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Brocc Viscounty, Full Size Completed Scroll130 viewsWhen I heard that Baron Brocc of Alderden, O.P., was going to be Prince Consort of Cynagua, I immediately contacted the Sable Swan Scribe to ask if I could do his Viscounty. If anyone is worthy of the best of my efforts, Brocc is that guy! Click on the photos and read on to find out How I Did It. -- Vikontessa Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova, O.L.Tatiana Nikolaevna
The Inspiration88 views2012-08-20 -- Brocc is a lawyer in mundane life, and boy, could I come up with some cool notions about the law profession. There's the obvious -- Lady Justice -- but also there's the greatest lawyer of them all, Marcus Tullius Cicero. So, Italian is the place to go!
Tatiana Nikolaevna
The Idea, Part 172 views2012-08-22 -- I had all the elements I thought I wanted, but had a hard time coming up with a good layout. There was a lot of stuff to work with but it needed to be arranged pleasingly. This was gonna take some work.Tatiana Nikolaevna
The Idea, Part 282 views2012-08-29. Things just didn't quite gel until I looked at some more late Italian illumination and something about one of them just clicked. I liked the enclosing border and everything seemed to flow from there. I wanted a bust of Cicero and decided to put it on a coin and stick that into the majescule letter starting the text. Good -- badges from some of Brocc's prolific career as an officer would fill in the border along the top nicely.
Tatiana Nikolaevna
The Layout, Part 170 views2012-09-21. Time to get everything drafted up. After laying out margins, the first place to start is with the heraldic achievement, and I wanted to give Brocc the whole magilla. After futzing about with various fancy mantling schemes, discarded it all and went with a simple drapery style. Badger for the crest? Nah, let's use the unicorn's head from his lady's Arms and gorge it with Brocc's baronial coronet. Brocc supplied the motto and there was a nice spot for his QOG below.
Tatiana Nikolaevna
The Layout, Part 275 views2012-09-22. There was a lot of space at the top of the achievement, enough room to put another motto scroll. I thought it would be nice to have a quote from Cicero and after doing some research, turned up Omium rerum principia parva sunt which is Latin for Everything has a small beginning. This was entirely appropriate because Brocc is small in stature but mighty in deeds.
Tatiana Nikolaevna
The Layout, Part 379 views2012-09-23. Next came the statue of Justice; I had a good reference photo of a small statuette of Themis to use, enlarged it to the correct size and traced it (never draw freehand when you can trace; it saves time). Took a while to find a good model as I wanted blind Justice and she had to hold a sword; some of the depictions only have her with the scales. A nice Tuscan archway was placed behind the statue, which was set on a low dais, with a rustic beamed ceiling capping it all.
Tatiana Nikolaevna
The Layout, Part 479 views2012-09-23. I decided to run the enclosure on the left side farther up than on the right -- it just seemed to work better and wasn't quite so static. Sketched in the badges of office across the top, which later got re-arranged according to their color -- the ones with red backgrounds were distributed evenly across the top. It's always good if you can work in some red in a scroll design as it helps tie in the red wax seals -- and don't forget to leave room for those!Tatiana Nikolaevna
The Layout, Part 566 views2012-09-23. The nice Latin letter C was drawn in with the coin inside it, mostly using a compass. Time to go find a good likeness of Cicero.
Tatiana Nikolaevna
The Layout, Part 675 views2012-09-25. After finding a really good bust of the famous lawyer and orator, this was traced onto the coin. Although at this point I'd decided to change it from a coin to Roman cameo glass, after my friend Aldith had pointed me to the Portland Vase. Blue and white would look really good there and would play nicely off the colors in Brocc's Arms.
Tatiana Nikolaevna
Layout Finished80 views2012-09-25. The layout was finished. After backing off and taking a good look at it, made one tweak to the lower motto scrolling and split the ends of the ribbons there to better match the scrolling up top. At this point I'd also reviewed the badges being used, swapped them about and redrew them neatly. Now we're ready for the nasty part -- the calligraphy.
Tatiana Nikolaevna
Calligraphy Accomplished128 views2012-12-01. Four run-throughs of the calligraphy later, it was finished. Complete with two spelling errors that had to be cut away and re-lettered. Meh, that's how you know it's been hand done! Brocc's name was left unlettered because I wasn't sure what color it needed to be as yet; the first line would be gilded. Luckily my hand was sorta in practice with Bookhand from doing Aldith Angharad St. George's Pelican scroll so it didn't take as many trial runs as hers had, much to my relief!Tatiana Nikolaevna
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