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Principality of Cynagua

Quarterly argent and Or, a swan
rousant, wings elevated and
addorsed, sable, maintaining
in its sinister foot a laurel
wreath vert.

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov


The Origins and Early History of Cynagua
A group effort by old fogies
Viscountess Ceridwen MacAoudhegain, OP,OL,
Viscount Sir Edward of Southhaven,
Duchess Leticia de Scotia OP, OL,
Viscountess Sharra ni Perran OL

The eastern fields of our realm, now so close, we once deemed outlands, terra incognita: “Here bee dragonnes.” But in the second decade of our Current Middle Ages, population and enthusiasm there were growing rapidly. In fall of A.S. 13, Cadwallader Stone of Stonecroft, ably aided by his lady-wife Kriemhilde of Stonecroft, Rodrigo de Cerdana, his lady-wife Yolanda del Campo de Cerdana, Macsen Fidelis, and others, began to garner support to found a new principality.

For many months did Cadwallader rally support at events in the then parochial, insular and far-flung eastern reaches of the Kingdom -- these being Golden Rivers and its tiny canton of Windy Meads, Silver Desert, RivenOak and Fettburg. Cadwallader was eloquent and persuasive; his vision spread; hearts took fire; by the spring of A.S. 14, officers were being nominated, ceremonies written, arms chosen, plans made.

The first officers of the as-of-yet unnamed principality were Alfrik Favnesbane as seneschal, Strider of Duraman as marshall, Macsen Fidelis as herald, Sharra ni Perran as arts, Marcus the Blue as sciences, Ceridwen MacAoudhegain as chronicler, Lachlin nic Colin as mistress of the lists and Christianna Eyvindsdottir as exchequer.

During the primary organizational meeting, held in Fettburgh, the question of a name for the new realm came forth. The delegates from Windy Meads, Silver Desert, Golden Rivers, A'Bakki, Fallen Oak (aka RivenOak), Fetteburg and Quai de Cornelle considered several. The majority most liked the sound of Cynagua. The heralds liked the blazon possibilities. Possible puns on the name would manifest later… The service award for Cynagua, the Ruxton, was established in honor of the recently departed Eliot of Ruxton Hall. The original (unwritten) policy was to bestow no more than one Ruxton per major event.

The first Coronet Tourney dawned quite wetly. That November morning in A.S. 14 met with a fine, soft rain. Doughty fighters, undismayed for the most part, faced each other with valor and force. Onlookers huddled together or waded through a list field of ankle-deep mud. In the final rounds, Strider of Duraman faced Rolf the Relentless. As rain clouds broke and the sun shone, Strider stood victor, claiming the coronet for his lady Kathryn dhil Loriel. King Radnor invested him with the coronet with Queen Shannon-Morgan and the first Prince and Princess of the Mists, Christopher and Esmirelda, also present.

In March, Prince Strider called for all to attend the First Cynagua/Mists War and Duramen Grand Prize Tourney at Orangevale Community Park in the Province of Golden Rivers. The Prize Tourney included armoured equestrian events (tilting), a "Team Treasure Tryst", team archery, battle maneuvers, heraldry, and bardic competitions. The forces of Princess Maythan and Prince William held the field during the war.

But soon, Cynagua’s new Prince and Princess were called to a higher duty. A fortnight later Prince Strider and Princess Kathryn become Crown Prince and Crown Princess of the West.

Late that May following, the Shire of the Silver Desert hosted Spring Coronet in Dog Valley. In tribute to this event, the opening lines to the ceremony of La Courtesia became, “Because it snowed…,” and styled the Prince & Princess with the titles “Their Inclemencies.” That Friday afternoon the first downy flakes began to fall. It snowed in fits through the weekend. Fighters and populace huddled around campfires; it became a close and cozy event. The tourney finals showed the strength of Rolf the Relentless for Yolanda del Campo de Cerdana over Maelgwyn de Lyoness.

Prince Rolf and Princess Yolanda were the first pair to reign for the now-traditional six months. Their investiture was hosted by the Fettburgh. In this reign, they established the Order of La Courtesia, the Order of the Friendly Castle, and the Cambium award.

When next the borders between Fair Cynagua and the dank Mists were contested, King Frederick forbade any wars between his populace. Prince Alfrik and Prince William instead held a joint Grand Melee Tournament in the Barony of Vinhold at Camp Berryessa. The melee and tournament was officially declared a draw.

The original Cynaguan coronets were of fine Sierra pinewood, carved and polished by Macsen Fidelis (a contrary rumor names Sir Strider as the creator), and decorated with a chunk of gold ore. Later, Urlich Ramlord wrought the swan coronets, and Gerald of Ipsly crafted the circlets of the Lord and Lady of the Swan.

Gwendwyn the Silent, of the Silver Pegasus, sewed the original Cynaguan banner; Elwyn of Snowhill designed the royal swan-cloaks and Rowena von Steinhaus sewed the cloaks. The first Principality thrones were by the hand of Colin Dearg, donated after his reign. Hans von Steinhaus built the royal Cynaguan regalia chests with their lids of fine interlaced wood.

Like the original cornets, the first Principle scepters were also of polished wood. Edward of Southhaven, prior to his reign, made and presented them. But in January of A.S. XVI, Nickoli and Ulrik Hrutcarl presented Their Highnesses Edward and Christianna with exquisite silver swan scepters to replace them.

Her Highness Sharra began the Princess’s Token for “cheerful help”. To encourage all to aspire to medieval encampments, Alfrik and Sharra had the Hearthstone created. The symbol, a cricket, was designed by Aislinn Gildara. Also during this fruitful time, the arts and sciences championship was begun.

In the reign of Robert and Freydis was created the Cynaguan guard. Those chosen for this first guard still wear the infamous purple dish towels with pride. It was a colorful time as everywhere was seen the loud plaids of the McKidney clan.

Lord Defender was begun during Eric and Fiona’s first reign. The first Lord Defender of the land was Tor Magnusson.

To honor those who defended the borders of Cynagua, Michael and Iseult granted the Medal of Honor.

Maelgwyn and Katya wished to honor those who had fallen in the final rounds and created the Order of the Black Swan. All those who had come in second were granted this honor.

During Colin and Ceridwen’s reign, the first Bard of Cynagua, Corwin Breemore, was chosen during fall Coronet. The first Cygnet, Anastacia of Wolf’s Hall, was bestowed. The infamous (and closed) Order of the Black Flake of the Devil (BFD) was given to Robert Kinslayer at January Investiture.

See the Roll of Arms for the Princes and Princesses of Cynagua.

A full and accurate listing of Cynaguan Royalty can be found at the West Kingdom Awards List: Royalty of the Principality of Cynagua.

Location: Parts of Nevada, Parts of Northern California

Heralds' Title: The Sable Swan Herald

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