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In Memoriam

Master Boncueur, OP, OL, Baron

Ermine, on a sun
gules a heart Or.

Baron Boncueur was the first member of the Order of the Pelican (granted by the Board of Directors for his years of service as SCA Registrar), a member of the Order of the Laurel (presented by the Kings and Queens of all four Kingdoms at the time: West, East, Middle, Atenveldt), a Baron of the Court, and a member of the Order of the Leaf of Merit.

"It is with great sadness that I pass on the report I just received in the mail. Baron Bonceur has died after a brief illness, at Stanford Hospital. He died on July 20th [2008]. As some of you may remember, Baron Bonceur was a major contributor to the Kingdom and to the SCA as a whole, in the early years. Not only did Baron Bonceur perform heraldic duties for the Kingdom for many years, but he also was a major volunteer in the operation of the SCA's registry which kept the Page and Tournaments Illuminated and other Kingdom's newsletter subscriptions in order. As a result of all his contributions to all the Kingdoms of the SCA, Baron Bonceur received an all Kingdom award of The Order of the Laurel. Here is a link to a photo of Baron Bonceur receiving the Scroll for this award from my hand during my last Reign as King of The West. The Scroll is signed by all the Monarchs of the Known World, then seated. In recent years, Baron Bonceur has not been active in the SCA, except for an appearance or two, a few years ago at an event. He had transportation difficulties which contributed to his absence, as event sites ran further and further afield. Those of us who knew him have attempted to assist, and his unexpected loss, is a blow to us all." -- Henrik of Havn

Some Reminisces:

"When I think of Pelican, I think of Bonceur. To me he was the ultimate Pelican.

In my first years in the SCA I lacked a key ingredient - a car to attend events. One special event was being planned in Santa Barbara. The first MedievalCon (1973). I wanted to go so bad, but no wheels. Bonceur came to the rescue. He first came and took me out on a date, so he could meet my parents. Then a few weeks later he picked me up for the drive to Santa Barbara. He had a red convertible with wings. We had a fabulous drive south talking the whole way. He was a fount of knowledge on lots of different esoteric topics. If he read it, he remembered it.

"The event was fun and I got to meet so many people. It was a whole new world. On the way back we stopped in Cambria with Piers Howell and his wife Ximena. It was a joy to be around people who "played" SCA at a level I could only hope to reach.

I learned so much about the SCA that weekend. One area was all the ins and outs of the administration of the organization. Bonceur was the key. He was the Registrar for the whole organization and he did it manually. I had been attending BOD meetings off and on, but only then realized what that meant.

Bonceur was also a fine herald. He provided consultations and field heraldry at any and every event he attended. He added a lot of the polish and pagentry that we now take for granted in field heraldry. Bonceur worked every event tirelessly in those years.

When the BOD created the Pelican, it was for his service. His was the first. I felt honored to be there when it was presented. The look on his face was priceless. It was a true - "I am not worthy" moment.

The Order of the Pelican has evolved over the years, but Bonceur will always be the epitome of what it means to be a Pelican." -- Sabrina de la Bere

"I am saddened to hear of Boncueur's passing. His service to the early SCA was extraordinary. Please note that his name is Boncueur. He dropped the "de Myrobolan" (which he hated) once the College of Arms decided to allow him to register a single-word name.

"Those dates are correct. The Order of the Pelican was given to Bonceur in 1972 by the Board of Directors directly, in recognition for his service as Registrar, when they created the Order of the Pelican to recognize service to the SCA. Later on they released the Order to the Kingdoms. The simultaneous granting of the Order of the Laurel by all 4 kingdoms then existing was an agreed upon decision by the 4 Kings to grant Kingdom recognition to Boncueur for his service to everyone in the SCA. The Order of the Laurel was used back then both for service and for the arts, until the Order of the Pelican was released to the Kingdoms and replaced the Order of the Laurel as the service award. I helped broker that agreement, and got the scroll secretly made and signed by all 4 pairs of sovereigns, and I was the court herald who read the scroll aloud and presented it to Master Boncueur at that Twelfth Night, AS VIII (January, 1974). The shocked look on his face when he heard the roll call of kings and queens was priceless. It was one of my prouder moments." -- Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Twelfth Night Coronation (January 5, 1974, AS VIII)
Twelfth Night Coronation (January 5, 1974, AS VIII)

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