Kingdom Arms by Robin of Thornwood Calligraphy by Robin of Thornwood Populous Badge by Robin of Thornwood

Brann vs Etain13 viewsBrann Mac Finnchad and Etain O'Rowarke face off in this matchDragon4th
Nifty Nine Largess14 viewsA&S Competition: Ninfty Nine Largess, to supply the principality with largess itemsDragon4th
Barons Maximillian and Halfdan24 viewsBaron Maximillian von Fallingbostel, visiting from the Barony of Shattered Crystal (Middle Kingdom) poses happily with Baron Halfdan Ozurarson of SelviergardDragon4th
Entrants to the Lists: Fergus and Margarita28 viewsFergus Mac Thomais enters the list with his inspiration Margarita Catherine di CalviDragon4th
Entrants to the Lists: Sevastian and Angela27 viewsSevastian Agafangelovich Golystin enters the lists with his inspiration Angela of EskalyaDragon4th
Entrants to the Lists: Soren and Alienor16 viewsSoren j Alborgh enter the lists with his inspiration Alienor FitzhenryDragon4th
Entrants to the Lists: Nikor and Dagmar16 viewsNikor from the Isle of the Oaks enters the lists with his inspiration Dagmar the RedDragon4th
Entrants to the Lists: Hradi and Silvia15 viewsHradi Kottr enters the lists with his inspiration Silvia of ThraceDragon4th
Entrants to the Lists: Griffin21 viewsGriffin Garret enters the lists with his inspiration Margery Garret (unable to process)Dragon4th
Entrants to the Lists: Duncan and Violet22 viewsDuncan ap Llewellyn enters the lists with his inspiration Violet TailyeourDragon4th
Entrants to the List16 viewsSome of the entrants in the lists with their inspirations
Including: Nemonna Vicana, Sextus Valerius Cruscillus, Angela of Eskalya, Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin, Dagmar the Red, Nikor from the Isle of the Oaks, Hradi Kottr, Silvia of Thrace, Kenric Maur, Mor ingen Donnchada, Fellbjorn Gunnarsson, Isabella Hawke
Populace at Court15 viewsIncluding: Morgana yr Oerfa, Anna di Caterina Neri, Baroness Cempestra Sidda O'Breoniann of Winter's Gate, Tama Katerina Evstokh'evaDragon4th
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