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Branch Histories

Canton of Ynys Taltraeth

(Formerly Moroedd Oer)

Argent, a sea-dog rampant purpure
breathing flames gules, a laurel
wreath in canton purpure.

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

History: Ynys Taltraeth is a Canton of the Barony of Winter's Gate.

Being based in Kotzebue, AK at 66* 54' North latitude (33 miles NORTH of the Arctic Circle) makes us the Northernmost branch of the SCA, the next being the incipient shire of Frostheim in Nordmark (Kingdom of Drachenvald) which is based in Lulea and Boden in Northern Sweden, at 65*50' North. The Canton covers the coastal watershed and island areas of the Barony of Winter's Gate, from An Tir's Northernmost wastes to Western Eskalya and/or Selviergard (from Canada's Yukon Territory to below the penninsula where Nome is found). We also claim the Russia's East of the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea.

The group was formed by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov after moving to Kotzebue from Fairbanks (Winter's Gate), with members Heafoc Ree, Katherine Seabright, Gwyneth, and Colean McCullen in September, 1997 holding a demo at the Junior High School in Kotzebue. Since about the same time the next year the population has maintained over 7-12 members, many names changing over the years with infusions of both experienced and new SCA folk, and holding 3-4 events each year. The Population frequently attend other Oerthan Events and has been graced by many visitors as well. Khevron is still Seneschal/Herald, Haefoc is still Marchall/Exchequer at the time of this writing, October, XXXVI (2001).

The First event was 'Spring Matsch Kolben' on April 4, XXXII and featured a bells and pillow tourney.

In August, 1998 we chose the name Moroedd Oer ('Icy Seas' -in Welsh), and the name and heraldry passed the West, but the name was declined by Laurel Queen of Arms in January.

We were honored by a visit by Prince Joseph for our third event, on November 14, XXXIII (1998), Feast of Long Nights, at which we had 31 people!

In February, XXXIII (1999) Prince Georg attended our "Blue Moon Revel" and fought in the tourney, becoming the first Oerthan Prince to fight in the Arctic.

In April, XXXIII (1999), the Canton tithed a pair of cloaks of Silk and Wool for both Their Excellencies, sporting the Baronial Heraldry for the Baron of Winter's Gate's step-up.

Baroness Morgana came up for our 2nd 'Feast of Long Nights' in November, XXXIV (1999).

January, XXXIV (2000) the Canton presented the Principality Stellanordica Herald with a beautiful new Tabard.

In November, XXXV (2000) both Prince Magnus and Princess Esperanza and entourage attended our 3rd 'Feast of Long Nights'. Also, we submitted a new name and device to the College of Arms which passed the West Kingdom in January, XXXV (2001).

In March, XXXV (2001) Princess Sorcha paid us a visit and held a workshop after 'Feast of the Wee Folk'.

September, XXXVI (2001) Received word from The CoA Our name and device had passed at last. Name: Ynys Taltraeth (meaning 'river meadow at the end of the beach' in Welsh). Arms: Argent, a sea-dog rampant purpure breathing flames gules, a laurel wreath in canton purpure

Other early & current members and participants include Marured, Kareina, Lawrence, Juliana Isabella de la Mote, DerbForgail, Mairghread of Waydelich, Conal Calqahoun, Shana and children, Robert MacGregor, Inga, Merona, Corcoran, Padraig, Amy, Aiko, Samantha, William of Bolton on Swale, Ander, Rachel McGuire, Tim, Eve, Robert, Carrie, Gregory, Britany, Gwen.

It was announced in court at Twelfth Night, January 5, XXXVI (2002) and reaffirmed at Oertha Winter Coronet, January 19, XXXVI that Ynys Taltraeth is an official branch of the West Kingdom and Northernmost Branch of the SCA.

Winter's End Feast May 4, XXXVII (2002) - Prince Patrick graced us with his presence for a cozy pot luck feast with 7 of the local populace. Our event was autocratted by Samantha and held at Big Dipper Community Circle site for the first time.

