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Long Stewardship

Hilary of Serendip

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A.S.May-AprilMajor events ((# kingdoms; midwinter paid membership, where known))

I1966-67First Tournament; first Knighting; Name “SCA” coined; first “Crown Lists”, March, 1967 ((1; ?))
II1967-68First issue of T.I.; first Duke; formalization of the Orders of Chivalry; creation of the Order of the Laurel ((1; ?))
III1968-69Incorporation with 3-member Board; BayCon demo and publication of “A Handbook of the (Current) Middle Ages”; Eastrealm founded; first Landed and Court Barons, Grants and Awards of Arms; Office of Laurel Sovereign of Arms established ((2; ?))
IV1969-70Midrealm founded; Principality of Atenveldt (West) created ((3; ?))
V1970-71First Pennsic War; first compilation of Board decisions, called “Corpora” ((3; ?))
VI1971-72Atenveldt to Kingdom; second Corpora; “Attendee” dropped from list of membership types; membership required to hold office, including Crown ((4; 500 Winter ’71 T.I.’s))
VII1972-73Order of the Pelican established by Board; third Corpora; use of the word “Imperium” for Board dropped ((4; 800 Fall ’72 T.I.’s))
VIII1973-74Principalities of An Tir and Caid (West) created, titles of Duchess, Count, and Countess introduced retroactively; first published Armorial & Ordinary; fourth Corpora ((4; 1450 Winter ’73 T.I.’s))
IX1974-75First Kingdom Pelicans; first Viscounts & Viscountesses; Board expands to 5 members ((4; 1200 Winter ’74 T.I.’s))
X1975-76Marshal removed from jurisdiction of Herald; Board rules that women can not be excluded from combat ((4; ?))
XI1976-77Last founding Director leaves Board; Principalities of Atlantia (East) and Meridies, Ansteorra and the Outlands (Aten) created; Board stops making Pelicans ((4; 1300 T.I. subscriptions, 6/76))
XII1977-78Corpora compilation project begun; Meridies to Kingdom ((5; ?))
XIII1978-79Caid to Kingdom; Principalities of the Mists (West) and the Sun (Aten) created; “Known World Handboke” published; first Board Member outside the Bay Area (John Trimble from Los Angeles, 7/78); Corpora revised; first paid officer ((6; 2200))
XIV1979-80Ansteorra to Kingdom; Principality of Cynagua (West) created; Board adopts fixed 3-year terms; Period Fencing authorized, at kingdom option; kingdoms first required to check memberships on entrants to royal Lists ((7; 3900))
XV1980-81Atlantia to Kingdom; Principality of Drachenwald (East) created ((8; 4800))
XVI1981-82An Tir to Kingdom; Principalities of Calontir (Middle) and Trimaris (Meridies) created; 1st Board Member outside California (Mike Woodford from Phoenix, 2/82) ((9; 6200))
XVII1982-83Board expands to 7 members; Crown Principalities of Oertha and Lochac (West) created ((9; 8900))
XVIII1983-84Calontir to Kingdom; first Board Member outside U.S. (Gerry Stevens from British Columbia, 7/83) ((10; 9100))
XIX1984-85Oertha to Principality; Artemisia split from Outlands as Aten region, without royalty or royal reps ((10; 9400))
XX1985-86Twentieth-Year “Known World Handbook” published; Trimaris to Kingdom ((11; 10,500))
XXI1986-87Outlands to Kingdom ((12; 11,200))
XXII1987-88Lochac to Principality ((12; 12,000))
XXIII1988-89Artemisia to Principality; Ealdormere (Middle) to Crown Principality ((12; 13,800))
XXIV1989-90Æthelmearc (East) thru Crown P. to Principality; new Corpora published; Ealdormere to Principality ((12; 15,400))
XXV1990-91((12; 18,100))
XXVI1991-92((12; 21,132))
XXVII1992-93((12; 20,994))
XXVIII1993-94Drachenwald to Kingdom ((13; 22,521 at mid-93))
XXXII1997-98Artemisia to Kingdom; Æthelmearc to Kingdom
XXXIII1998-99Ealdormere to Kingdom
XXXVII2002-03Lochac to Kingdom
XXXIX2004-05Northshield to Kingdom

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