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Shire of Caldarium

Or, on a wooden tub, between
two peacock feathers crossed
in base proper a laurel wreath Or..

Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

History: The Shire of Caldarium started out as the "Province in Marin". The first official event held there was the First Island War, July 29, 1967 (AS II). No current information available on when the name was changed, or why ... (see below for some detail). The name of Caldarium has gone through several permutations, including The Province of Ceantyre, The Province Beyond the Rainbows, The Province of Caldarium, and now the Shire of Caldarium.

Wilhelm von Schlüssel's (original) history of the West Kingdom includes some information about the Province of Ceantyre: Province of Ceantyre. This version has handwritten notes: Province of Ceantyre.

Location: Marin County, California

From an email dated March 6, 2007:
"... I was it's first Seneschal, as I recall, since I lived there along with Duke Richard of Montroyal, it's only members in 1966. A few other local residents joined the SCA in the early years (most members of or associates of my Household) including Count Stephen Blackeagle, Sir Mark von dem Falkensfenn, Lord Richard of Havn, Jeffry Brokenblade, as well a few others who were active from time to time.

"Originally Caldarium was a relatively loosely defined and un-named terretory that was described as encompassing the mundane counties of Marin and Sonoma - since most early SCA activity was focused in the East Bay, San Francisco and Peninsula. When King Caradoc ap Cawdor proclaimed Kingdom Law to include the requirement that all six major Kingdom events take place in one of the nine Bay Area Counties, other locations, including Marin County, were occasionally chosen for these and other events. Typically attendence at non primary (Crown Tourney or Coronation event) events was small for events in Marin County, since many non-Marin residents thought travel "way over there" was a too far and hard to do. Even the Island Wars in Nicassio, which were the first Wars in the SCA, were poorly attended after the first couple of years till they were stopped in AS XI or XII.

"During all this time I was Seneschal of "The Province in Marin and Sonoma" as it unofficially came to be known. I don't remember what year we first started discussing getting an official name for the province (and here is where some others who may remember could chime in and help), but we did discuss it a whole bunch. Various Provincial officers were eventually acquired and changed from time to time, and during that process, still under my Scheneschal office, as I recall, we acquired Colin MacKensie aka, Colin of Duntamknackan as Privincial Harold. Before and then through his efforts Caldarium became known by several names. These include, but not necessarily in order:(a) "Danes Law" a reference to my being a Dane and it being "my territory", I suppose, as resident Duke - Duke Richard having moved away long before, (b) Kin Tyre- an official and I believe our first, Kingdom designation - meaning "Lands End" as I recall, in reference to Point Reyes being the most westward land within the Counties of Marin and Sonoma, (c) "Caldarium" our current official Kingdom name. The name was derived from the mundane image of Marin County being a place of Hot tubs and Peacock feathers, so these were incorporated in both the name (Caldarium - a tub of hot water) and the Provincial arms (Peacock feathers surrounding a hot tub). This was adopted near or after Colin ceased to be Provincial Herald and I believe after Wolfscairn was separated from the Province and "took" Sonoma County with it.

"At this point I was no longer Seneschal and I don't recall who took the office from me or when it changed hands, but I think the office of Caldarium Seneschal went to Sir Mark von dem Falkensfenn first, then to Alaric of Hraefncrag under a former name he used then (?), then back to Sir Mark, then to others over the intervening years and finally back to Sir Mark at present. I seem to recall other Seneschal officers holding the Caldarium office, but don't recall them in detail, since my SCA participation declined during the decades of the mid '80's, and through the '90's.

"I hope others can add dates and other information to this and correct any misrecollections I may have made." -- Henrik of Havn

"Do you know why Ceantyre is listed, and where it was, then? The name shows up in The Page, and in other newsletters as the area that is now Caldarium, and the whole bit about the First Island War is attributed to Ceantyre, not Caldarium." -- Hirsch von Henford

