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Sir Bela of Eastmarch and Astrid of Hawk Ridge - Viking Ship!31 viewsAccording to Astrid: This was taken on launch day of the SCA Viking boat. My dad and others bought a boat (I think a steel lifeboat), and there were several work parties to remove the old paint, scraping it off after blistering it with a blowtorch. It was then repainted and launched into San Francisco Bay at Berkeley or Oakland. Later, Dad made a removable wooden dragon's head for it, with red and green running lights for eyes. Astrid is in the stern (back), and in the front left of the photo is Bela (Poul Anderson), next to him is (?). Possibly right behind Bela is Andrew of Riga and Houri the Savage. Behind them Warren the Strange and possibly Dai? Then we get Astrid (in blue) and (?).Hirsch von Henford
Oars Up!30 viewsHirsch von Henford
More 'getting it ready ...'29 viewsHirsch von Henford
Houri the Savage24 viewsHirsch von Henford
Getting it ready ...27 viewsHirsch von Henford
Stefan de Lorraine27 viewsHirsch von Henford
Viking Ship -- Ready to Christen It29 viewsAstrid of Hawk Ridge ready to christen the ship with a bottle of beer.Hirsch von Henford
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