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Kingdom Laws and Rules of the Lists

After the Golden Beltane (50-Year Celebration for the West Kingdom) several items of interest were dug up, and among them, the West Kingdom Seneschal (Francisco de Salamanca) started going over the Kingdom Laws and making sure that everything was complete, up-to-date, etc.

In the process of all this, Francisco transcribed the laws from the January, 1977 issue of The Page, so this started the process of finding various versions of the Laws of the West as a means of comparing notes ...

The listing below is all the variations on the West Kingdom Laws as published, that can be found in various documentation (specifically issues of The Page) -- this does not include each individual law change (that would get tedious beyond belief). For those interested in such things, here you go:

Kingdom (and Principality) Laws as Published

The 2001 Admin issue is the last issue I have in my possession with a copy of the laws. I would not be surprised if from this point forward everything was electronic, available from the Kingdom website ... however, there may not be historical versions of the laws there.

Rules of the Lists and Other 'Official' Martial Items

Going back through old issues of Tournaments Illuminated (from when it was the Kingdom newsletter), I also stumbled across the first printing of the Rules of the Lists, and some issues of The Page had other items of interest to the martial/fighting community as well:

1 Where it says "First Publication of ... in The Page" I mean exactly that. I know there were Fighter Manuals well before this date, these may have been published in one of those, but I don't have them to verify, so cannot say "First Publication" period.

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