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Barony of Rowany (Lochac)

Per chevron dovetailed
argent and vert, two
rowan trees fructed and
eradicated proper and a
laurel wreath argent.
(Arms from Lochac History Site)

History: As with all branches of the now Kingdom of Lochac that were active when Lochac was a Principality of the West, we stop tracking their information at the time Lochac became a Kingdom.

Rowany was founded by Rowan Perigrynne and her now former husband of the time, October 1, 1991 as the Barony of Outremer. This became, after various issues (see History of the Principality of Lochac on this website, or the Lochac history site for more details) the Barony of Rowany in June, 1982, with Baroness Rowan Perigrynne as the founding Baroness. Rowany is the first Barony of what is now the Kingdom of Lochac.

Barons and Baronesses of Rowany :

Reign BeganBaron/ess and Consort (Baroness/Baron)
October, 1981Rowan Perigrynne (Barony of Outremer)
June, 1982Rowan Perigrynne (Founding Baroness, Rowany)
June 1, 1990Filippa Ginevra Francesca di Luciagnano (Vicar)
December 7, 1991Torold O'Hawkhurst and Lindoret of Bryn Myrddin
September 28, 1996Richard de la Croix and Alarice Beatrix von Thal
November 25, 2000Corin Anderson and Keridwen the Mouse
July 6, 2002** Principality of Lochac becomes a Kingdom **

Location: Rowany is based in Sydney Metropolitan and surrounding area of New South Wales, Australia.

More details on this Barony can be found at their website: Barony of Rowany and the Lochac History website: History of Lochac: Rowany.

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford.

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