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In Memoriam

Master Aldwin Longwalker, OP

Sable, on a sinister
gore Or, a cross crosslet
fitchy sable, issuant out
of dexter chief a sun Or.

Richard Myrick died in September of 2001.

Aldwin was a member of the Order of the Pelican from another realm, and held the following West Kingdom Awards:
Leaf of Merit, Award of Arms, Queen's Order of Grace. In addition, Aldwin was a companion of the Order of the Diamond Willow in the Principality of Oertha.

Some Reminisces:
I knew Aldwin in the Principality of Oertha (Alaska), and saw him a few times after both of us had left and moved on to other places.

When I moved from Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, Alaska) to Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska), Aldwin, known as "Scruffy" by those who knew him well, was just this very nice, easy going guy. He seemed to be a bit out there in left field, not totally together, and not really going anywhere, but he was a nice guy.

He was always very helpful (he had a huge vehicle and drove to Winter's Gate with me at one point to get the rest of my belongings out of storage and down to Eskalya ...), and if in need, he would have given the shirt off his back to help someone out.

When I needed roommates Scruffy and another young gentleman and I got an apartment together in the basement of Donnan the True Hearted's mother's place. It was an odd arrangement but it worked well.

Scruffy always gave the impression of being sort of feckless. He was the Baronial Seneschal for reasons that were not apparent, as he appeared to do very little as Seneschal. However, a few months after I moved to Eskalya, Aldwin showed that he wasn't as feckless as he appeared to be. The founding and at the time current Baron decided that for various reasons we don't need to get into here, to attempt to destroy the Barony of Eskalya. Aldwin stepped up to the plate, and after a really nasty Baronial court, got everyone together and we held a Baronial meeting at our apartment the next day to deal with the situation. He handled it all very well, with grace and dignity, and by the end of the afternoon the Barony (the 50+ people who were there, anyway) had decided on a new Baron and Baroness, had informed the King and Queen (who were in agreement) of our decisions, and it was all taken care of.

This was the kind of man he was. He jumped into the fray only if necessary. He did a lot of things "only if necessary", but it was interesting to watch.

He was a good friend when I was going through a variety of female troubles, even though he didn't have much experience in that area himself.

When Oertha became a Principality (January, 1985), he and I were called forward to recieve membership in the Queen's Order of Grace together. That was very special to me.

I know that when I heard he had died of a heart attack, I had many mixed emotions. I wasn't horribly surprised, even though he was quite a bit younger than myself, as I also knew he didn't take good care of himself. I was, however, quite saddened. He was a very nice, gentle man, who to the best of my knowledge, was liked everywhere he went. His passing was a shame. -- Hirsch von Henford

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