Kingdom Arms by Robin of Thornwood Calligraphy by Robin of Thornwood Populous Badge by Robin of Thornwood

A lone exchequer walking this way8 viewsAldith Angharad St. George (Kingdom Exchequer) carrying basket and black box ...Hirsch von Henford
Lone Marshal, having some coffee and breakfast before inspections9 viewsConall Eoin MacTavish ...Hirsch von Henford
Armor Inspections6 viewsFrom a distance, notice the fog -- it was chilly in the morning.Hirsch von Henford
Prince and Princess milling about with others before court9 viewsPrince Kean and Princess Katherine before court ...Hirsch von Henford
Royal Pavilion before Court8 viewsThe empty thrones ...Hirsch von Henford
Procession lined up and ready 10 viewsHerald Dafydd Waleis, Princess Katherine, Prince Kean (to the left is Ghislaine d'Auxerre)Hirsch von Henford
Procession into court10 viewsHerald Dafydd, Princess Katherine, Prince Kean ...Hirsch von Henford
Procession into court5 viewsGuardsmen in the front (Niall, (?), (?), (?), Queen Patricia, King Marc ...)Hirsch von Henford
Procession into court14 viewsKing Marc and Queen Patricia in the lead, Frederick deCathcart, (?), Princess Catherine and Prince Éibhear of CynaguaHirsch von Henford
Court -- The Royalty9 viewsKing Marc, Queen Patricia, Prince Kean and Princess Katherine (of the Mists), Prince Éibhear and Princess Catherine of CynaguaHirsch von Henford
Marshals prepared for finals12 viewsWith the rapier final round in the background.Hirsch von Henford
New Lord and Lady of the Mists21 viewsDaffydd Waleis (Herald), King Marc and Queen Patricia, Prince Éibhear and Princess Catherine of Cynagua, (?), Lady of the Mists Catherine and Lord of the Mists Geoffrey (with Anne FitzRichard holding the shade)Hirsch von Henford
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