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Bardic Arts

The Bardic Arts are a well-respected area of endeavor in the SCA, but unfortunately, many times after a piece is performed people never hear it again. This is a place to try to collect these so that hopefully they will not be lost in antiquity.

This is broken down by the artist's name, and then by the date and/or title of the piece.

Note that all pieces contained here should be considered to be copyrighted material belonging to the authors, and they retain all rights to these pieces.

It should also be noted: You do not have to be a Bard of some group to donate your work to this site. This is a place for all members of the populace of the West Kingdom to share their bardic pieces. In the names below are people who have served as official Bards of one of the Kingdom's Principalities or Bard of the West, but not all pieces listed were necessarily from their time in those positions.

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Aimeric de Foix An Elizabethan Sonnet of Frustration, September, XXXIX (2004)
The Long and Bending Road, September, XXXIX (2004)
The Æthelmarc Carol, September, XXXIX (2004)
Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day?, July 23, XL (2005)
I Think I'll Have a Drink, November, XLIII (2008)
Pelican Limerick, November, XLIII (2008)
Three Words From A Hat, November, XLIII (2008)
When I Am Gone, November, XLIII (2008)
Alison Gray of Owlwood A False Friend, October 27, 1992 (A.S. XXVII)
Reverie On A Knighting, March 20, 2003 (A.S. XXXVII)
An Equestrian Sonnet, November 15, 2005 (A.S. XL)
Alys Sheffield
Bard of the Mists, November, 2010
The Capulet/Montague Rag, April, 2005 (A.S. XXXIX)
The Ballad of Baron Martin, July, 2005 (A.S. XL)
3 Words From A Hat, September, 2006 (A.S. XLI)
Silver and Time, September, 2006 (A.S. XLI)
Sir Geoffrey Scott, September, 2006 (A.S. XLI)
Spoonhead, September, 2007 (A.S. XLII)
Roses, Mists Coronet Tournament, October, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)
Invoking the Dream, Mists Bardic, September, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
Song for Gillian, Mists Coronet Tournament, April, 2010 (A.S. XLIV)
Black Feathers, Mists Bardic, September, 2010 (A.S. XLV)
Fighter Speak, Mists Bardic, September, 2009/2010 (A.S. XLIV/XLV)
Virtues, Mists Bardic, September, 2010 (A.S. XLV)
Crimson Song, Twelfth Night, January, 2011 (A.S. XLV)
Vittoria Procession, Twelfth Night, January, 2011 (A.S. XLV) -- with MP3 of a performance!
Amanda Ivonesdottir For Nathair coan Mac Tier [Fighter Poems, Mists Fall Coronet, XXXVII]
Amanda of Cawdor Men of Riesling [Date unknown]
Antonio Giordano da Sicilia
Bard of the West, June, 2009

