Kingdom Arms by Robin of Thornwood Calligraphy by Robin of Thornwood Populous Badge by Robin of Thornwood

Tournament sign273 viewsPhoto_Admin
Tourney210 views(?) fighting Edwin Bersark. Watching: Kneeling and obscured by sword: "Mom" Zimmer, Tarysa of Rivendell, William Tuning (friend of Jerome's), Ann Parkhurst, (?), kneeling (?), (?). Seated (with beard) Hugh ap Llewellyn. Standing is Ardral Argo ver Kaeysc. Right of Edwin: kneeing with camera Alison of Hightower, (?), right under the sword Jamie Oakenshield, Seated: (?) and (?).1 commentsPhoto_Admin
Tourney174 viewsArnulf Silkhair strides across the tourney field. Far left is King Henrik. Right of Henrik is Mediocrates (Israel ibn Jacob), red cloak facing away from camera: Randall of Hightower. On right, tallest person is Jon FitzRolf, called the Lean. Seated left of Jon is Alison of Hightower.1 commentsPhoto_Admin
Tourney176 views(Left) Standing, green dress, Tarysa of Rivendell. Seated, to her left, Anne Parkhurst (red headdress), ?, Edwin Bersark. To the right, Queen Leanne, possibly Israel ibn Jacob again just behind King Henrik. Could that be Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr to the right of Henrik?1 commentsPhoto_Admin
Tourney151 viewsFighter on the right: Barry of Judah. Standing behind the (empty) thrones on the right: Israel ibn Jacob.1 commentsPhoto_Admin
Tourney152 viewsJaimie Oakenshield and Jerome Robert of McKenna(?). Right is Queen Leanne (seated under banner). At the far right on horseback is King Henrik. 1 commentsPhoto_Admin
Tourney148 viewsStanding and watching/marshaling on the left is Harold Breakstone. Barry of Judah "turtle pose", kneeling/down is Edwin Bersark.1 commentsPhoto_Admin
(?)168 viewsStanding (left) Edwin Bersark, Seated: Alisande de Rohan, La Rana. Standing facing right: Beverly Hodghead, standing facing left: King Henrik Under banner facing right: Jamie Oakenshield. In white Janet of Breakstone. Kneeling/seated far right (beard) is Robert of Dunharrow. Standing just above Robert in yellow is Earl of Moris' sister, and in red Marynel of Darkhaven. Behind (and to the right) of King Henrik is Richard of Mont Royal.1 commentsPhoto_Admin
(?)244 viewsSeated, second from left: Kerry the Rock(?). Seated on chairs: Queen Leanne, King Henrik, (Paul Moslander) talking to Simon the Templar. Harold Breakstone talking to King Henrik. At right, in blue, leaning on his elbow (on the ground) is Kevin Perigrynne and to his left in green is Patrice di Coeur Fidel. 1 commentsPhoto_Admin
Watching the tourney165 viewsStanding under corner of the blue and white Eastmarch sunshade, Bela of Eastmarch and guest in fancy tunic: "Uncle Ole brought it back from Miklagardh." Called himself the "Prince of Muscovy" according to Astrid and Karina.2 commentsPhoto_Admin
Watching the Tourney147 viewsIn vail on left is Aurelia de la Licorne (?) or Michaela de Neuville. 1 commentsPhoto_Admin
Hugh147 viewsHugh ap Llewelyn1 commentsPhoto_Admin
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