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In Memoriam

Viscountess Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood, OP, ORL, OLM, Baroness

Or, a fir tree couped proper
between in fess two mullets
of four points elongated
palewise azure.

Ann Clark passed away today (September 8, 2013).

Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood twice reigned as Princess of Oertha; was a member of the Orders of the Pelican, the Rose Leaf and the Leaf of Merit; was named a Baroness of the Court of the West; and held many other awards and honors from Kingdom to Principality to local branches of the SCA in Oertha (Alaska).

Alicianne served the SCA as Exchequer (Treasurer) of Oertha, and Vesper Principal Herald, and was active in the College of Heralds for many many years, doing pretty much all aspects of the office in one capacity or another.

The following was posted on SCA-West today (9/8/2013):

Good kindred,

With a heavy heart I share the news of one who has gone before us.  Today, Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood completed her final journey to the halls of our fathers.

A Pelican and Viscountess, Alicianne twice reigned in Oertha, and remained a vibrant force in the Barony of Selveirggard, which she helped to found.  An early female fighter, Alicianne remembered fondly the Lioness Tournament at Pennsic, as well as many other bouts over 30+ years in the Society.  Service was Alicianne's life, behind the thrones as a herald, teaching and nurturing newcomers, or at many other noble pursuits throughout the Kingdom.

Alicianne will be honored at Selveirgard's Samhain on October 26th; other mundane celebrations of life are still being planned.  For additional information, please contact me directly.

In Service I remain,

Viscountess Margarita Catherine di Calvi, OP

Some Reminisces:
"This is a bit tough for me ... for a good portion of the time I lived in Alaska Alicianne was a friend, (while I was involved in the SCA).

She was my first apprentice, for something close to six months or so after I was named a member of the Order of the Laurel to some time after I left the state of Alaska to move to California. She and I were working in the jewelry shop on a project, and I called her my apprentice in an off-hand way. She was taken aback, and we talked about it a little, but we had never made it "official" via ceremony or anything. We considered that the status until sometime after I left Oertha, and as I was the second Laurel in Oertha, no one really questioned it. I just called her my apprentice, and all was fine. Later on Oerthans started having official ceremonies (which she took great glee in helping write, particularly the part about "... a minimum of beatings ..." especially since she hadn't had to agree to it!). When I left Oertha, a few months later (six? I can't recall) she sent me a letter asking to be released from the relationship (something neither of us had thought of when I moved).

While she was my apprentice and we were working on projects she had a lot of good ideas, and mostly I just helped her figure out how to make some of them work. Others she figured out herself. She had talent and was not afraid to try something new. She created the coronets that were used for a long time by the Captain and Heart of Winter's Gate, with only a little help from myself -- the designs were hers. As stated, I only helped a little, mostly to figure out how to make them come together, she did all the real work on them. As it should be, I learned from her, as she learned from me.

She always had a pretty good (and weird) sense of humor, which is probably why I liked her. She could laugh at herself and others (including me) and make light of dumb situations with the best. She was a lot of fun to hang out with.

We didn't talk much after I left Oertha, except the few times I visited, and at events once in awhile (when we met up) during the few years she was living in Northern California ... she will be missed." -- Hirsch von Henford

My First SCA sister.  Well, technically, Alicianne would count as my second, since on the day I adopted my SCA mother, Jenyvr of Squalid Manor, Jenyvr already had a babe in arms, but since Terah couldn't yet communicate at that point, in my heart Alicianne was my first SCA sister--she adopted Jenvyr within days of my doing so, and for my early SCA years in Oertha she was my closest friend.  Ann joined my modern family for Christmas holidays, and she was the person my (biological) mother contacted to do the arrangements/invite people when mom decided that she wanted to throw me a surprise party for my 18th Birthday.

Alicianne was not what she would have described as a "happy" person, but she was "Easily Amused", and she and I had made matching t-shirts with just that motto written upon them. We also made ourselves matching costumes for a decadence revel sometime in the mid 1980's.  It was so not a style (blue swede leather push-up bodice thingie, white off-the-shoulder underdress, and blue skirt) that I would have chosen on my own--I would have been way too embarrassed to wear something that... provocative (even to a "decadence" revel) if it had been my idea, but with her encouragement (and willingness to accept full credit for the idea) I agreed, and we had such fun making them, and wearing them to the event.  Years later I turned the leather into a lovely pair of gloves.

When I moved away to Atenveldt we kept in occasional touch, thanks to my weakness for long-distance phone calls, and when I returned to Eskalya we had no problems picking back up a close friendship as though no time had elapsed.  I have rarely had friend who was not a lover with whom I hung out so often and so regularly as she and I did.  I miss that.

