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Branch Histories

Shire of Desert Garden

History: (see below) ... this group is now a closed/defunct group ...

Location: Elko, Nevada

From an Email, dated May 18,2013):

"The beginnings (as recalled by Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP, from Silver Desert and Master Sir Connor MacAuliffle FitzJames)

The group started in the early 1990's when a man named Scott (owner of the world's smallest cat) moved to Elko from another kingdom and wanted to start an SCA group there. Silver Desert came out and did a demo. They had folks in Winnemucca, Battle Mountain and Elko so they alternated monthly meeting sites between them. Winnemucca is two hours from Elko and Battle Mountain is in between the two. After he left, others took up the mantle.

At one of the demos in a park that Silver Desert helped with, Thomas, Anne and their kids attended. Thomas spent most of the day cooking. He kept resisting offers to try getting into armor until very late in the day. We explained the basics to him (or so we thought) and let him try against Reinmar Wolfkeeper. Next thing we know, Thomas has Renmar on his back and is hitting him the grill with his basket hilt!!!

Thomas became a good fighter. He got his SCA name in the usual odd fashion. During his first real tourney (a Silver Desert Championship), Sir Connor, who was acting as marshal and herald, asked him his name. "Thomas", he said. "Thomas what?", was the response. "Thomas....just ....Thomas", was his confused reply. Sir Connor promptly announced him as Thomas Just Thomas - which he later registered with the College of Heralds.

Silver Desert went out there often to support them.  Their biggest event was the Palisades War which was held several times between the West and Artemesia.  Cole (one of the Desert Garden seneschals) would make blueberry pancakes for everyone in camp.

We had many sets of Royalty attend Palisades War.  Some of them were King Obediah, and Prince Thorfinn with his Princess, Katherine. Sir Reinmar (now Duke) and Mistress Albreda (now Duchess) - both of whom started in the Silver Desert traveled down from Artemisia. Sir Sean (now Duke) and Sir Michael the Lucky, both also from Artemesia, usually came too. The year that King Obediah attended, a huge wind hit the camp (75mph) and literally shredded our pavillion while we were sitting in it. We ended up still sitting in our chairs with canvas drapped over our shoulders. Many mundane tents collapsed too. We all admired Gilbert and Reina's pavillion, which remained standing.

The group grew for a long time. At one point, they had many members in the Household of Rolling Thunder. There were often discussions of asking to join the Kingdom of Artemisia but nothing was ever formally presented to the Board of Directors. Unfortunately, they were not able to maintain paid memberships so they could have formal officers and the group went into abeyance." -- Siobhan ni Seaghdha

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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