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