Drummer by Robin of Thornwood

Siobhan, (Date unknown)
The Queen and Her Four Lovers, Beltane Coronation, May 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
Queen Courtesy and the Land of Virtues, Beltane Coronation (May), 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
You Westerners By Name, June Crown Tournament, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
West-An Tir Terza Rima, July, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
Pennsic Poem for King Alden and Queen Constantina, Pennsic War (July), 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
A Farewell to Alden and Constantina, Purgatorio Coronation (August), 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
To Titus and Eilis on The Occasion Of Their Majesties' Coronation, Purgatorio Coronation (August), 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
Invocation, October Crown Tournament, October, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
The Voice of Winter, Mists Investiture, October, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
The Ballad of Alfar and Kiffany, Cynagua/Mists War, November 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
The Ballad of Eric In The Mists, Cynagua/Mists War, November 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
Though She Be Far Away, December, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)
A Farewell to Titus and Eilis, Twelfth Night Coronation (January), 2010 (A.S. XLIV)
Eden No More, 12th Night Coronation, January, 2010 (A.S. XLIV)
The Saga of Uther and Kára, Twelfth Night Coronation (January), 2010 (A.S. XLIV)
For Helga, the West Kingdom’s First Equestrian Champion, Twelfth Night Coronation (January), 2010 (A.S. XLIV)
To Oertha ... A Love Poem, Oertha Winter Coronet and Investiture, January, 2010 (A.S. XLIV)
Estrella War Toast, February, 2010 (A.S. XLIV)
Invocation, March Crown Tournament, 2010 (A.S. XLIV)
Two Swans Upon a Crystal Lake Do Glide, March Crown Tournament, 2010 (A.S. XLIV)
To Uther and Kára, Beltane Coronation (May), 2010 (A.S. XLV)
A Sonnet for Alfar and Ketily, Beltane Coronation (May), 2010 (A.S. XLV)
Return, June Crown Tournament -- Invocation, 2010 (A.S. XLV)
The Western Muse, June Crown Tournament, 2010 (A.S. XLV)
Barbara Fitzhugh Stefan de Lorraine -- [Valhalla Collection]
Bela of Eastmarch Hugh the Undecided -- [Valhalla Collection]
Loren sur la Roche -- [Valhalla Collection]
Raymond the Mild -- [Valhalla Collection]
Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne Duncan Vitrarius -- September 26-28, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
Boncueur The Quest of Questofor -- June 10, 1970 (AS V)
Branwen ferch Emrys
Bard of the Mists, September 1995
Bard of the Mists, September, 2006
A Stranger In The West -- (No Date)
A Whimsey for Juana -- (No Date)
Beowulfric -- (No Date)
For Gareth Ivinghoe -- (No Date)
For Leon and Kiriana, Three Poems -- (No Date)
Rowan -- (No Date)
Sonnet For a Warrior -- (No Date)
A Welsh Poem for an Irish Princess -- (No Date)
Colin MacLear
Bard of the West, June, 2000
Bard of the Mists, September, 2002
Branwyn, (No Date)
Eilis' Shopping Song, (No Date)
Self-Pity, (No Date)
The Trifle, (No Date)
Westermark's Child, (No Date)
Gossip, May, AS XXXV (2000)
Battlefield, June Crown, AS XXXV (2000)
War for the West, June, AS XXXV (2000)
A Mirror, July, AS XXXV (2000)
The Wind-O, July, AS XXXV (2000)
Sister, August, AS XXXV (2000)
Siobhan, August, AS XXXV (2000)
Self-Pity, (No Date)
In Praise of Geoffrey Scott, September, AS XXXV (2000)
Children's Inspiration, October Crown, AS XXXV (2000)
Sea Wind, November, AS XXXV (2000)
October Crown, January, AS XXXV (2001)
Eskalya, January, AS XXXV (2001)
Procession, January, AS XXXV (2001)
Estrella, February, AS XXXV (2001)
Commendabilis, March, AS XXXV (2001)
Virtue's Lullaby, May, AS XXXVI (2001)
An Archer's Tale, May, AS XXXVI (2001)
A Squire's Life For Me, May, AS XXXVI (2001)
Schwetzingen's Son, May, AS XXXVI (2001)
Invocation, June, AS XXXVI (2001)
Bardic Fire, June, AS XXXVI (2001)
Cynthia FitzColline von Schlüssel The Three Minstrels (?)
Diana Listmaker Lady Dorothea's Lament, 1967 (AS II)
Douglas Brownbeard -- [Valhalla Collection]
Elriin of Hrassvelg -- [Valhalla Collection]
Dietrich von Vogelsang The Swans of the War-Lake Heard the Refrain
Dorcas Dorcadas Renfield of the Inland March -- [Valhalla Collection]
Ruthven of Rockridge -- [Valhalla Collection]
Douglas Brownbeard Robert of Westmarch -- [Valhalla Collection]
Ulfgarth von Bergen -- [Valhalla Collection]
Elena verch Gwilim Mists War Song -- September, AS XXXVII (2002)
Elsa Saxenkammer
(aka Elsa Saxisdattor)
Bard of the Mists, September, 2003
Battle's Nigh -- AS XXXVII
Isabel and Melan -- AS XXXVII
Tears of Onyx -- AS XXXVII
Peers of Tomorrow -- AS XXXVIII
Grubby Angel -- AS XXXVIII
Triolets for Jimena and Dimitry -- AS XXXVIII
When the Master Sings -- AS XXXVIII
Mission Statement -- November, AS XXXVIII
Sound Every Horn -- November, AS XXXVIII
Prince of Peeps -- March, AS XXXVIII
The Pancake Song -- April, AS XXXVIII
First Attempts -- April, AS XXXVIII
For Lief Utherson -- April, AS XXXVIII
For Marco Nibionne -- April, AS XXXVIII
A Victor Rises -- April, AS XXXVIII
For Robert -- May, AS XXXIX
For Bryne -- ???, AS ????
Sunset -- November, AS XXXIX
What A Year It's Been -- November, AS XXXIX
Erich Johann Meyer Boar Hunt -- December 10, AS XL (2005)
Fighter Poems, Mists Fall
Coronet Tournament, AS XXXVII
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Francesca the Bemused Brian Dritar an Conn -- [Valhalla Collection]
Edgar the Unready -- [Valhalla Collection]
Frederick of Holland
Bard of the Mists, September, 1990
Bard of the West, June, 2006
Bard of the Mists, September, 2009
A Founder's Song, September, AS XXXVII (2002)
A Hymn, (1999)
A Student's Song, AS XXXVII
Welcome Stranger, January, AS XXXVII (2003)
What Is The West?, April, AS XXXVII (2003)
Fools, May, AS XXXVIII (2003)
The City of Light, June, AS XXXIX (2004)
Gerhardt von Nordflammen A note about the works of Gerhardt von Nordflammen posted here.
First, this is done with Gerhardt's explicit permission (obtained
by Leon von Schrecken, who knows him much better than I)
. Leon
notes that Gerhardt is a stickler for leaving his work "as is"
(artistic integrity), so while he grants permission
to use it, please do not modify it. This caveat includes the plays.
These are all from the two folios of Gerhardt's works.

