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Kingdom of An Tir

Kingdom of An Tir
Checky Or and argent, a lion
rampant tail forked and nowed
sable, crowned gules, grasping
in dexter forepaw a laurel wreath
bendwise vert.
Queen of An Tir
Checky Or and argent, a lion
rampant, tail forked and nowed
sable, crowned gules, grasping
in dexter forepaw a wreath of
hearts, points to center, alternating
with roses gules, barbed and
seeded proper.
Arms of Kingdom by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov
Arms of Queen by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield,
Colored by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

History: The Kingdom of An Tir was once a Principality of the West Kingdom.

(Information on dates of first Crown and first Coronation from Hrollaug Nilsen. Other dates from the History of the West.) (Details on the "An Tir Rebellion" are added below the main part of this page so that you can skip it if not interested ...)

Wilhelm von Schlüssel's original history of the West includes the following: Principality of An Tir.

See the Roll of Arms for the Princes and Princesses of An Tir.

For more information on the Kingdom of An Tir:

Location: US: Oregon, Washington, the northern tip of Idaho, Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

The following branches were active in An Tir with the status shown at the time An Tir became a Kingdom:

The An Tir Rebellion

The details here are taken from newsletters. I make no value judgements, just posting items that might be of interest to anyone following the history of An Tir.

In The Page (March, 1978) a paid advertisement about the An Tir Rebellion appeared, you can read the text at the description of the March Coronet Tourney, Principality of An Tir, March 25, 1978 event description ...

From The Page (October, 1978):

Here follows a letter which Their Majesties have sent to THE CRIER in An Tir:

To Our Subjects, most especially to those in Our Principality of An Tir who call themselves the Rebel Alliance

In July, We requested information on the causes of the An Tir rebellion from some of the leaders of it. We have subsequently talked with a few of these people and received letters from others. We discovered that letters of complaint have been written to the BOD, misleading comments have been passed among the rebels, and inflammatory statements have been printed in THE CRIER. However, one fact has struck Us as a glaring omission on the part of all these people: as far as We can tell, none of them have ever bothered to inform the Crown of the West, or those subjects of the West in charge of handling problems, that there were problems to be solved.

We wish to remind all of Our subjects that the Crown of the West, as well as the Coronet of the Principality bears responsibilities as well as privileges. The Crown is the best link available between the current medieval world and the BOD, as the organization is currently structured. The Coronet is the link with its subjects and the Crown.

Whenever there are problems with the mundane organization, inter-group problems, or anything that will affect a large number of Our subjects, we must be informed so that We can help Our subjects find solutions to them. Please inform your Prince and Principality seneschal, if you are a subject of An Tir, of any of the above types of problems as they occur. If you hear nothing from them in a reasonable amount of time, write to both the Crown and the Kingdom seneshcal. If you are not a subject of An Tir, write directly to the Crown and Kingdom seneschal. We cannot solve problems We don't know exist.

The few specifics that We have gleaned from the mass of papers sent from An Tir seem to be: problems with the mundane registry, dislike of the structure of the current medieval offices and a feelign that you are under the domination of a "foreign power" and that the Kingdom has nothing to offer you. The mundane Registry has suffered problems for years. Most of them have to do with the enormous amount of work we were expecting from part-time volunteer help. It has now been contracted to a mundane company whose business is maintaining mailing lists. We know that requests from An Tir subjects to straighten out old mix-ups are already being handled quite efficiently. We expect that these requests -- when properly documented -- will continue to be handled with the same efficiency. If you believe that the SCA owes you all or part of a subscription, send the pertinant information (when you subscribed, the problem you had, what you did about it, and if it possible, a xerox of your canceled check and mailing label) to: (contact/address info omitted).

Another problem with the registry has been the policy that only memberships which include subscriptions to the Kingdom newsletter will be counted for purposes of determining a new branch status. At the next meeting of the BOD, a recommendation from its Committee of the Whole will come before the BOD for formal approval. This recommendation is to require the establishment of an official Principality newsletter, and to allow subscribing members within a Principality the choice of receiving either that or the Kingdom newsletter. All such memberships will be included in the membership count.