"Well perhaps you didn't understand what I was trying to say about Marin and Sonoma County. I was the first seneschal and it didn't have any particular name at first. When I said I was the first one for Caldarium, I meant the area that ultimately became Caldarium. I don't believe I was Seneschal when that name was formally adopted, however, so my earlier statement is technically incorrect. I was holding the office of seneschal (as I recall) when Eoin MacKenzie proposed the earlier name (Kin Tyre or Cean Tyre) and it was voted in by the residents of the Province. I never was enamored of the name, but the majority of residents voted for it and it was adopted and registered. The name had several different spellings depending on who was doing it and Kin Tyre is the way I recall seeing it spelled, but Ceantyre is another version I had forgotten. In any case it's pronounced "Kin Tire (as in rubber wheel)" and that's what I was trying to indicate. The first Island Wars should perhaps be attributed to "The Province in Marin" rather then Cean Tyre, since that name didn't get adopted till after they were discontinued (or nearly so), and early TI's which preceded Kingdom newsletters when the Wars started refered to the area by the "Province in Marin" terminology. Either that or the current name - Caldarium, seems more appropriate than Ceantyre - unless of course it was adopted before 1977 - which I think is the last year we held a War there." -- Henrik of Havn
"Digging through the old issues of TI, The Page, and other variations (in the mimeograph era), I am finding no mention of the name of any branch in the Caldarium area. I would guess that Wilhelm von Schlüssel inserted the name "Ceantyre" into his History, because that was the name of the group before it later became Caldarium. Indeed, looking at old mimeographed issues of The Page, the branch is listed as 'Province in Marin' (August-September, AS 1972, AS VII)." -- Hirsch von Henford
"Digging through herald's records, I see that "Ceantyre, Province of" was changed in November of 1979 to "Beyond the Rainbows, Province of", and then in March of 1982, it was changed to "Caldarium, Province of". Just thought I'd mention it (and make sure that "Beyond the Rainbows" wasn't forgotten ...). I see that the herald's records do not note the date of the registration of Ceantyre in the Ordinary and Armorial database. Odd." -- Hirsch von Henford

(Later) "I mentioned this briefly to Frederick of Holland, and he believes that "Ceantyre" was never actually registered, which is interesting in that there is an official entry in the Ordinary and Armorial database for it, but the only entry is the change to "Beyond the Rainbows". -- Hirsch von Henford

"I think as he suggests, either Sir Mark or myself was the first Seneschal of Calderium. I think it was me, but my memories of that period in time are pretty much faded. Ask Sir Mark, who may have a better recollection. After I was Seneschal, a fellow whose mundane name was Francis (he also became the wearer of the Peacock Cape as the Provincial Herald), replaced me (perhaps someone can remember his SCA name, as it escapes me). I believe Sir Mark then replaced him.

"As for the Wolfscairn connection, which began in 1978 with a visit to Santa Rosa from Sir Andrew of Riga and perhaps, Duke Henrik, coming up from Caentyre. After Wolfscairn was formed, I was the Seneschal for a while (I don't think I was the first one, however), then Francis and others. As I recall, a portion of the folks playing in Wolfscairn also were playing in Ceantyre, prior to the name change. Some of us "escaped" from Wolfscairn and made the transition to Ceantyre. I also have heard rumors that the Wolfscairn treasury migrated south, as well.

"Shortly thereafter, the name was changed to Land Beyond the Rainbows and then ultimately to Calderium." -- Alaric of Hraefncrag

"I remember visiting Wolf'scairn during one of their early meetings as Provincial Seneschal. I don't think Duke Andrew attended with me. I believe it was held at the home of Valerie Fraser {Duchess Leticia de Scocia(aka Lachlin nic Colin,Letitia de Scotia)?} who was one of the founding members and may have been seneschal of Wolf'scairn then.

"Francis "Small", comes to mind.

"I remember "Land Beyond the Rainbows, just not the sequence od date." -- Henrik of Havn

"The initial meeting was held at Valerie's apartment on Cherry St. in Santa Rosa. If Duke Andrew wasn't there, he was at a subsequent meeting. I remember meeting him at that time. She was, indeed, the Seneschal of Wolfscairn then or shortly thereafter.

"Francis Small is corrrect, as well. His wife, who was also active was named Terri. The also had a young son, Damien." -- Alaric of Hraefncrag

"I was never the seneschal before 1997 or '98. In the late '70s and mid '80s I was the provincial herald, a post which at that time carried the title of Peacock Pursuivant in the West Kingdom College of Heralds. It was during my tenure in that office that a large number of peacock feathers, bought by Dan Lewis (SCA name?) in an unsuccessful attempt to cash in on the fleeting fame of the county (see below) was donated to the province. Some of them were made into a lovely circular cape for the provincial herald by Lady Narissa of Hartswood. This cape is currently in my keeping.

"A few of the other seneschals I can remember were Childric des Vosges (late '70s-early '80s), Kay the Innocent (dates?), Bianca del Draco (?- 1997 or '98) then me, then Beatrice Merryfield, then me again. I think maybe Kathleen Treanor was also seneschal at one time. And maybe Rowena d'Anjou?