Folio One [PDF] -- Which contains the following items:
(Note that the songs are also reproduced in HTML below, so you can see
each of those separately)

The Plays
     To Slay Drought
     The Perils of Summer
     The Cynic’s Fall
     The Amazing Story of Sir Quincy Ha Ha
     Culture Comes to Normandy
     Punk Is Junk and John Is Gone, Bring on the Funk, Let’s Get It On
     An Inspiring Story for Ladies Nursing Regal Ambitions (The Queen’s Tail)
     The Tragical Tale of Pina De Collada
     The Sword and the Sheath
     The Apprentice Finds a (Some) Sex
     Eight Odes to Ayesha of Cordova

Political Works
     Petition 1 (Westermark Freedom from St. Andrew’s)
     Petition 2 (Westermark Baronial Status)
     Warmongering 1 (Westermark/Southern Shores War)
     Warmongering 2 (Westermark/S. Shores War, ‘Speech by Comrade
          Baron Catalin di Napoli’)
     Warmongering 3 (Westermark/S. Shores War, More of Same,
          Recruiting Fighters)
     Warmongering 4 (Westermark/SS War,‘To The Oppressed Workers and
          Peasants of S. Shores’)
     Amusing Tales

     Hey Landsknecht
     Dancing With My Bonnie
     Sir James and the Fowler’s Daughter
     The Black Band
     ‘A Roving
     The Miles Between
     The Wayward Youth
     The Westermark Anthem
     The Ramble

The Westermark Players

Folio Two [PDF] -- Which contains the following items:
The Plays
     Two Provenceaux in Rome
     The Steingrim Saga
     The Court of Love Meets the Court of France
     A California Vacuum Cleaner Salesman In The BOG Court
     Once Upon a Time in the Crusades
     The Faire Play
     The Fabulous Furry Fealty Brothers
     You Prayed For It

Various Political Screeds
     From the Board of Guidance
     Westermark/Golden Rivers War
     Westermark/Lions Gate War

