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Barony of Eskalya

Sable, in fess a mountain range argent,
in chief a sun Or between two mullets
argent and in base a sword fesswise
reversed Or above a laurel wreath argent.

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Digging through old issues of The Page, the Kingdom Historian has run across the following:

The Board approved a new branch in Anchorage, Alaska. Siegfried von Rion (name, address ...) will be the Seneschal. The branch name will be finally agreed upon between the branch and the College of Arms.
This was from the December, 1976 issue of The Page.

Eskalya started out as a Shire in the Principality of An Tir, and covered the whole state of Alaska. Over time, as new groups formed, Eskalya broke into these smaller groups, and Oertha (The Region of the North, then the Region of Oertha, then the Principality of Oertha) became the SCA name for the State of Alaska. (See History of Oertha for more details on all this.)

The following are excerpts from an article on "Oerthan Firsts", see History of Oertha page for the whole article.

The following are from issues of the Eskalya Chronicle, researched and typed for the History Website by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov:

From: Eskalya Chronicle April AS XI 1977 (spelling as printed)

HERALD (Vladimire Demetrius Vladislav aka Vladimire the Black (Mike Guinn))
I have received from Wilhelm von Shussel my warrant as a Pursuivant Extraordinary, and the Herald of the Shire of Eskalya. Unfortunately, the rest of the news is not as good. I am informed that while Lord Wilhelm von Schussel has no objections to our use of ESKALYA, approval must be obtained from Lady Karina, Laural Queen of Arms. He does recommend that we should submit arms for the Shire as soon as possibly! Fees have also increased from $3.00 to $4.00 per device or badge, and name changes cost $2.00. I would suggest that anyone with a device or badge that has not yet registered it, do so very quickly, least the cost rise again. For any question, information or forms, see me at the monthly meeting, arms practice, or call me at farspeaker 279-xxxx.

The House of Henford is a commoners household, currently it is a matriarchy. The colors are tawny gold and forest green. The house awards are archane star; double archane star; golden arrow and the silver rose. Weaponery is the quarterstaff, the double knife, bow and other peasant weapons. The functions are peasant crafts, trades, herb craft, cooking, and wood craft. Support is given to the guilds of the theatre and costuming.

The House of Henford has begun the weekly meetings for preparations of events and skills for the Summer Tourney and the Leafing Festival i May. Practice for quarterstaffs and other peasant weapons as well as the general meeting are being held at Dame Sharane's, 5444 Lancelot cr. #8, at 200p.m. each Sunday. Those wishing to join in the practice should bring heavy gloves to help avoid bashed knuckles. Practical discussion of the possibility of long knife fighting and long bow construction, as well as the possibility of constructing siege weapons such as battering rams, scaling towers, and scaling ladders, will occurr. The games of skill for the Summer Tourney in June will be drafter and the rules set to paper to be delivered to the Herald for posting. Prizes will be designed and constructed. Construction parties for the pavillion and out buildings will also be discussed. Anyone wishing to join this House and their activities should contact Dame Sharane or Fyoder the Barbarian at 333-xxxx.

The formal alliance between the House of Doves and the House of Henford are to be set to paper. We are happy to announce this alliance and do hearby declare our House their defenders. If you have any complaints, the pleasant peasants will gladly beat your heads in. House of Henford

From: the August XII 1977 Eskalya Herald in Announcements

At the July meeting, the arms for the Shire of Eskalya were choosen, from five different designs submitted. The blazon is Sable, a mountain range fesswise argent, a sun in chief Proper, between two stars argent, a broadsword fesswise in base Or. This has been sent to the Colleg of Heralds with the name Eskalya for the Shire. (if you are not up on Heraldric terms, contact Vladimire the Black, Herald for the Shire.)

Barons and Baronesses of Eskalya:

Reign BeganBaron/ess and Consort (Baroness/Baron)
January, 1979Hugh McGlammoraga of the North and Selenia of Silverwood (Founding Baron and Baroness)
December, 1985Brendan Shimmeringstar and Aryana Silknfyre
December, 1989Phelan Swordbreaker and Vanora Gyldanheart
December, 1991Juan Miguel Esteban Alfredo de Valencia and Penelope o Súileabháin
December, 1994Tancred Fraser and Sorcha Caremon
February, 1999Patrick Logan and Katla of Bergen
January, 2002Kylson Skyfyre and Anne of Bradford (Castellans)
July, 2002Bjarni Eðvarðarson í Jórvík and Annora de Montfort of Shadowood
October, 2006Breock of Whitby and Margaret Anne of Somerset
May, 2012Elspeth Buchannane of Loch Lomond
December, 2016Clare Elena de Montfort (Baroness) and Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor (Baroness)

Wilhelm von Schlüssel's original History of the West has the following: Shire of Eskalya.

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Heralds' Title: The Peregrine Pursuivant

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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