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Principality of Oertha

Azure, a wolf sejant, head erect,
between in chief two compass stars
and on a base argent, a laurel wreath

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

History: The Principality of Oertha has a stormy past, but to sum up: It started as the Shire of Eskalya (which is now the Barony of Eskalya). The Shire of Winter's Gate came later (now a Barony), as did the Freehold of Selivergard (which later became the Shire of Selveirgard, now also a Barony). Some time after that, the Shire of the Thousand Isles (eventually Barony of Earngyld, for awhile a March -- i.e., not a part of the Principality, now a Shire that is part of the Principality again), and new branches have started to emerge.

Oertha began to coalesce into a principality with the unofficial formation of the Council of the North, with representation from each active branch, which led to a name (chosen by polling the populace) and a newsletter. A couple years later, it became an unofficial "Region" of the West with regional officers as deputies to the kingdom officers, rather than remaining a part of the newly-forming Kingdom of An Tir.

Oertha became a Crown Principality of the West at Twelfth Night, January 8, AS XVII (1983) by Paul and Rowena, and was made a full Principality at the hands of Radnor and Grün, at the first Principality Coronet Tournament and Investiture, January 20, AS XIX (1985).

Special thanks to Morgana yr Oerfa for helping keep this straight ... many of these things were not written down until now.

Location: The State of Alaska.

Heralds' Title: The Stellanordica Herald

The Original Oerthan Charter

For completeness' sake, the following is a listing of the Crown Princes and Crown Princesses of Oertha, who were also the King and Queen of the West:

Reign StartedKing / Crown PrinceQueen / Crown Princess
January 8, XVII (1983)Paul of BellatrixRowena d'Anjou
January 8, XVII (1983)Thomas the IncompleteTrista de Cordoba
April 30, AS XVII (1983)Radnor of GuildemarEsmirelda Dancingstar
August 20, AS XVIII (1983)Rolf the RelentlessLachlin ni Colin
January 7, AS XVIII (1984)William the LuckyJoanne of Puffin Cliff
May 5, AS XIX (1984)Ronald WilmotDierdrianna of the Misty Isles
August 25, AS XIX (1984)James GreyhelmVerena of Laurelin
January 5, AS XIX (1985)Radnor of GuildemarGrün der Spitzenklöppler

See the Roll of Arms for the Princes and Princesses of Oertha.

An Arts and Sciences issue of The Guardian, The Principality newsletter, which was published in January of AS XIX (1985) has a list of "firsts" in an article. These are all Oerthan "Firsts", not SCA or Kingdom of the West "Firsts":

Oerthan "Firsts"
Countess Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassone
(at the time of writing this article: Lady Antadina Exeter du Nordlac)
Mistress Danpira Snowsong of Skyhaven

From The Page (January, 1984):


The Year in Oertha -- 1983

January Lord Defender's Tournament, Eskalya
     Outgoing Lord Defender - Sir Kylson Skyfire
     Outgoing Lady of the Snows - Decembre Eitel
     New Lord Defender - Eric Bearsbane
     New Lady of the Snows - Marthe Aardvarkkeeper

February - Winter's Gate Captaincy Tournament
     New Captain - Shapur Abdul Abalhassan Hussain
     New Heart of Winter's Gate - Mistress Morgana n'ha Keridwen

May - Winter's Gate Captaincy Tournament
     New Captain - Lady Alician de MOntfort of Sprucewood (first lady in Oertha to win a title by right of arms)
     New Heart of Winter's Gate - Ivan Nikolai Voryag

June - Earngyld Pilot's Tourney
     New Pilot - Bjorn Emerfing
     New Seamaden - Natalie Twiname [later Aelfwynn de Montfort of Tweoname as noted by Morgana yr Oerfa]

July 4th Weekend - Duke Paul Fighting Workshop and Warlord Tournament - Beast Valley
     Lord Donnan of Shimmeringstar -- Warlord
     Tara de Franbois - Shieldmaiden
War was declared on Beast Valley by the College of St. Boniface for serving sheep that looked suspiciously related to sheep owned by the College.

July - Lord Defender's Tournament, Earngyld
     New Lord Defender - Lord Sean of Eaglerest
     New Lady of the Snows - Lady Raonaild Ruard
     Guests: Duke Paul of Bellatrix, Countess Rowena d'Anjou, Lady Kat von Falkensfen, Lady Christia Barrett (Lochac Minister of Sciences), and His Royal Majesty, Radnor
     Oerthan offices that changed hands at this event:
     Seneschal - (acting position given to Adam Elfchaser). Exchequer, to Wolf Federweiss. Chronicler to Rhea Louveciennes.

August - Warlord Tournament in Selveirgard
     Prize Tournament, with a handcrafted axe, won by Lord Avaloc the Young.

September - Baroness' Champion Tourney, Earngyld
     First Baroness' Champion - Bjorn Emerfing

September - Baron's Tourney, Eskalya
     Baron's Champion - Avaloc the Young

October - Winter's Gate Captaincy Tournament
     New Captain - Lord Irone of the Blue Star
     New Heart of Winter's Gate - Mistress Danpira Snowsong of Skyhaven
     Visitors - Lady Antadina Exeter du Nordlac and Lord Edmund de Montfort

November - Beast Valley Warlord Tournament and Sheep War between the College of St. Boniface and Beast Valley
     New Warlord - Todd the Foxx
     New Shieldmaiden - Branwen Ravenwing
The war was won by several HUNGRY college students, led by Sir Kylson Skyfire. There are rumors of Beast Valley declaring war on the College in order to reattain the new grazing lands of the sheep, Lyubov Tower (the residence of the Seneschale and family of Beast Valley).

December - College of St. Boniface Heraldry Workshop

[I am indebted to Rhea Louvciennes, the Chronicler of Oertha, for collecting the above information for me.]

The Guardian Online:

Master Khevron is scanning old issues of The Guardian, the Oerthan newsletter, going back to the first issue ...:

The Guardian.

Some of these make fascinating reading, especialliy if you were there ... HvH

The Oerthan Heraldic Coloring Book:

Master Khevron also scanned the original, and is planning on scanning the most recent of these:

The (Original) Oerthan Heraldic Coloring Book (1985)

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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