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Aldith Pelican, Full Size Completed Scroll197 viewsFor about three hours, my personal scribal backlog was down to one. Then Obadiah the Obstreperous won the Crown Lists and two more assignments leapt onto it. Whaddaya gonna do? Click on the photos to see and read the details about this scroll and find out "How I Did It." I forgot to keep track of the number of hours it took, but it was probably in excess of 130. As I retired this year each work session could be longer, usually from 2 to 4-5 hours at a time. -- TatianaTatiana Nikolaevna55555
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Mistress Robin of Thornwood, Companion of the Laurel132 viewsWhen Robin of Thornwood was elevated to the Order of the Laurel, four of us who were her fellow scribes and friends decided to collaborate on making her Laurel scroll. As is often the case in elaborate plans, it took a lot more time and effort than first envisioned. But two and a half years after the first idea, here's the completed "Scroll of the 11 Robins", executed with gouache, ink, period gesso, and 22-karat gold leaf on 3-ply Bristol vellum paper measuring 18x24 inches, from the hands of Oonagh Bhán, Eliska z Jihlava, Aldith Angharad St. George, and Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova.
Tatiana Nikolaevna55555
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Overpainting the Text78 views2013-04-13. It was a 3-day headache, too. Had meant to use Brilliant Yellow as it's a close match to patent gold leaf (in case there was a lot of gilding, didn't want it to clash) but it was too transparent and anemic. Switched to Cadmium Yellow and it did the trick! Using a pen for the 2nd run didn't work, the nib scratched up the white paint and clogged even more, so had to use a brush to paint over the text; doing each full-length line took about 12-15 minutes. My hand hurt.Tatiana Nikolaevna55555
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111 viewsFrancisco55555
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Stage 4127 viewsColored glass powders are inlayed between the
previously arranged wires, discs & murini slices. Then fired.
Size of decorated panel is under 2 inches.
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Hal Ravn21 viewsHirsch von Henford55555
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Patrice di Couer Fidel15 viewsHirsch von Henford55555
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Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin16 viewsHirsch von Henford55555
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Queen Ivone and Leah24 viewsIvone Pons Leyr and Leah Raedaelf of PaghamHirsch von Henford55555
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Zanobia and Queen Ivone25 viewsZanobia Fiorentini and Ivone Pons LeyrHirsch von Henford55555
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Waffenrock - Fearghus140 views la chardonniere55555
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45 viewsSylvie la chardonniere55555
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