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On the Sidelines14 viewsList Mistress Isable de la Hay and Baron Halfdan Ozurarson of Selviergard watch the final round of the tournamentDragon4th
On the Sidelines14 viewsSorcha Careman, Etain O'Rowarke, Clare Elena de Montfort, and Cynehild Cynesigesdohter watch the final round of the tournamentDragon4th
Soren and Cruscillus14 viewsSoren j Alborgh speaks with Sextus Valerius Cruscillus during a break in the matchDragon4th
Queen and King of the West14 viewsQueen Mina Wynter and King Haouc Bender speak with Princess Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne of the Mists during a break in the match Dragon4th
Cruscillus vs Duncan14 viewsSextus Valerius Cruscillus faces Duncan ap Llewellyn in the final round of the tournamentDragon4th
Duncan Victorious!14 viewsDuncan ap Llewellyn defeats Sextus Valerius Cruscillus in the final match of the tournamentDragon4th
Congratulations!14 viewsDuncan ap Llewellyn and his inspiration, Violet Tailyeour celebrate their acheivementDragon4th
Lord and Lady Borealis14 viewsThe populace gathers around as Duncan ap Llewellyn and Violet Tailyeour are crowned Lord and Lady BorealisDragon4th
Baron Maximillian von Fallingbostel of Shattered Crystal (Middle)14 viewsDragon4th
Margery and Shawn13 viewsMargery Garret and Prince Shawn Robert of Kilkenny share a hug after the tournamentDragon4th
Congratulations13 viewsLord Borealis Duncan ap Llewellyn is offered many congratulations for his win in the tournamentDragon4th
Margarita and Margery19 viewsMargarita Catherine di Calvi and Margery Garret talking after the tournamentDragon4th
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