Then I moved away again (An Tir that time), and we were once again reduced to infrequent phone calls (while I got my first email address around then, she resisted getting one). A few years later I returned to Oertha, but to Winter's Gate that time, and she stepped up as Princess.  On her first trip up to Winter's Gate after I arrived I was showing her the tunic I had just completed for my new boyfriend, and she said (with all the fake haughtiness a Princess, who is also your sister, can muster) said "You never made me a new tunic".  

"You never asked me to", I replied.

"You never made me a new tunic" says she.  

"Yes, your highness, let me leave site, I will be back soon" says I.  

So I hurried home and got my (and the boyfriend's) fabric stash, went back to site and showed her what I had available. She choose a green fabric for the tunic, a dark blue for the neck facing, and some golden yellow to separate the two (she was always a herald--one doesn't put a colour on a colour! and all three feature on her coat of arms). So as the event progressed I went to work and managed to cut and hand-sew the tunic to completion before she had to return to Eskalya at the end of the weekend (see photos for "Yule -- Eskalya (December 9, 1995, AS XXX)" to see the finished result).  It was so much fun to make a gift for such a dear friend, and it made me smile to see it every time I saw her wearing it at an event for years thereafter (and she said it was one of her favorite tunics, and it had been made of a sturdy, lasting, fabric, so she wore it for many years).

We continued to be close whenever we lived in the same town (two more times after I left Fairbanks), and I always enjoyed hanging out with her and working on projects together and generating minor mischief.  

Sadly, once I moved far enough away that long distance phone calls were no longer an option we drifted out of touch--she never did take to using email if it could possibly be avoided.  As a result she has been one of the reasons I have been hoping to make another visit home to Oertha, so that we could catch up in person, but, alas, while I will likely get back there one day, she will not be there to greet me.

Kareina Talvi Tytär, Viscountess, OL, currently residing in Drachenwald


  You were there at the first event I visited during that first summer in Oertha.  You exemplified that Montfort defining quality - Service. You held offices and kept going when many others might have stopped.  You saw when things needed to change, helped to change them and grieved that others didn't see the need, since you longed for harmony in your native and re-chosen land of Oertha.  One of my favorite Coronet finals was one where Gregor won for you.  As the sitting Princess, I looked across the field and knew that Oertha would be well taken care of; you and Gregor would do a good job.  I worked with you in the nights, getting you that first bank job, and you earned all that came after.  After the Accident, you kept going, you didn't stop, and only were pissed off that the wrist injuries prevented you from continuing your card weaving.    You redefined the word persistence, and you will be missed by far more people than I.  The Holders of the Heart will have one less rose to give our new Princess, one less rose of Oertha.

Your "Old" friend, 

Viscountess Anne of Bradford, OL, OP

To all whom these words come, regarding my distant yet beloved cousin, Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood;

If you ever met Alicianne, you will share my sadness at the news of her passing. Her kindness, depth of character, and passion for service - her goodness of being - will be sorely missed by those closest to her, and sweetly remembered by all she touched. The gift of her life and her presence can never be taken away, and still to have it no more gives our hearts a bittersweet space, never to be filled again.

Such is, as it is, in these times of loss and remembrance.

For those who never met Alicianne, think well on someone you love, who gives tirelessly and endlessly of herself. Who brings a smile to your face with her humor, and who despite many difficult struggles in life always looks for the positive way forward - embodying the word perseverance to you... Think on such a person whose love of life and laughter makes you realize how small your problems are... And know this is who we have lost from our lives.

Alicianne, sweet cousin - tell Heimdall to let me also cross when I come to join you in the Longhall of our ancestors. I will see you again, in time, and tell you once more my stories of high adventure.

Jade [of Starfall]

To all whom these words may find;

Alicianne was one of several mentors to me in my early days in the Society. She was a brilliant example of multitalented - Fighter, Herald, Leatherworker, Dancer, Gatekeeper, Marshal, Mentor, Chiurgeon, and more. Always a cheerful word, always a smile, even when she wasn't feeling well. Always a hand to help when help was needed.

She was, in many ways, the kind of person I wanted to be. Courteous both on an off the field, and at events and in the mundane realm. 

I was, for a while, her deputy. And then, both as Eskalya's herald, and later as, Selveirgard's, she was always willing to help, to tell me when I was about to make a mistake, to tell me when I'd done it right, and when I'd made an error, what it was, and how to avoid it. The combination is rare - polite, brutally honest, and tactful. 

She will be missed; the Alicianne-shaped void in West Kingdom will be noted for quite some time. May she find peace and comfort in her afterlife.

I remain,

Wilhelm von Düsseldorf

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