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Finished Plaque37 viewsThis is a shot of the finished plaque after I changed the color of the runes. The piece is a beautiful slab of Silver Maple burl, and when I finished the wood, it darkened a little. The red shows up much better against the dappled wood than the gray did. The seals were fixed to the piece on the eve of its presentation at Twelfth Night 2012.Alan_Tynneker
Plaque in Progress47 viewsThis "scroll" took about a year to finish, in small bites. At first, I wasn't even sure I'd be able to complete it according to the vision I had. My uncle, a cabinet builder, was able to scrounge this beautiful slab of Silver Maple burl, a piece they couldn't use for the tabletops they were making. It was rough from the chainsaw mill when I got it, I planed and scraped it by hand, then incised and carved all the decoration you see here.

The scroll text was translated into Old Icelandic by a kind gentle by the name of Hrolfr on the Armour Archive and he provided the era-appropriate runes for the inscription. The approximate English translation is:

"Jade and Catherine, King and Queen of the West had these runes cut to honor our subject Loy Schiemann der Klein for his great skill and courage. He was given the rank of Knight on the eighth day after midwinter in the year AS four-five. He alone may wear keep and use these arms as shown in the Kingdom of the West."

The carving was painted with a combination of gouache and homemade milk paint, and finished with walnut oil. There is a bind rune on the helmet if you look closely, for Sir Loy's household. the signatures were burned into the plaque after being written in pencil.

Unfortunately, Duke Sir Jade (the granting King and Loy's knight) wasn't available to sign the piece, but Sir Loy requested that I finish the piece with a forged signature - and of course his grace showed up at court when it was presented. \*o*/ I was able to catch her grace Catherine at Arts and Sciences. I had to wrap the plaque in a sheet and carry it right by (then highness of the Mists) Sir Loy's pavilion and try to keep myself out of his line of sight while it was being signed. I was horribly worried that he would ask what I was lugging across the field!

Finally, the chain encircling the device is the "Ancient Chain" ( as Sir Loy was knighted with the relic, and is painted with shell gold.
Sir Loy with Finished Plaque40 viewsAfter much ado about getting it signed and sealed, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to personally 'Vanna' and present the plaque to his excellency. I also happened to win the Arts and Sciences award for woodworking, based on this piece, completely by accident. Carrying the plaque around the court assembly was incredibly rewarding, but it is VERY heavy.

Anyone who knows Sir Loy knows he is a huge man. I knew from the beginning that he needed a scroll fit for a Viking thegn and riddari. My wife and I were present at his knighting ceremony, and we were both inspired by the occasion, so I was quite excited when I was allowed to design his chivalry award.
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