The offices of the Kingdom are generally structured on a hierarchical basis. The function of the local officers is to cooperate with each other in encouraging people in their area to be actively involved in research, classes, tourneys, etc. The function of the Kingdom and Principality officers is to help the local officers do their jobs. They see that the local officers are organizing local events; they coordinate the flow of information between local areas; and they should offer the help and knowledge they have to the local officers.

There must be cooperation on all levels for this to work. If there is no meaningful communication between different officers, none of them will be able to do their job well. Local reports to superiors should give information on the activities and research being done in the area. The higher officers should collect this information and analyze it. They should then send it to the local areas in such a way that people working on a project in one area will know if others have already done something similar. This is especially true when a local group is fairly new. We have a large store of information -- twelve years worth in the West -- that we can share. If you don't know about it, you will end up duplicating efforts that for many of us are years old.

This also ties into the idea of why you are still under the Kingdom. We have much information for you and wish to help you use it. Once you have the organization and knowledge to work together in your activities and research, We will be glad to receive and pass on to the BOD your request for Kingdom status.

We wish to remind the rebels of An Tir that the SCA is game, but a game founded on respect for the accomplishment of others. If you have no respect for the Crown of the West and its officers, and for the accomplishments that they represent, how can you expect Us to respect you or your ideas? If you do not wish to build your part of the Society on the accomplishments we have already done by using them and by respecting the people who achieved them, how can you expect the rest of the Society to help you accomplish anything more?

          James, Rex Occidentalis          Verena, Regina Occidentalis

From The Page (July, 1979):


HEAR YOUR SUBJECTS, Steingrim and Rhiannon! Long, long has one of Your Majesties' minor holdings striven to perfect itself in every way, in humble hope that it might one day qualify for Kingdom status.

SO WELL have those hardworking folk succeeded that no resident of the Known World could be found to dispute their claim. Yet so modest are they that few have sought recognition of that which all know -- THEY SHOULD BE FREE!

O STEINGRIM AND RHIANNON, we beseech You: Let them take their place among the sovereign Kingdoms. Let not their striving, toil, blood, and sweat in behalf of their homeland be buried in a cold and shallow grave.

WHILE SOME may counsel that freeing them would deprive You of much of Your land and populace, You would still retain the best part, as You well know, which is more than a handful for ANY monarch.

THEREFORE, on behalf of the huddled masses of Mists, the wretched refuse of its teeming shores, we beseech You to let Liberty lift her lamp beside the Golden Gate. Proclaim MISTS an independent Kingdom!

A paid public service announcement by the ever-altruistic
An Tir Rebel Alliance. (an equal opportunity insulter).

From The Page (April, 1981):


That which follows is the text of the petition presented to Their Majesties, King Frederick and Queen Nicorlynn at An Tir Twelfth Night.

"Unto Their Majesties, the King and Queen of the West, and through Their august bodies, to the Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism; we the people of An Tir send most courteous greetings.

As loyal subjects, we ask that You grant us the right to present this petition.

We collectively at this time ask, nay, demand that You grant unto the Principality of An Tir the status of Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

For eight years we have been as a child at his father's feet. Now we have grown, and we are ready to seek our own way in the Knowne Worlde.

To this end we offer our abilities, our officers, our peers, and our people (yea, well more than two hundred of us) for Your observation and approval.

It is our wish that Your Majesties grant our petition, and champion our cause with the Board.

Should this petition meet with Your Majesties' approval, we ask that Your Signatures appear first, so that Your loyal subjects may sign without regard for fear or favor.

Presented this seventeenth day of January, Anno Societatis XV, being Anno Domini MCMLXXXI (1981)."

In His Majestie's Hand: "We hereby support and encourage all Our loyal subjects of the Principality of An Tir to sign, act, and behave to become a Kingdom. Done by Our hands this 17th day of January, Anno Societatis XV, being Anno Domini MCMLXXXI (1981)."

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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