July 21, XXXVII: Khevron becomes Baron of Winter's Gate with Morgana at Oerthan Summer Coronet, circleted by King Jade and Queen Megan.

Beach Raid August 10, XXXVII (2002) - Havoc set up a pavillion on the beach 2 miles south of town and had a nice pot-luck meal, and tried our hands at archery.

Feast of Long Nights V (Khevron) November 22-23, XXXVII (2002) - Cozy Pot-luck dinner at Khevron's Manor.

Baron Khevron & Baroness Morgana progressed to Beltane Coronation in Central West Kingdom (May, 2003) and personally reported to King Alden and Queen Constantina and presented gifts.

Khevron travelled to Yule in 'Central' Winter's Gate and Saturnalia in Eskalya.

April 25 2003 we raised money at the June Nelson Elementary School "Spring Carnival" selling instant photos.

Autumn brough fairly regular movie nights, hosted by Khevron, Liadan and Havoc.

Khevron traveled to Ynys Fawr attending a Lochac Collegium there.

Feast of Long Nights VI (Khevron) on November 29, 2003 was held at the Big Dipper Community Circle facility and was a cozy and quiet meal with some board games, adjourning to Lord Havoc's for a movie afterwards. The event was nearly canceled due to weather - there were three successive blizzards the week prior, and with wind chill the day of the event, the temperature was a frigid -23F.

Demo for Middle School History class.

Feast of Long Nights VII (Khevron) November, 2004

We painted Havoc's shed with the West, Oertha and Baronial Arms this summer.

And in mid-September, the shed attracted the attention of a visitor from An Tir, Ivan the meek, from the Shire of Shittimwoode. He was quite surprised to find an SCA branch so remote in Alaska. We exchanged bunny and moose tales.
Visitors are MOST Welcome in Ynys Taltraeth!

In November, we held Feast of Long Nights VII (Khevron) on November 13.

Khevron and Merewyn travelled to West Kingdom Twelfth Night and Oerthan Winter Coronet and 20year anniversary events. They attended Baronial Changeover April 23, where Khevron stepped down as 2nd Baron of Winter's Gate.

On May 10 we did a demo at the Middle-School 7th Grade Social Studies classes, and an unofficial event on May 14 called "Cut and Run Revel" - cut being the meat, run being the people disappearing for the summer.
Some regular activity still held back due to ridiculous work schedules.

We finished painting the group arms' on Havoc's shed with the West, Oertha, Baronial and Canton Arms.

Feast of Long Nights VIII (Khevron) on November 26, 2005

Khevron attended Michaelmas Feast in Winter's Gate in October.

Feast of Long Nights IX (Khevron) on November 4, 2006.
We brought Baroness Margery up from Central Barony to visit the baronial hinterlands for the weekend. 10 were in attendance and delicious food and drink were consumed with good company and conversation.

Khevron attended Irish Revel in Winter's Gate March 17, and He and Merewyn visited the Pavlok Gorod branch in Kodiak and got on the local radio station promoting the SCA and their next event, and Khevron did some heraldry consultations. The "Herald roadshow" continued at "Day of Blood" March 24 event in Hrafnafjordr where Khevron heralded Principality court for Their Highnesses Cyrus and Caitriona". Merewyn returned to Ynys Taltraeth that Sunday and Khevron returned to Winter's Gate, stopping in the newly forming Canton Svellborg (Anderson, AK) finishing up the Herald Roadshow.

We held or Annual Feast of Long Nights X with good turnout and wonderful food and company. Baron Griffin regaled us with stories.FOLN X The theme was Honey and much Mead and Honey-liquer was tasted and heartily consumed.

Shhh. The sea-dog is asleep!

Our numbers are good, but not a lot of activity locally.

Submitted our Charter to Principality/Kingdom/Bod.

Planning on closing the Canton Branch.

This history recounted by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

At this time, this branch is closed.

Location: Kotzebue, Alaska

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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