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Branch Histories

Local Branches

Kingdom of the West
Or, a crown dancetty of
three voided within a
laurel wreath vert.
Queen of the West
Or, a crown dancetty of
three voided vert within
a wreath of roses proper.

All Armory on this page are by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov, who freely grants permission to use all of the armory here for your use if you so desire ...

This is a place where you can look up branches by name, to find out a bit more about the history of any specific branch. In order to help, the branches are broken down by their current location (Principality, other Kingdom, etc.), and then listed alphabetically. If you see a link, you can find out more about that branch (at this time not all branches have a "known" history -- someone surely knows this information, and can help fill in the gaps!).

Some branches were active during the time covered by the Annotated History Project -- to see any events covered by this History, you need to go to the main page of this project, which has a year-by-year calendar, from which you can then see a list of events that occurred in any given year ...

Note that this is broken down by Principality, and the arms of all branches are (well, will be ...) displayed, if registered.

Principality of the Mists
Principality of Cynagua
Principality of Oertha
The Marches
Former Principalities and Defunct Branches

Principality of the Mists

Prince of the Mists
Argent, a crown within
a laurel wreath vert,
all within a bordure
engrailed azure.
Princess of the Mists
Argent, a crown within a
rose leaf wreath vert,
all within a bordure engrailed
azure, semé of roses argent.

Caer Darth,
Canton of

Shire of

Shire of
Per chevron engrailed
argent goutté-des-larmes
and sable, in chief two
laurel wreaths vert.
Or, on a wooden tub, between
two peacock feathers crossed
in base proper a laurel
wreath Or.
Or, three chevronels braced
vert between two towers issuant
from the chevronels and a
laurel wreath gules.

Shire of

Barony of

Hawks Haven,
Canton of
Sable, a saltire argent, on
a chief Or three laurel
wreaths sable.
Argent, a oak sable, fructed
Or and argent, on a chief
sable, three laurel wreaths Or.
Azure, a hawk displayed within
a laurel wreath argent, a
bordure wavy Or.

Province of the

Montaigne du Roi,
Canton of

Southern Shores,
Province of
Azure, on a fess nebuly argent
a laurel wreath vert.
Argent, chapé azure, a ship
with sails furled sable
within a laurel wreath vert.
Per bend azure and Or, a
seagull rising argent and
a laurel wreath vert.

St. David,
College of

St. Katherine,
College of

Shire of
Azure, upon a bend dovetailed
argent a bendlet azure, in
sinister chief a laurel
wreath argent.
Azure, a flame proper atop an
acorn within a laurel wreath
within a bordure engrailed Or.
Per saltire azure and argent,
on a fess argent a trident
gules within a laurel wreath sable.

Barony of

Barony of

Shire of
Per fess wavy argent and sable,
two wreaths of grape vine vert
fructed proper and a laurel
wreath Or.
Tierced per pall sable, purpure
and gules, delineated Or, in
chief a laurel wreath argent,
issuant from dexter a demi-rising
sun with rays couped Or and in
sinister base five plates in annulo.
Argent, a tower azure within
a laurel wreath vert and in
chief a wolf courant sable.

Branches not shown above:

Principality of Cynagua

Principality of Cynagua
Quarterly argent and Or, a swan
rousant, wings elevated and
addorsed, sable, maintaining
in its sinister foot a laurel
wreath vert.

Shire of
Shire of
Per fess urdy argent and
azure, in base a laurel
wreath argent.
Sable, two laurel wreaths
argent, on a mountain argent
enflamed proper, a wheel gules.
Sable, a ladle reversed
and, on a gore dexter Or
a laurel wreath sable.

Shire of

Danegeld Tor,
Riding of

Fendrake Marsh,
Shire of
Per fess azure and vairy Or
and azure, in chief a sun
within a laurel wreath Or.
Per fess wavy argent and
azure, a drakkar sable,
sail paly purpure and Or
and a laurel wreath Or.
Vert, a laurel wreath,
on a chief embattled argent
three ducks close vert.

Barony of

Golden Rivers,
Province of

Mont d'Or,
Shire of
Per bend vert and Or, a
two-towered castle
counterchanged, illumined
gules, between in chief
a laurel wreath Or and
in base a barrulet wavy azure.
Vert, a chevron inverted
wavy and in chief a
laurel wreath, both Or.
Vert, three chevronels
braced Or and in chief
a laurel wreath argent.

