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Canton of Montaigne du Roi

Argent, chapé azure, a ship
with sails furled sable
within a laurel wreath vert.

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

History: See below. Montagne du Roi is a Canton of the Barony of Darkwood. This used to be the Shire of Montalinas, which at one point changed its name to the Shire of Perilous Visions, and eventually became Montagne du Roi.

Wilhelm von Schlüssel's original History of the West includes: Shire of Montalinas / Perilous Visions.

Location: North and West Monterey County, California

More detail from the History of Darkwood:
Originally there were two "groups". The first one was located in Santa Cruz, consisting of students from the University there, and called itself "The College of Saint David." Eventually, some graduates from the university in Santa Cruz formed the Shire of Caer Darth with their first meetings at the home of Master Frank the Fortunate and Mistress Sabrina Goldbender (one of our Barony's first peers).

The second group was located in Monterey. This group changed and evolved, starting with the "Peerless Visions", followed at the end of 1985 by a group calling themselves Clich Maclavver Nah (meaning "No Gossip Here"), and then succeeded by a group of mostly heavy fighters. Eventually this last group became Montaigne du Roi (Mountain of the King), although it was also called Montahn der Roy or Koenigsburg. Finally, in 1985, this group petitioned the Crown and became a shire with "15 or 20 gentles, most of them men" signing the petition, as once recalled by Darkwood's founding Baron, Sebastian von Baden. Sebastian happened to have been a former principality seneschal living in Salinas at the time when he participated in the petitioning.


In June 1989, Sebastian brought June Crown to Darkwood, where Koenigstadt (Salinas Valley area) was granted status as a canton.

"I was a member of the Shire of Perilous Visions in Monterey, CA from 1976-1978. So far as we were told, the name was registered, despite the flak we took for not having a fighter in the Shire. The seneshal was Corrine Criss, the science fiction artist, the other members included myself, Doris Quinn, the science fiction convention organizer and artist, and four or five other persons whose names I cannot remember." -- Gordon Cooper

EMail from March 18, 2014:
"I was a member of this Shire from 1976-1978 while stationed at the Presidio of Montery/DLI. The previously existing branch had gone defunct, and there were no current members of it still active in the SCA when we began the process of reforming.

Our Seneschal was Corrine Criss, I’ve forgotten her SCA name; Dorris Quinn, Gordon Cooper, Randy Weiser, Daniel Whitaker and a handful of others, mostly members of the military stationed at DLI, were among the other members.

While the College of Herald’s did initially reject the name, it was eventually approved.

The Shire was still active as of 1982, when I returned for a visit to the area after coming back to the states from Spain, I do not know when it ceased functioning again.

yours in service,
Alaric Wulfgar of Amberwood, ODC
(now living in An Tir since 1987)"

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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