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In Memoriam

Baroness Caroline O'Cainnigh, GA, ORL, OLM

(aka Caelinn nic Lochlainn, Caroline of Glen Gowan)

Per bend dovetailed
azure and argent,
a trefoil and a rose

Caroline Furey passed away January, 2003.

Caroline held a Grant of Arms, and was a member of the Orders of the Rose Leaf and the Leaf of Merit, was a Baroness of the Court of the West, held an Award of Arms, was a Defender of the West, and received the Scutiferus Cynaguae, La Courtesia, Friendly Castle and a couple of Princess' Tokens from the royalty of the Principality of Cynagua.

Some Reminisces:
I didn't know Caroline well, although I did know her before she married Caoimhán O'Fiodhabrha (to whom she was married when she passed away).

Caroline was an artist until the arthritis that she came down with made it nearly impossible to use her hands. She was a witty and lovely lady. A lot of people didn't get to know her well enough to see how funny she could be, because she was also very quiet and self-effacing. I think she was quite shy as well. Once you got past that, she was bright and funny.

To give an example of her humor, before her arthritis got really bad she was the artist for West Kingdom Herald's meetings, drawing the mini-emblazons. She used to sit in a back corner of the dining room at the house the meetings were at and quietly draw. The meetings tended to be fairly loud, not surprising with a house full of heralds. One day she was back in the corner drawing, and Gaius Marcellus Libris Auklandis walked in. (There's a long story behind the joke, but the short of it is that for awhile Gaius was nicknamed in the fighting community as the "dark side of the potato" based on his fighting style) She looked up, and said, fairly quietly, "It's spuds Aucklandus!" (based on the "Spuds McKenzie" beer commericials). Now, on any normal day, no one would have heard the remark. However, for whatever reason everyone in the room stopped talking JUST as she spoke up. We all heard it, and got a great laugh. Gaius took it with aplomb and stepped back out for a moment while we laughed. He stepped back in and Caroline was quietly in her corner drawing and blushing. She really didn't think anyone would hear her.

Caroline managed to keep her humor up, even after the arthritis got really bad, and was always sweet and friendly to those of us who knew her. She bore a daughter to her husband, and during the time of the pregnancy her arthritis let up. She was hopeful (as was her doctor) that this would be permanent. Unfortunately it wasn't.

The last time I remember talking to her she was still pleasant to talk to, even though she could barely walk or use her hands. I am not sure I wouldn't have been bitter, but she was always nice and sweet.

She will be missed, most of all by her husband and daughter. -- Hirsch von Henford

Cynagua Fall Coronet (November 3-4, 1989, AS XXIV)
Collegium Occidentalis (October 26-27, 1991, AS XXVI)

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