Poetry and Songs
     In Her Eyes
     My Hair’s Greasy
     Lord, In Truth I Deserve Favor
     Water Rushes, Or Is Still
     Have I Known Too Much of Sorrow?
     Damn, Baron, You’re a Lucky Dog
     Night Came and Fell Into Her Eyes
     Oh Gentle Friends, I Have a Mystery
     There Is a Girl From My Barony
     I Say in Love, Folly’s Supreme
     We All Make Vers and Cansos To the Spring
     If A Bird Could Live Without Singing
     My Awards Go Jingle, Jangle, Jingle
     Hail Kingdom of the West
     P.P.F.U.F. Forever

In Defense of Feudalism
     Culture Corner (Real Medieval Fealty Oaths)

A Lexicon of Progressive Feudalist Terms

Songs From the First Folio (HTML):
Hey Landsknecht
Dancing With My Bonnie
Sir James and the Fowler’s Daughter
The Black Band
‘A Roving
The Miles Between
The Wayward Youth
The Westermark Anthem
The Ramble

Poems and Songs From the Second Folio (HTML):
Damn, Baron
I Say In Love, Folly's Supreme
Hail Kingdom of the West
Have I Known Too Much of Sorrow?
If A Bird Could Live Without Singing
In Her Eyes
Lord In Truth I Deserve Favor
My Awards Go Jingle, Jangle, Jingle
My Hair's Greasy
Oh Gentle Friends, I Have a Mystery
Night Came and Fell Into Her Eyes
P.P.F.U.F. Forever
There Is a Girl From My Barony
Water Rushes, or Is Still
We All Make Vers and Cansos To the Spring

Ghislaine d'Auxerre
Bard of the Mists, September, 2008
Here's To The Bard, September, A.S. XLIII (2008)
The Old Pelican and The Mountain, September, A.S. XLIII (2008)
Jack and the Mermaid, September, A.S. XLIII (2008)
Michael St. Sever, March, A.S. XLIII (2009)
Just Another Day, October, A.S. XLIV (2009)
Thunder and Lightning, November, A.S. XLIV (2009)
Gwydion pen Derwynn Robert of Westmarch -- [Valhalla Collection]
Ivan Ivanovitch Serebrenikov On Hobbit, May, AS XLII (2007)
Ivone Pons Leyr
Bard of the Mists, September, 1993
Bard of the West, June, 2001
Submission Impossible
The Unicorn's Lament, 1990
Lady of Your Hall, 1993
A Toast, 1995
Good Morrow Gentles, 1996
For the Honor of the West, 1999
Hush, My Angel, January, AS XXXV (2000)
Acrostic, May, AS XXXV (2001)
Safe Journey Home, June, AS XXXV (2001)
Duet of the Infidels, July/August, AS XXXV (2001)
Lament for My Fallen King, July, AS XXXVI (2001)
Pennsic Poppins, September, AS XXXVI (2001)
Fealty, September, AS XXXVI (2001)
Hauoc's Kite, (?), AS XXXVI (2001)
The Kingdom of the West, October, AS XXXVI (2001)
Where Is The Rain?, (?), AS XXXVI (2001)
On the Occasion of Her Majesty’s Birthday, December, AS XXXVI (2001)
Ginevra's Gift, January, AS XXXVI (2002)
For Their Majesties, Hauoc and Ginevra, January, AS XXXVI (2002)
War Calls, January, AS XXXVI (2002)
Sable Swan, January, AS XXXVI (2002)
At the Will of my Knight and King, AS XXVI (2001-2002)
Well Met, AS XXVI (2001-2002)
Uther's Song For Portia, March, AS XXXVI (2002)
Challenge To Battle, March, AS XXXVI (2002)
Field of Honor, AS XXXVI (2002)
The Last of Our Kind, April, AS XXXVI (2002)
Rum Tum Tiddle Dum, (?), AS XXXVI (2002)
Eau d'Eggplant, May AS XXXVII (2002)
You've Given Us Far More, May AS XXXVII (2002)
Coronation Piece For Jade and Megan, May AS XXXVII (2002)
Gawain and The Green Knight, May(?) AS XXXVII (2002)
My Champion, June, AS XXXVII (2002)
Warrior, June, AS XXXVII (2002)
Jana the Mad
Bard of Cynagua, July, 2000
Bard of the West, June, 2002
The Old Year Flickers Down and Dies, (Date Unknown)
Once Again, (Date Unknown)
The Waterbearer Song, May, A.S. XXXVII (2002)
For the Gold and Green, July, A.S. XXXVII (2002)
Lady, September, A.S. XXXVII (2002)
Feasting Hall, December, A.S. XXXVII (2002)
I've Never Been to War Before, February, A.S. XXXVII (2003)
Bow to the Crown, March, A.S. XXXVII (2003)
A Little Dream, March, A.S. XXXVII (2003)
Jehanne de Wodeford By Love Besotted, (Date Unknown)
Lines Composed on Leaving Rusted Woodlands, January 4, 2002
Apologia, May 25, 2002

