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Viking Lunchbox (a.k.a. Eilis' Casket)7 viewsA variation on a bentwood box, c. 10th century Sweden. The band is ash, while everything else is white oak.

This was a gift to Her Grace, Eilis O'Bourne. Given at March Crown, AS 50.
The Viking Lunchbox (a.k.a. Eilis' Casket7 viewsA variation on 10th century bentwood boxes. The band is ash, with everything else done in white oak. Took 3rd place in Wreath of Athena, then presented to Her Grace, Eilis O'Bourne, March Crown, AS 50.hrafna
Eilis and Her Casket9 viewsA happy Eilis O'Bourne holding her new caskethrafna
Kumihimo Braid7 viewshrafna
Mary Rose Leather Bottle8 viewsHalf-scale bottle based off of the one found on the Mary Rose. This picture was taken during the hardening process which entailed painting the leather with beeswax, then putting in an oven at 135 F.

More on the creation can be found here:
Kvass7 viewsFermented rye bread drink. Very popular in Russia.hrafna
Hnefatafl Set7 viewsOtherwise known as Viking Chess. The board is pine. The lines inscribed with pen. The pieces are from a chalk-like substance.hrafna
Plague Doctor's Mask6 viewsMask made with chrome processed leather, and plastic lenses. (First A&S competition, 8 months after joining the SCA.)hrafna
Viking Boots Attemp5 viewsFirst attempt at shoe making, a 10th century York boot.hrafna
Garum5 viewsFermented fish sauce from the Roman era. 2lbs of mackerel was chopped up and combined with salt. It was left under a heat lamp for 70 days.hrafna
Girdle Purses6 viewsc. 15th century, 4oz cow hide, commercially dyed, sewn with waxed linen.hrafna
Roman Fibulae6 viewsFirst attempts at making Roman safety pinshrafna
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