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(Palatine) Barony of Allyshia

Azure, a sea-lion Or, scaled vert,
armed and orbed argent, and on a
chief wavy argent three laurel wreaths
vert, bound Or.
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Be warned, there may be some discrepencies in the various documents that deal with the early history of Allyshia. Mostly the issue is with dates ... there is no good way that this historian knows to resolve them.

History: Excerpts from a (17 page) "scroll" found by Seamus Gunn:

The history ends here. To read the whole thing, click here: History of Allyshia

More information about the Allyshian History given above:

"This is a document that I found while cleaning out Master Senkyu's house after his passing. I don't know the age of the document, it's at least 10 years old most likely much older, it was written by a James Ornate. I do not know who he is, I assume that he is no longer active or in the area." -- Seamus Gunn

"The original document, which is not the same that was submitted to you, was written by James Ornate, who is more commonly known as Sir Elriin of Hrassvelg. The original document was also much more sloppy than what was sent. I know, as I have seen it; when the copy that was scanned and sent to you was written. You see, the copy that Seamus discovered was enscribed, at the request of the original author, by Lady Cassandra Sables, mka Jeannie Daniels-Pollard, aka my mother. I'd recognize her calligraphy anywhere; I grew up around it. I was around 14 or 15 years old when she did that for Elriin, so it's actually 15-16 years old." -- Yoshiaki Yamana

The Original Charter for the Barony of Allyshia in Adobe Acrobat PDF format: Allyshian Charter

More details on holders of the Coronets and such provided by Conall MacDesmond ui-Niall:

"Note: By tradition, a coronet tournament is held every year at Lupercallia in February. Equal points are given for each of three competitions. These competitions are combat, arts, and sciences. By baronial custom the consort must compete in one of the three. The victors at Lupercallia are seated with the reigning Baron and Baroness and are styled with the title “First Counselors”.

"The reigning baron & baroness resign every year at March crown. At the pleasure of their Majesties, the First Counselors are then invested with the Coronets of Allyshia."

Wilhelm von Schlüssel's original History of the West includes: Barony of Allyshia. It should be noted that this includes a three page letter by the Seneschal of Allyshia Merewyn de Lyonesse detailing events as well.

Barons and Baronesses of Allyshia:

Reign BeganBaron/ess and Consort (Baroness/Baron)
1977Maelgwyn de Lyonesse and Mereweyn de Lyonesse (Founding Baron and Baroness)
1979Ffelendrac the Blind and Merewyn de Lyonesse
1981Ffelendrac the Blind
August, 1981Ragnar of the Icy Wastes and Mary of Uffington
1983(Missing Information)
1984(Missing Information)
1985(Missing Information)
1986Ffelendrac the Blind and Celynnen Cigfran
1987Elriin of Hrassvelg and Mari Sol of Viana
1988Morgan Starbridge (Palatine Baroness) and (?)
1989Weyland O'Faoláin (aka Weland Secheo) and Judith la Foncée
1990Garick Köpke and Talitha von Kopke (aka Emma Fitzwilliam)
1991Elriin of Hrassvelg and Mari Sol of Viana
1992János Mihály and Katherine Vespucci (aka Katerina Vespucci)
1993Conall MacDesmond ui Niall (aka Conall ui-Raghailaigh) and Amber of Viana
1994Elriin of Hrassvelg and Mari Sol of Viana
1995Omatsu Yoshiaki (aka Senkyu) and Gwyneth (?)
1996Weyland O'Faoláin (aka Weland Secheo) and Liesl (?)
1997Omatsu Yoshiaki (aka Senkyu) and Mary of Dumfries
1998Thorkil Stormchaser and Elsha of Grenok
1999Thomas Longsby and Grear MacMillan
2000Conall MacDesmond ui Niall (aka Conall ui-Raghailaigh) and Scota d’Espagne
2001Omatsu Yoshiaki (aka Senkyu) and Mary of Dumfries
2002Seamus Gunn and Medh ni Diarmuid
2003Conall MacDesmond ui Niall (aka Conall ui-Raghailaigh) and Elspeth Wolfsbane
2004Talorc Balgair and Esthee Le Roux de St. Honorine
2005Phauxina Rhyes (aka Phauxania Dorisdottir) and Linket Blanco
2006Donovan Reid and Deirdre of Saint Brendan (aka Dierdre of St. Brendan's)
2007Eiríkr Snorrason and Signý Jólinnardóttir
2008Eiríkr Snorrason and Signý Jólinnardóttir
2009Drogo the Quiet and Aasa Thorvaldsdottir
2010Robert d'Audrieu and Nicole d'Audrieu
2011Reinold Haldane and Elsa von Aurich
2012Conall MacDesmond ui Niall and Megan of Allyshia
2013Eiríkr Snorrason and Signý Jólinnardóttir
2014Luiggi Giovanni De Rossi and Brigida Modilbog
2015Meshulam ibn Yahud and Elsa von Aurich
2016Aylwin MacNeill and Caoimhe MacNeill
2017Megan Planterose and Úlfar inn svarti Ţórisson

Location: Humboldt County, CA

Heralds' Title: The Sea Lion Pursuivant

Description of the history of this branch is a summary from the small amount of information available, by Hirsch von Henford. Location information is from the back of The Page.

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