As Makiwara no Yetsuko:
Wakas For Twelfth Night, December 18, 2002
Tanka At Twenty Paces, January 23, 2003
Sake, March 7, 2003
The Difference Between Haiku and Waka, May 14, 2003
ThreeWords, September 6, 2003
New Babies, October 12, 2003
Rockridge BART, 6:17 AM, October 14, 2003
Snow, December 12, 2003
Two For Fujimaki, December 14, 2003
Twelfth Night, December 16, 2003
She Didn't Get The Point Of The Original Question, February 8, 2004
The Lady Doesn't Camp, February 24, 2004
For Elsa, February 28, 2004
Untitled (1), March 6, 2004
The Dreamtm, March 29, 2004
War Horse, April 1, 2004
School Horse, April 1, 2004
Untitled (2), April 18, 2004
Renga for Mari Alexander, April 29, 2004
Untitled (3), July 8, 2004
Untitled (4), July 22, 2004
Untitled (5), August 25, 2004
The Dream II, September 10, 2004
Untitled (6), September 22, 2004
For Date Saburo Yukiie, September 23, 2004
Untitled (7), September 24, 2004

Johann Heinrich Michael Simon von Wernigerode Douglas Longshanks -- [Valhalla Collection]
William of Hoghton -- [Valhalla Collection]
Juan Santiago
Bard of the Mists, September, 2004
A Place by The Fire, Sept. 11, AS XXXIX (2004)
For Robert of Woodsende, Sept. 18, AS XXXIX (2004) [Fighter Poems, Mists Coronet]
The Elegant Art of Defense, November 26, AS XXXIX (2004)
Stand Where You Cannot Fall, March 28, AS XXXIX (2005)
Gemini's Twin, April 9, AS XXXIX (2005)
Katla loki Ulfsdottir
(aka Catherine de Gray,
Bella Caterina Malatesta)

