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Shire of Earngyld

Per fess wavy Or and azure,
an Orca haurient to sinister
proper and in dexter chief a
laurel wreath azure.

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

History: Earngyld started early as the Shire of the Thousand Isles, a name that didn't stick ... eventually renamed to Earngyld.

The following are excerpts from an article on "Oerthan Firsts", see History of Oertha page for the whole article.

Events of note:

Barons and Baronesses of Earngyld:

Reign BeganBaron/ess and Consort (Baroness/Baron)
August, 1984Elaine or Rainbow's End (Founding Baroness)
December, 1989Amalric de Montfort and Alysaundra ferch Llewelyn
October, 1991Alysaundra ferch Llewelyn
December, 1994Martin Thursthammer and Patrice of the Misty Fjords
June, 1997William Oakes and Lisabetta Webster
December, 1999Alberic Haak and Isabelle the Fair
August, 2003No longer a Barony

Location: Juneau, Alaska

Heralds' Title: The Sea Eagle Pursuivant

The following was provided in an email from Terrence of Edgecombe, March 18, 2010:


The Shire first had its birth when I returned from College at St. Boniface (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) in AS XV (1980) and met up with an old buddy of mine from college, Wolf Federweiss (Tim Weiss) and Elaine of Rainbow's End (Elaine Cospatrick).  I remember putting together our first newsletter on an old mimeograph machine in the legislative support offices in the capital building.  We were soon there after joined by Antadina du Nordlac (Jeanne Stapleton) and Adam Elfchaser (Adam Moles). Between the four of us we created the shire. Later we were joined by others including Hirsch von Henford (Ken Mayer), also of St. Boniface, fiance of Antadina du Nordlac.

I knew Wolf from high school, but not well. He and I became good friends while in college at St. Boniface. While there we met Antadina du Nordlac and Hirsch von Henford of Winter’s Gate. In fact there was a time when we all lived in the same dormitory. When we graduated from college at about the same time, around AS XV, Wolf, Antadina and I all ended up in Juneau. [Editor's note: Actually, Antadina was still in college and was in Juneau for the summer, I came down and joined her for the summer, and we both went back to college in the fall ...]

We put out our first newsletter, “Ye Olde Rag”, on an old mimeograph machine. This rather crude advertisement came to the attention of Elaine of Rainbow's End (Elaine Suttee). She had recently moved to the area from Tree-Girt-Sea in the Middle Kingdom with her Robert Cospatrick (Richard Suttee) and son Richard Orson Suttee (ROS). She really helped bring the group together. She was mother to everyone and had access to everything, and knew how to do most anything. She was our first Seneschal.

The group grew as we were joined by Hirsch von Henford [Ed. -- Again, just for the summer], Adam Elfchaser, Becky Bear, and others. This then became the core group: Terrence of Edgecombe, Lady Elaine of Rainbow’s End, Wolf Federweiss and Adam Elfchaser.

I remember putting out copies of our newsletter at late night work parties in the legislative support offices in the capital building. There is nothing better than fighter practice in the rain. I believe we had our first tourney at Lena Beach. There were lots of other really enjoyable events.

In AS XVI we were visited by then Prince of the Cynagua Robert Kinslayer (Robert McKenzie) and his Princess, Freydis Tollefsdottir.  We held our first major feast in the fellowship hall of the Presbyterian Church.  We had roast beast with a wide variety of wonderful eats and strawberry sherbet.

In AS XVII the whole shire went to Haines to the State Fair and set up a booth there.  Wolfe and I were interviewed by the local radio station.  It was a great little trip.

We had a number of tournaments and such and I truly enjoyed my time there.  But alas, I went off to join President Reagan's Imperial Legions, I think Adam simply dropped out after an ugly divorce, Hirsch and his lady moved back to Eskalya [Ed. note again -- we went to Fairbanks or the College of St. Boniface].  Hirsch is divorced [Ed. note -- let's just say Antadina and I are no longer a couple and haven't been for a long time ...] and remarried [Ed. note -- true, I was married once before] and living in the Prinicpality of the Mists.  He is the Golem Herald. Antadina is now Countess Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne of An Tir, I have no idea where Wolf or Lady Elaine are.  I suspect they are still there in Earngyld. [Ed. note: Wolf is still in Earngyld but not very active, to the best of my knowledge, Elaine, who was the founding Baroness of Earngyld may still live there but has not been active for some time ...]

[Ed. in this case is Hirsch ... creator of the History site ... In addition, Wolf was still in college, he was in the same dorm I was in when I was granted membership in the Order of the Laurel in 1983, so he went back to school after the first summer of Earngyld's founding ... he met his lady wife who, to the best of my knowledge, he is still married to.]

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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