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College of St. Katherine

Azure, a flame proper atop an
acorn within a laurel wreath
within a bordure engrailed Or..

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

History: From the January, 1970 issue of The Page:
BE IT KNOWN TO ONE AND ALL that His Majesty has recently taken under the protecton of the Crown the COLLEGE OF ST. BRIDGET, registered on the campus of the University of California. The purpose of the College is to encourage, provide, and publicize courses of interest to the medievalist and has already lined up many and various possibilities.

The following is provided by Eveline of Shoreham:

"St. Katherine's is it's own branch, and is a College. In practice, however, it's really treated more like a subbranch of the Mists.

"St. Katherine's actually existed in the 70's, with a different device (employing a Catherine Wheel).

"I can tell you some history from its re-founding in AS XV-XVI. 12th Night in 1981 (coronation of Frederick and Nicorlynn) was my very first event. During the spring, I attended several Mists dance practices. By late Spring that year, I'd met Dierdre D'Gildelyn and Carl of the Crossbow (Carl was in my dorm complex, and we met playing D&D--which I gave up the moment I found the SCA!). We all went together to Beltane that year (my first overnight event), and to several events over the course of the summer. I don't recall details of exactly when, but somewhere in there we decided to petition to reactivate the College. We applied to UC for Club status, and to do that we had to have a Faculty member willing to vouch for us, so we could use rooms there for our meetings. The obvious choice, of course, was Frederick of Holland (who worked there in the Chem Dept), and had by that point stepped down from the throne. So Flieg [Frederick of Holland] became our sponsor, Dierdre was our Seneschal, I was Vice Sensechal (and probably listed on the school club records as Secretary), and Carl was Seneschal of the Vices (Carl loved it). Other Seneschals during those years were Christopher Kelson (Chris Watson) and Gabriel of Greenwood (Pam Curry). I was never Seneschal, though I retained the position of Vice Seneschal for some years.

"The Kates sponsored a lot of stuff for a while, since our association with the University conferred use of rooms there not previously easily accessible. Dance Practices moved to rooms on Campus, and we held many feasts up at Strawberry Canyon, as well as a few in Barrows Hall (I believe I got my Rose Leaf from Gaius and Kathrine in Barrows). We helped with several Collegia, and held a Quest in the area of the Eucalyptus Grove, partially in the parking lot that used to be where the Life Sciences Annex now stands. We would often man a table out in Sproul Hall to attract more "club" members, and we made a board to put out along the bridge where clubs were displayed (sadly, last I looked, all of those were gone).

"Somewhere in there we started (got roped into?) a rivalry between the Kates and Teufelberg, which at that time was mostly peopled by young college-age kids, too. I don't know if that's still traditional. I designed the St. Kates pavilion that was used for many years (probably has been replaced by now) sitting in a Biology class one day. Corwin da Costa was also in our dorm complex, and he and Susan met through participating in the Kates. Corwin and I used to have something of a rep for partying (not like that's any news about Corwin!), which was kind of funny considering I didn't drink or do any substances. Mostly, I'd just go to Bardics and get high on lack of sleep. By my second year in the dorms (1981-82), I was roommates with Tristan Morgana, who dated Garin (? -- really tall Herald with wild fuzzy hair) for a while, and Anne of Bradford was our next door neighbor (so I take credit/blame for getting her into the SCA). Anne's device is a pictorial joke on her nickname at the time, "Chick."

"Speaking of devices, the current Kates device was carefully chosen. The colors of course are those of UC Berkeley. The border echoes the border of the device for the Mists, in which the college is physically located. The acorn is there to recall that Berkeley was the birthplace of the West (remember that the crown of the West bears oak leaves), and the flame atop it alludes to the flame of knowledge. Plus, that way, we got to call ourselves "The Flaming Nuts." -- Eveline of Shoreham

Location:UC Berkeley, California

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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