"I seem to remember that although the province voted in favor of the name Kintyre, the College of Heralds refused to accept it because it is an actual mundane place (a peninsula on the southwest coast of Scotland). In dispair, or perhaps resignation, (or was it in spite of the sort that leads one to cut off one's nose?), that the whole, now embarassing episode of the Land Beyond the Rainbows then occured. Some time thereafter 60 Minutes, or one of those news programs, aired an episode on Marin county called "I Want It All Now" which emphasized and sensationalized the supposedly hedonistic attitude of the area and which included a scene of people in hot tubs being stroked with peacock feathers. This inspired both the current name and the device." -- Mark von dem Falkensfenn

From an Email from Henrik of Havn, October 24, 2014:

History of Caldarium, the first Ten Years, as posted to the Caldarium Yahoo Group site, May, 2014

Well I was here at the beginning, and thought those years should be included too. So  here follows a compilation of the founding and early years of the Shire of Caldarium, in the Principality of the Mists , within The Kingdom of The West, within the Society for Creative Anachronism, within the Known World, as can be found in Master Hirsch von Henfords History of the West Kingdom web site, along with a few personal comments by me about particular background elements being discussed. I believe the information is correct as far as I recall, and/or can find documentation or other reliable source information for. Any opinions expressed are solely my opinion or are those of the sources themselves- by Duke Henrik of Havn, KSCA, OL, OP, etc.

Please Note: I use the term "Event", rather loosely in this work, since many such "events" were not Official Kingdom or SCA events in terms of origination or sponsorship and/or set by Kingdom law or tradition. Instead I List them as "events" only because participation in them by members of the SCA or Kingdom was significant to more than a minor degree, and I believe the "culture" of what has become "The SCA" and "Kingdom of The West" was as significantly influenced by participation in those events, as it was by the same people or others participating in formal SCA and or Kingdom events.  A simple example of this, are the Live Chess games held at the two Renaissance Pleasure Fairs held in San Rafael, which were simply opportunities for us to actually try out the concept of a live chess game, and at the same time recruit a prospective group of new members into the SCA in the form of LASFAS (a Los Angeles Science Fiction fan association) members coming to San Rafael to field the opposing team of chess board players against the local Bay Area SCA fighters who just barely managed to number 16 people. The game was a success, the LASFAS members joined the SCA and went on to start a local branch which eventually became the Kingdom of CAID.


- The first event held in the Province in Marin and Sonoma (aka Caldarium, fka Ceantyre , fka The Land Beyond the Rainbows)- THE FIRST ISLAND WAR, held July 29, 1967, AS II, in Nicasio, Marin County  :

- The second event held in Caldarium - The first Renaissance Pleasure Faire and Live Chess Game, held on two weekends , beginning October 14, 1967, AS II, held in San Rafael at China Camp State Park, Marin County :

- The third  event held in Caldarium - Spring Crown Tournament, held on March 23, 1968, AS II, at The San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, in Marin County :

- The fourth event held in Caldarium  -  THE SECOND ISLAND WAR, held on August 3, 1968, AS III,  in Nicasio , in Marin County:

- The fifth event held in Caldarium - The second Renaisance Pleasure Fair and Live Chess Game, held in the fall of 1968, AS III, in San Rafael at China Camp State Park, in Marin County - No record exists in the West's History site.

However, I remember going to the site to lay out the chess board using a 55 gallon drum full of used automotive oil that I was given by an automechanic shop in the Town of Ross. During the previous year I had also laid out the chess board in the dirt covered parking lot area of the Faire, using used motor oil to mark out the boundries of the sixtyfour squares that were 20 feet on each side, creating a board that was 160 feet by 160 feet. As it turned out, that was too big for the spectators, standing nearby on a small rise, to distinguish the board's nature much less how the game was progressing. So for the second year I reduced the squares to 8 feet by 8 feet, making the board a smaller 64 feet by 64 feet with an added 8 foot border around that for a total of 80 feet square. I also tried to make the board look like a real game board by filling in all the "dark" squares with a full coverage of oil ( applied by filling a three pound coffee can that had many holes punched in the bottom with a nail, so it sprinkled  oil on a wide area at the same time, as I carried it over the dirt covered ground, making it all look dark and wet.) all the "white" squares were left un-oiled so they remained light in color. I did this the weekend before the games, so the oil had time to sink in and be less messy on the clothing of anyone who fell down during the game. As I recollect we played the game only on the second weekend's Saturday, so I must have oiled the board on the preceding Monday , which was my day off at work. I used all 55 gallons of oil on that board, which would be illegal to do today! I never heard of any negative ecological consequences of that, either, during all the years I lived and worked in Marin after that.  I'm sure more oil has been spilled from all the vehicles that have driven and parked on that land, than I ever put there during that time. HoH

- The sixth event held in Caldarium - THE THIRD ISLAND WAR, held on July 26, 1969, AS IV, in Nicasio, in Marin County:

- The seventh event held in Caldarium -  The third Renaisance Pleasure Faire, held during the four weekends of September, 1969, AS IV, in Black Point, Novato, Marin County , no information is currently available at:

- The eighth event held in Caldarium - Midsummer Crown Tournament, held on June 20, 1970, AS V, at the San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, Marin County:

- The ninth event held in Caldarium - THE FOURTH ISLAND WAR, held on July 25, 1970, AS V, in Nocasio, in Marin County:

- The tenth event held in Caldarium - The fourth Renaissance Pleasure Faire, held during the fall of 1970, AS V,  in Black Point in Novato in Marin County - No record exists in the West's History site.

