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Shire of Esfenn

Per bend sinister Or and gules,
a laurel wreath and a bulrush
slipped and leaved counterchanged..

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

     "As a founding member of Esfenn, I call tell some of the story. Back in A.S. 17, the locals having decided that playing with the Province of The Mists being too far, and the Province of Southern Shores too volatile (spinning off four completely different shires at the same time), we decided to form a local group. At the core were Master Llerrett de Granada and Mistress Linda of Collinswood, and several who would go on to become peers, most notably Sir Gerstan Heah Leah and his undoubtable wife Mistress Siranna of Hawthorne Hall as well as myself and many others.
     "The shire device originally had a green wreath with a red salmon jumping though it. After I moved and stopped playing in the area, it was simplified. Besides, no salmon were spawning in the creeks anymore. In our 1st year, we fielded 5 heavy fighters and no less than 12! combat archers, who once got a taste of combat dropped to like 2. We hosted multiple 12th Nights in the Hayward Community Center and afterwards freaked all of the local Lyons staff with our 1 am post 12th night wind-downs. We sponsored a war series with Southern Shores, only to see the last one's battlefield slide into San Lorenzo Creek with the Loma Prieta earthquake. We also had a championship tournament called the 1st Sword start (I won years 2 and 4). A few years later at a revel following the 1st Sword tournament, three bored Seneschals (myself being one of them; Vair Couvair) spawned The Wargy war series held at Pentatentia Creek Park in Milpitas. Esfenn has hosted KHTI revels, numerous Principality events, Princess Birthday parties and teas, collegiums and a whole host of other events. The membership has waxed and waned, it's focus and interests of members changed and grown, but I suspect when I am gone and forgotten, Esfenn will still be there, satisfied with quietly being home." - Sir Theodrik of Skane

August 21, 2010: Esfenn split with people in some parts of the group becoming members of Teufelberg, and the rest becoming parts of The Westermark ... At this time, Esfenn is a "closed" branch -- no longer active.

Location: SW Alameda County, California

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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