Mountain's Gate,
Shire of

Barony of

St. Cassian of Imola,
College of
Sable, two chevronels
braced and in chief
three laurel wreaths Or.
Quarterly Or and argent,
a calygreyhound rampant
to sinister between three
laurel wreaths sable.
Or, a fist palewise appaumy
grasping a stylus bendwise
sinister within a laurel
wreath gules, a chief
embattled vert.

Silver Desert,
Province of

Shire of

Shire of
Per pale azure and argent,
a ram's head cabossed
within a laurel wreath,
all counterchanged.
Per fess indented Or and
sable, in pale a laurel
wreath vert and a thistle
slipped and leaved Or.
Per pale argent and Or,
two swans statant close
respectant sable, maintaining
in their beaks a laurel
wreath vert.

Windy Meads,
Shire of
Azure in pale a Boreas and
a laurel wreath argent.

Branches not shown above:

Principality of Oertha

Principality of Oertha
Azure, a wolf sejant,
head erect, between
in chief two compass
stars and on a base
argent, a laurel wreath

Barony of

Pavlok Gorod,
Shire of

Saint Guinefort,
College of
Sable, in fess a mountain
range argent, in chief a
sun Or between two mullets
argent and in base a sword
fesswise reversed Or above
a laurel wreath argent.
Per chevron throughout vert
and argent, two laurel wreaths
argent and a brown bear rampant
proper, maintaining in its mouth
a fish gules.
Vert, a greyhound's head erased
contourny argent collared sable
within a laurel wreath Or.

Shire of

(Incipient) Shire of

Barony of

Per fess wavy Or and azure,
an Orca haurient to sinister
proper and in dexter chief
a laurel wreath azure.
Per fess embattled Or and
sable, a raven volant, wings
addorsed, and a laurel
wreath counterchanged.
Per fess gules and sable,
atop the line of division
a drakkar, mast stepped
and oars in action, in
base a laurel wreath Or.

Winter's Gate,
Barony of

St. Boniface,
College of
Per fess indented sable,
estoily argent, and argent,
in base a laurel wreath sable.
Gules, in saltire a quill
pen argent and a sword
proper, surmounted by an
open book and in base a
laurel wreath argent.

Branches not shown above:

The Marches

(The Marches are branches that do not lie within the borders of one of the West Kingdom's Principalities)

Incipient Port of

Barony of

Battle Rock,
Canton of
(No Arms Registered)
Azure, a sea-lion Or, scaled
vert, armed and orbed argent,
and on a chief wavy argent three
laurel wreaths vert, bound Or.
Per chevron azure and
vert, on a sun within a
laurel wreath Or a phoenix
rousant to sinister wings
addorsed gules.

Canton of

Eternal Winds,
Stronghold of

Far West,
Barony of
Or, in bend sinister three
trees blasted and eradicated
and embowed to dexter,
within on a bordure sable
a laurel wreath Or.
Per chevron dovetailed gules
and argent, two wings
conjoined in lure argent
and a laurel wreath vert.
Gules, a dolphin embowed
argent naiant through a
laurel wreath Or, all
between three water
bougets argent.

Golden Playne,
Canton of

Shire of

St. Brendan,
College of
(No Arms Registered)
Per fess argent and azure,
a raven rising, wings
addorsed sable, maintaining
an escallop Or within a
laurel wreath counterchanged.
Azure, in cross five mullets
of eight points, on a chief
argent, three laurel wreaths

Barony of

Vale de Draco,
Stronghold of

Warrior's Gate,
Shire of
Azure, a blonde mermaid
erect proper maintaining
in both hands a goblet,
and on a chief embattled
Or a laurel wreath vert.
(No Arms Registered)
Gules, a laurel wreath Or,
surmounted by a tower with
open gate argent issuant
from a base Or, in chief a bezant.

Wuduholt be Secg,
Shire of
Azure, on a pile argent,
a Coast Redwood tree couped
proper, on a chief Or,
three laurel wreaths vert.

Branches not shown above:

Former Principalities Of the West Kingdom

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Kingdom of Caid
The following branches were active in Caid at the time Caid became a Kingdom:

Kingdom of An Tir
The following branches were active in An Tir at the time An Tir became a Kingdom:

Kingdom of Lochac
The following branches were active in Lochac at the time Lochac became a Kingdom:

Defunct Branches

(I'm sure I'm missing some branches that fall into the "defunct" category, although some of these are listed elsewhere with a "See ..." annotation.)

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