- The eleventh event held in Caldarium  - Spring Crown Tournament, held on March 21, 1971, AS V, at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, in San Anselmo, Marin County -

- The twelfth event held in Caldarium -  THE FIFTH ISLAND WAR, held July 24(?), 1971, AS VI, in Nicasio, Marin County:

-  The thirteenth event held in Caldarium - The fifth Renaissance Pleasure Faire, held during the month of September (?), 1971, AS VI, in Black Point, Novato, Marin County:

-  The fourteenth event held in Caldarium -  THE SIXTH ISLAND WAR , held July 22(?), 1972, AS VII, in Nicasio, Marin County:

-  The fifteenth event held in Caldarium  -  The sixth Renaissance Pleasure Faire, held in the fall of 1972, AS VII, in Blackpoint in Novato, Marin County  - no information is currently available on the History site

-  The sixteenth event held in Caldarium -  THE SEVENTH ISLAND WAR , held July 21, 1973, AS VIII , in Nicasio, Marin County:

-  The seventeenth event held in Caldarium  -  The seventh Renaissance Pleasure Faire, held in September, 1973, AS VIII , in Black Point, Novato, Marin County:

-  The eighteenth event held in Caldarium  -  THE EIGHTH ISLAND WAR , held July 28, 1974, AS IX , in Nicasio, Marin County:

-  The nineteenth event held in Caldarium  -  The eighth Renaissance Pleasure Faire , held in September, 1974, AS IX , in Black Point, Novato, in Marin County:

- The Twentieth event held in Caldarium - The province in Marin and Sonoma officially organizes sometime during the fall months of 1974, AS IX

-  The twentyfirst event in Caldarium  -  The first Official Provincial meeting , held on February, 3, 1975, AS IX, at my home in San Rafael, Marin County:

-  The twentysecond event in Caldarium - A Kite flying contest, held by the  West Kingdom College of Sciences (?), in the Province, on April 27, 1975, AS IX, in Nicasio, in Marin County:

-  The twentythird event in Caldarium  -  A revel held the same date, April 27, 1975,AS IX, in the evening, In Mill Valley, In Marin County:

-  The twentyfourth event in Cadarium  -   THE NINTH ISLAND WAR , held on July 27th, 1975, AS X , in Nicasio, in Marin County. At this point, the Editor of The Page had begun to identify the then Official Provence in Marin and Sonoma by the nickname "Daneslaw" since I, it's Seneschal at the time, had originally been known in the SCA before being Knighted as Henrik the Dane:

-  The twentyfifth event in Caldarium  -  the West Kingdom Office of the Sciences Second Annual Sciences Quest, held on October 5, 1975, AS X, at Stinson Beach, in western Marin County:

-  The twentysixth event in Caldarium  -  Under the guidance of it's Provincial Herald, the Province's members select the name "Ceantyre" from the modest list of names proposed among thmselves, on November 3, 1975, AS X:

-  The twentyseventh event in Caldarium  -  The Provincial Arms are chosen by the members of the Province on, December 1, 1975, AS X , at their monthly meeting in San Rafael, in Marin County:

Reply to the message posted above by Kevin Perigrynne:

It took a bit of digging to find... the Frank Herbert event was July 21 1968 at lake Lagunitas - not at the Island War site, but in a shadier grove nearby. Patrice, Trude Lacklandia and I were there as well as the others who Henrik mentioned. I also clearly remember Duchess Leanne of Maywood in her red Cote Hardie with the white lace side-panels being there.

It must have been the second Island War (not the third) where I began participating in combat archery... I remember buying the green bamboo for my shafts  for my arrows at Adachi florists in Pinole. I made my nocks with a triangular file. 

Here's a thesis topic - The history of Duct Tape in the SCA. I had a source from the Standard Oil (now Chevron) refinery and used it on those arrows as well as my first rattan weaponry... so we have evidence of use as early as AS II. And it was superior to any modern Duct Tape as well (but not Rigger's Tape).

As I recall Randall called his great helm 'Nollie Mae' and (possibly apocryphal) legend had it that he tested its strength by shooting it with a Colt .32 automatic. 

Reply to the above by Henrik of Havn:

  The weekend where it rained at the fair, that Kevin mentioned, I remember Mistress Geraldine cooking a huge  pot of Crab and other goodie filled Ciapino for everyone.


Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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