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Branch Histories

Shire of Teufelberg

Per saltire azure and argent,
on a fess argent a trident
gules within a laurel wreath sable.

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

"The Shire of Teufelberg was named for Mt. Diablo ("Devil's Mountain") which dominates its scenery. The Shire stretches from eastward from the Oakland hills. The mundane cities of Martinez and Orinda roughtly mark it's western extent.

"The founding members of the Shire were Sir Robert of Dunhurrow, Alric of Castleberg, Robert of Earthdelve and two others, the names of whom escape me at the moment, but I think they were Dunhurrow's children. We had some problem getting paid members with mailing addresses within the Shire, six being the requirement for Shire status. We did, however, have several more bodies than that.

"Many of the founding participants were mundanely High School and College students, though we had several "old hands" to lead us through some of the ropes. Ellis O'Byrne, Maythen of Elfhaven, and Hillary of Serendip were early supporters of our fledgling efforts, among many others we were (and are) honored and pleased to call friends.

"At our first meeting, since we were "Teufelberg," we picked a black wreath and a red pitchfork as our Shire arms.

"The founding was about A.S. XVI, though the exact date escapes me. It was about the same time as the founding of the College of St. Katherines.

"Several members of our populace attended the College - which made a good and early excuse for a rivalry. Shortly after, several Teufelbergers moved to the Barony of Tarnmist, expanding the war possibilities which we took full advantage of.

"Shortly after our founding we determined there were many more people in the Shire than we originally thought. We happily included as many of them as possible in our group, and made many new friends as a result. We also adopted many others as Friends of Teufelberg.

"To help everyone keep track of Shire meetings and other goings-on, especially because we had many participants that could not afford true membership, we started a newsletter, the Pitchfork Press, of which I had the honor of being the first Chronicler. We quickly expanded the Press to include more than meeting notices, and at one point, we had a mailing list well over a hundred, including addresses in places all over the Knowne World.

"I left the Shire for Tarmist in AS XX, though maintained ties there for several years, though have slowly lost them in my wanderings." -- Robert of Earthdelve

"I was one of the founding members of Teufelberg. In fact, our first meeting was held around my parents' kitchen table in Walnut Creek. That table is now in Ashland, Oregon. I was about 15 at the time and fool enough to become the first seneschal. Robert of Earthdelve is right about the earliest participants. Other founding meeting participants included Athena (?) and her brother John. This must have been in late 1981 or early 1982.

"Soon after Hilary of Serendip introduced me to Alail Horsefriend who lived in Concord and was becoming active along with his brother John and several others. The efforts merged we soon had a core group of about a dozen people. I think the oldest of us was about 20 at that time.

"Our first shire effort was to raise enough money to build a shire pavilion -- a pretty flimsy red and blue striped viking affair. I think we won a pavilion race at one of the Bort Meadows Crown events. With one of us at each end we could pick it up and run fairly fast.

"Most of us moved onto college and other things by about 1986 or so. Alail and I still remain in touch but I haven't spoken to any of the other folks in years." -- Alric of Castleberg

Location: E. Contra Costa County, California

Description of the history of this branch is from email messages sent to Hirsch by Robert of Earthdelve and Alric of Castleberg. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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