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In Memoriam

Lord Crimthann Mac Giolla Phadraig

Or, a lion passant guardant
gules and on a chief azure a
swan volant to sinister wings
addorsed argent.

Chris Kilpatrick had a massive stroke on Nov. 30, 2010 and was in the hospital in a drug-induced coma and placed on life support (in the hopes he might heal) until Dec. 4 (2010), when he was removed from life support. He is survived by his wife (SCA: Anna de Serra), two daughters (Elizabeth and Gracie) from a previous marriage, and his son Josh.

A memorial fund for the Kilpatrick Family has been set-up on Crimson’s Fan Page here: Facebook Fan Page

Non-FaceBook users can access the form here: For non-Face-book Users

Funds donated go directly to the PayPal account of Crimson’s surviving wife, Anna Serra.

Thanks to Yukiko for providing this information ...

Crimthann (aka Crimson), was a member of the Orders of the Western Lily, Ash Leaf, Leaf of Merit, and Rose Leaf of the West Kingdom, and held several awards from the Principality of Cynagua as well.

Some Reminisces:

Photos from Sean Graethorne, at Crimthann's wedding to Anna de Serra (May, 2003):

Before the ceremony
Mazel Tov
(Anna de Serra and Crimthann)

Bride and Groom

"These photos are from one of the happiest moments in his life (I know 'cuz he said so afterward and often)."  -- Sean Graethorne

In Court

"This photo is from Beltane Coronation (May), 2003." -- Sean Graethorne

"Goodbye, friend.

Here passes a man who many have known for his passion for his beliefs, a loving husband and father, Craftsman, musician, Artist ... Who would find a way to make life work and made Life his work. 

I have memories of shared dinners and coffee mornings at his camp by he and Anna. And finally, I implore you to not forget that through his energies, he helped rebuild the rapier community in our corner of the known world to be what it is today. He was Worthy of so much more and I am saddened that we will never have that chance to see what would eventually be.

However, in the past few days, the outpouring of love and respect for Him far outweighed any mere trinket that our club could bestow upon him.

God bless you, my friend, for making me see clearer yet, how precious Life truly is." -- Ximon Martillo de Cordoba

"I've never had the chance to say goodbye to a friend before they passed on before and I was deeply moved and honored that I had been allowed to with Crimson.  Though I have not seen him and Anna Serra a lot this year,  they are never far from my thoughts.  I've been a member of their Household, Regola Della Donna, nearly as long as I've been involved in the SCA--over seven years now.  I've camped with them more times than I can count and they have both seen me through the ups and downs of my life over the past few years with humor and acceptance.

What always stood out in my mind about Crimson in the SCA was his friendliness and desire to make new people feel welcome.  He oftentimes would invite people to join our household for a snack or some shade, or even a meal.  It was a major reason that I decided to join the household, that heart-felt welcoming attitude. 

For me personally, Crimson always had a bit of humor to share with me or an ear to listen to my latest tale of woe regarding my boyfriend du jour.  My fondest memory of that sort of humor was the day he sat behind Jurgen and I in court when Jurgen and I  were an item.  He was MERCILESS in his teasing of us.  I was nearly in stitches trying not to laugh too loud, and I think he actually made me blush--not all that easy to do.

Another thing that stands out in my mind is his relationship with Anna Serra and his love for his family.  At times, their relationship could be stormy--they were (are) both strong individuals and anytime you bring two people of such strength together there will be sparks--but even when they fought, I could always feel the undercurrent of love they had for each other.  He adored Anna Serra--it was so very evident to any who knew them both.  He was not shy in boasting of her either---which always brought a smile to my face.  Very befitting the Bard that he was.

He leaves a large hole in the reality of those who survive him.  Those big red boots will never be filled.  I know I  miss him already." -- Brigit the Chaste (aka Thornwielder)

"When I moved to Oertha back in 2004, it had been a hard 3 months when I returned to Golden Rivers for a visit.  Crimson and Anna Serra were one of the first friends I sought out when I got on the October Crown site and Crimson gave me an especially big hug when he saw me.  I needed that so much at the time and thought to myself "If I can't find friends like Crimson and Anna Serra in Oertha, maybe I don't belong there."  

I went on to make many friends in Oertha, but returned to Golden Rivers for other reasons.  Crimson and Anna Serra have been like family to me and their friendship has become a warm hearth I seek frequently. I will dearly miss Crimson's bright face and warm voice.  He was ever the friend when I needed one.

Other favorite memories of Crimson (the short list):

-- Yukiko Hosakawa

"In my life, there have been a great many players that have come and gone as the years went by, but few played a bigger role than Crimson did.  I had the good fortune of meeting him in the fall of 2002, just after he moved to Davis.  From that time forward, I was always struck by his unfailing kindness and generosity, not only in time, but in the rare gift of mentorship.  Through a young man's trials and tribulations, he and his wonderful family were always there, as supportive and caring as any people I have ever met.

It was Crimson in particular that showed me 3 vital lessons.  Firstly, that no matter what beliefs we held, no matter how great our superficial differences, we were all simply humans trying to find our place in the world, and we all deserved the respect and love accorded a member of ones own family.  Second, that no matter what accomplishments you achieve, no matter what awards or toys or titles you collect, what matters most is how you treat the people around along the way.  And third, and most important, laugh.  It can't hurt.

Though I saw increasingly less of him after the twin powers of marriage and graduate school precipitated my exit from the SCA, hearing of his passing struck me very deeply.  It hurts my heart to know that from this point forward his humor and quiet strength will only exist in our memories, and that future generations will not have the privilege of knowing this great man.  My sympathies go out to his family, including the friends who I know he considered family as well.  I would ask all of us to take comfort from the fact that we did have his presence brightening our lives, for however long we knew him.  So long as we remember the fine example which he gave us, and pass that model along in word and action, his legacy will never disappear.

with both love and sorrow"
Andrew Michael Hamilton (just Saor will do too)

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War Collegium (February 7, 2004, AS XXXVIII)
Cynagua Winter Investiture (January 27, 2007, AS XLI)
Cynagua Investiture (July 13-15, 2007, AS XLII)
Midsummer Feast -- Fettburg (August 9, 2008, AS XLIII)
Arts and Sciences (June 12-14, 2009, AS XLIV)

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