Kingdom Arms by Robin of Thornwood Calligraphy by Robin of Thornwood Populous Badge by Robin of Thornwood

331 viewsStanding: Second from left is Bela of Eastmarch (Poul Anderson), next to him is Randall of Hightower (Randall Gerret).
Fighting: Left is Earl of Morris (Earl Hartman) the armor and helm match my memories of the day, the defeated fighter is definitely Stephan d'Lorraine (Steve Perrin) seated neat the pavilion guy rope are Seigfreid von Hoeflischkeit and Edwin Bersark (Dave Thewlis and Paul Zimmer) -- Kevin Perigrynne

I am pretty sure that Marynel of Darkhaven (my then wife) is sitting to my immediate right. -- Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

I believe it’s Robert of Dunharrow, Bob Orser), seated, to the right of Edwin Bersark. Behind him is a woman holding a staff. It might be me, or it might be a woman whose name I can’t recall now – she had a young daughter in those days. -- Astrid of Hawk Ridge
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327 viewsFrom left In front of Seigfreid's Banner is Anne Parkhurst of Gatehouse ('Mom' Bradley) in front of her it appears that Edwin Bersark is preparing to don his helm, next is Robert of Dunharrow's banner, I believe the two combatants are Bela and Randall. -- Kevin Perigrynne

Seated in front of the pavilion, barely visible, I think it’s Master Beverly, with Rachel of Bon Repose in front of him looking down. To her right, seated, with dark hair, is the woman who used to be a roomer at the Hodgeheads and who did many of the early scrolls of arms – can’t recall her name [possibly Johanna von Griffenhurst]. To the right of her, seated, looking down, I believe it’s David of Ilwerlaine. To the right of Seigfreid’s banner, standing, possibly Bill Keyes? [Bill Keyes says he wasn't there ...] -- Astrid of Hawk Ridge

I noticed in picture #2 a woman lying on her stomach with a camera filming the fight between Poul & Randall. That's Randall's wife, Alison of Hightower. -- Janet Breakstone
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279 viewsCenter of photo Richard of Mont Royal (Richard Barnhart) faces an opponent I do not recognize, in the middle background is Edwin. -- Kevin Perigrynne

"I'm in the same place behind Edwin [as in the first photo], but I seem to be wearing an arming coif, so perhaps was about to fight. Marynel is also still to my right but someone's face I don' t recognize is between us. Robert of Dunharrow is a little further to the viewer's right, partly hidden by the shield of Richard's opponent." -- Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

In the third photo is Duke Richard of Montroyal wearing a chainmail hood over thick padding on his head instead of a rigid helmet. A steel mesh grill covering the face is affixed to the entire assembly. Richard is facing away from the camera and can be seen over the heads of spectators in the foreground . He is on the left side of the field and to the right is possibly Hourai the Savage, facing him, carrying a long kite shield. He appears to have his signitory orange and white spot of color painted on the back of his black barrel helm, but since the image is not in color, I may be mistaken. Master Edwin Berserk can be seen crouching down opposite, midway between the fighters, facing the camera. -- Henrik of Havn

I believe it Jerome McKenna (Jerry Pournelle) seated, in a kilt, to the left. Edwin in the center background, kneeling; Henrik to the right, background? -- Astrid of Hawk Ridge
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258 viewsThe fourth photo shows what appears to be a circle dance or bransel, in progress. -- Henrik of HavnHirsch von Henford
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