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Barony of Stormhold (Lochac)

Azure goutty d'eau,
a drakkar affronty Or,
the sail charged with
a laurel wreath gules..
(Arms from Lochac History Site)

History: As with all branches of the now Kingdom of Lochac that were active when Lochac was a Principality of the West, we stop tracking their information at the time Lochac became a Kingdom.

This barony was approved to be elevated to a Barony July 2, 1987, with the first Baron and Baroness being invested September 1, 1988 (other data shows August).

Barons and Baronesses of Stormhold:

Reign BeganBaron/ess and Consort (Baroness/Baron)
August, 1988Styvyn Longshanks and Rhyllian of Starfire Retreat (Founding Baron and Baroness)
July 15, 1989Morgan ap Idris (Vicar, while Styvyn and Rhyllian reigned as Prince and Princess)
January 6, 1990Styvyn Longshanks and Rhyllian of Starfire Retreat (Reign as P&P ends)
February 19, 1991Alaine Bartholomieu Lorenz and Lucrezia Lorenz
June, 1993Sven the Stormdriven and Ingibjorg Ambadóttir
July, 1997Rudolf von der Drau and Nicolette Dufay
December 1, 2001Gwynfor Lwyd and Gwir ferch Madog
July 6, 2002** Principality of Lochac becomes a Kingdom **

Location: The Barony of Stormhold is the regional branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), encompassing central and western suburbs of Melbourne (Australia) and the western regional towns of Victoria, especially Ballarat.

For more information on the Barony of Stormhold, please visit their website at Barony of Stormhold and the Lochac History website: History of Lochac: Stormhold..

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford.

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