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In Memoriam

Sir Ardral Argo ver Kaeysc (aka David the Herald), KSCA

Sable, a pall argent
surmounting a pall
inverted Or.

David Bradley died in his sleep, September 11, 2008.

Ardral Argo ver Kaeysc was the First Knight of the SCA, named such, because he was knighted at the First Tournament by Siegfried von Hoflichskeit.

Some Reminisces:
At 12th Night AS II, the Order of Chivalry was established with 12 initial members, and the Order of the Laurel with 2 members. We have now lost 6 of those from the Chivalry (Bela of Eastmarch, Karl vom Acht, Edwin Bersark, Jamie of Oakenshield, Steven McEanruig, and now Ardral Argo VerKaeysc) and both the original Laurels (Alfonso de Castile and Beverly Hodghead.) All but Bela & Beverly were younger than I, some much younger. (Actually all 16 members of the Chivalry senior to me, except only Bela, were younger than me, many by 10 to 20 years.) It is sad to see old friends dying too young. I hope the rest of you out there will take care of yourselves: eat right, keep in shape, and so on. I last saw Ardral/David at Greyhaven this past New Year's Eve, where I sat & talked with him for 15 or 20 minutes about old times. He appeared well at that time, but these things can be sudden & unexpected. -- Robert of Dunharrow

Alas indeed.  I hadn't seen David for years; our paths crossed unexpectedly in Berkeley some years ago when I was there briefly.  I always thought of him as much younger than I - but in fact he was only six years younger; in May 1966 I was 23, and he 17 and a student at Berkeley High. 

Ardral was my first squire (and indeed the first in the SCA, since he was my squire at the First Tourney - and I knighted him that afternoon for valor on the field).  It speaks well of the SCA that, when the formal orders were instituted, grandfather events such as Ardral's knighting were incorporated.

It also means that the principal (or at least the senior) of the Order of Chivalry has now passed.  Memory fails and I'm not near my references, but I believe that the mantle now passes to Henrik, also knighted prior to Twelthnight II.

So, a final salute to Ardral: frater, ave atque vale!

-- Siegfried von Höflichkeit

Well, I'm obviously bothered if I could not even keep the ages straight.  Diana's e-mail passed on to Ken says that he was 57, so he would have been 15, not 17 - which matches my memories much better, although it makes his early passing sharper. 

-- Siegfried von Höflichkeit

It is getting lonely.
David was also a very good player of the Bass Guitar.  Some musicians that I knew compared him to Jack Cassidy of the Jefferson Airplane.  I don't know if he ever played in the last few decades.   This is hard to take.  Some of the recent passings have been of the guys that I think of as the young fighters- we were all kids when we started.
Rest in Peace David.

-- James Greyhelm

The First Tournament (May 1, 1966, AS I)
Siegfried and Marynel's Wedding (September 10, 1966, AS I)
Siegfried and Marynel's Wedding (September 10, 1966, AS I)
Siegfried and Marynel's Wedding (September 10, 1966, AS I)
Siegfried and Marynel's Wedding (September 10, 1966, AS I)
Fall Crown Tournament (September 22, 1968, AS III)
Spring Crown Tournament (March 20, 1971, AS V)

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