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In Memoriam

Lady Alison of Hightower, AA

Alison Harlow passed away June, 2004 after a fight with cancer.

[From an email: June 14, 2004] "Last evening, at her home at the Eclectia community in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Lady Alison of Hightower (Alison Harlow, formerly Alison Garrett) succumbed to cancer. She had been cared for during the past month by members of the other 6 households at Eclectia, her sister, and a number of other friends, many of whom were present to hold hands around her and sing a song she had asked for. Alison had not been involved with the SCA in recent years, but led a very active life as a member of the Santa Cruz County Women's Commission (appointed by our county supervisor), in political and civil rights activities, and as a highly regarded elder in the area's Pagan community. She was a co-founder of Eclectia, a residential cooperative community on 32 acres outside Scotts Valley, and has been a leading member of it since 1982. She has been my "next-door" neighbor for the past 15 years and will be missed greatly." - Robert of Dunharrow

Fall Crown Tournament (September 22, 1968, AS III)
Fall Crown Tournament (September 22, 1968, AS III)
Purgatorio Coronation (August 1-2, 1970, AS V)
Northern California Renaissance Faire (September, 1974, AS IX)

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