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MOST REQUESTED ITEM.... This was never a T.I. column, but I suspect it will be welcome nonetheless. It’s the recipe for my main culinary specialty, a fruit bread adapted from a persimmon pudding recipe, and none of my columns ever got so many reprint requests as this!


     3 C ground grain1
     2 C sweet stuff2
     2 t baking powder
     2 t baking soda
     1 t cinnamon
     2 C crunchy stuff3
     2 C chewy stuff4
     pinch salt
     other spices to suit5
     2 eggs
     1 C milklike substance6
     2 C gooey stuff7

     3 T melted butter8
     1 t vanilla9

BAKE at 325° about 1½ hours

1. Oatmeal, any sort of flour—use two or three kinds
2. I usually mix brown & white sugar; honey also works, but reduce liquid to compensate
3. Nuts (esp. toasted filberts), coconut, chocolate chips
4. Dried fruit of any sort
5. The cinnamon is enough, but all sorts of “sweet” spices can be good; use whatever suits the fruit
6. Sweet milk, buttermilk, yogurt, cream
7. Fruit puree—persimmon pulp, applesauce, anything of that consistency; try adding wine or liqueur if you’re making the puree and like that sort of thing.
8. You can double this (or more) if you’re loading calo­ries instead of cutting them.
9. And if it’s still dry, add some more liqueur....

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