Kingdom Arms by Robin of Thornwood Calligraphy by Robin of Thornwood Populous Badge by Robin of Thornwood

Kabobs cooked in a Roman Style17 viewsTasty delicious pork loin with bacon, salt, and fennel spit roasted over fire. Cooked at Golden Beltane. Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr
Cooking without fire13 viewsYes, it's a period-known technique, using quicklime and water to actually cook food. Of course, I had to try it!Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr
Cooking without fire--the start17 viewsA mixture of wine, spices, pork, and lentils, about to be cooked without fire...Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr
Class on "How and Why to Hold a Cooks' Play date"17 viewsIf you don't know why, ask! I'll talk your ears off!Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr
Ligurian croxetti--Italian city-state pasta coins which date to the 13th century13 viewsMaster Edward made the stamp. One side has the Western Demi-sun, the other an owl from my device. Delicious period hand made pasta!Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr
Stage 1 period cooking hearth in my side yard17 viewsStill ugly, but it brings the fire to where you can use it. Cooking a variety of period dishes in period fashion.Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr
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