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In Memoriam

Master Fyodor the Friendly, OP

(aka Fyodor Feather-Fluffer)

Azure, an owl displayed
between three marten's
heads cabossed, one
and two, argent.

Martin Cose passed away August, 1989 after a fight with cancer.

Fyodor held the following awards and recognitions in the West Kingdom:
Order of the Pelican, Order of the Leaf of Merit (with Award of Arms), (Court) Baron, and Fyodor was a Companion of the Order of the Diamond Willow from Oertha.

Some Reminisces:
Fyodor was a very nice guy, who I new before I was involved in the SCA. He was always joking, and happy. He could (once in awhile) actually be serious, but I think you could tell he preferred to be telling jokes, making puns, and all that.

Fyodor was a gentle guy, who in the SCA preferred to be thought of as a peasant. When he was given the Order of the Leaf of Merit, he started, jokingly, to be called "Lord Peasant". He was apalled when he was named a Court Baron, especially when people called him "Baron Peasant".

He was often found in the background working hard to make sure events happened, and all his recognitions were well deserved.

He passed away after I left Oertha, after a hard fight with cancer (as I understand it). I was quite shocked to hear it, because when I left he was in great shape, and there were no signs of the disease. His membership in the Order of the Pelican was granted shortly before his death, but not as a "mercy" thing, rather because he had earned it, and the recognition had just not occurred earlier.

He will be missed by those who remember him. -- Hirsch von Henford

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