Bard of the West, June, 2004
Bard of Cynagua, July, 2008
Bard of the West, June, 2011
Bard of the West, June, 2013
Bard of the Mists, November, 2015
Tanwen, Mó Stór Gal, January, AS XXVIII (1994)
Glory of Cynagua, AS XXXVII (2002)
The Kingdom of the South, May, AS XXXVII (2002)
In Praise of Cassandra, December, AS XXXVII (2002)
To King And Crown, March, AS XXXVII (2003)
For Eric of Huntington, March, AS XXXVII (2003)
Gemini's Song, March, AS XXXVII (2003)
Sestina To The West, April, AS XXXVII (2003)
Women With Sticks, May, AS XXXVIII (2003)
The Champion, June, AS XXXVIII (2003)
Come, My Noble Handsome One, August, AS XXXVIII (2003)
The Bard, August, AS XXXVIII (2003)
The Random Words at Mists Bardic, September, AS XXXVIII (2003)
Wassail for Fettburg, December 6, AS XXXVIII (2003)
A Toast to Rivenoak, December 12, AS XXXVIII (2003)
The Western Rose, January 28, AS XXXVIII (2004)
Woman of the West, February 5, AS XXXVIII (2004)
Council to the Crown, February 5, AS XXXVIII (2004)
True Love, May 1, AS XXXIX (2004)
The Call, May 4, AS XXXIX (2004)
Heirs of the Western Lands, June 12, AS XXXIX (2004)
For Kylson, June 28, AS XXXIX (2004)
Honor, June, AS XXXIX (2004)
For Antonio, August 23, AS XXXIX (2004)
For Uther and Kaaren, Stepping Down, August 23, AS XXXIX (2004)
For Jade and Eliana (Coronation), August 23, AS XXXIX (2004)
Faith, September 9, AS XXXIX (2004)
For Alden and Constantina, The Heirs, October 17, AS XXXIX (2004)
Lullabye to The Mists, October, AS XXXIX (2004)
Jade and Eliana Reign, January 6, AS XXXIX (2005)
Alden and Constantina, January 6, AS XXXIX (2005)
The Consort's Song, March 22, AS XXXIX (2005)
Squire Daniel's Demise, March, AS XXXIX (2005)
For Thorfinn and Geirdis, the Heirs, March 28, AS XXXIX (2005)
The Fighter's Song, June 23, AS XL (2005)
Farewell, June 23, AS XL (2005)
Grendel War Song, April 2007 (A.S. XLI)
Love Song For Cynagua, May 12, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)
Midons, Ma Dame, May 20, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)
In Praise of Marc and Arianwen, July, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)
For Marc and Arianwen, Farewell, January, 2009 (A.S. XLIII)
For Daniel and Aeschine, Investiture, January, 2009 (A.S. XLIII)
Kateryn de Ver The Golden Warrior, May 28, AS XXXV (2000)
Karina of the Far West Elriin of Hrassvelg -- [Valhalla Collection]
Elriin of Hrassvelg (2) -- [Valhalla Collection]
Garryl Harper -- [Valhalla Collection]
Siegfried von Hoflichskeit -- [Valhalla Collection]
Kellyn Firesinger
Bard of Cynagua, July, 2001
The Saga of Torvald the Doomed
Lord Alberic's Kilt
Leah Raedaelf of Pagham
Bard of the West, June, 2003
Bard of the Mists, November, 2017
Ginevra's Call, September 12, AS XXXVI (2001)
Mists War Song, July 29, AS XXXVII (2002)
West-An Tir War, AS XXXVII (2002)
For Alan MacMillan [Fighter Poems, Mists Fall Coronet, XXXVII]
For Reginald of Whetmore [Fighter Poems, Mists Fall Coronet, XXXVII]
Queen's Guard, March Crown, A.S. XXXVII
Alden's War Song, June Crown, A.S. XXXVIII
Unsung Champions, June Crown, A.S. XXXVIII
Sciath's Favor, June Crown, A.S. XXXVIII
The An Tir Lion, West/An Tir War, A.S. XXXVIII
A Gift to the Kahn Davin, West/An Tir War, A.S. XXXVIII
Vigil, July 26, A.S. XXXVIII
For Alden and Constantina, Purgatorio Coronation, A.S. XXXVIII
Trust's Symbol, Purgatorio Coronation, A.S. XXXVIII
Justice and Honor, Purgatorio Coronation, A.S. XXXVIII
Baroness Thor Stagge, Ducal Prize Tournament, A.S. XXXVIII
The Lady Doesn't Camp, Ducal Prize Tournament, A.S. XXXVIII
The Bard's Puzzle, Mists Bardic Competition, A.S. XXXVIII
Magdalene, Mists Bardic Competition, A.S. XXXVIII
First Servants, October Crown, A.S. XXXVIII
For Her Royal Highness Ivone, October Crown, A.S. XXXVIII
Western Marching Song, October Crown, A.S. XXXVIII
For Erik Bjornsson, Mists Coronet, A.S. XXXVIII
For Eyvandr Gunnarsson, Mists Coronet, A.S. XXXVIII
Round the Fire, October 28, A.S. XXXVIII
Tell a Tale, November 8, A.S. XXXVIII
Boundless, Twelfth Night, A.S. XXXVIII
Gifts of Silver, Twelfth Night, A.S. XXXVIII
The King's Riders, Twelfth Night, A.S. XXXVIII
Waes Hael, Twelfth Night, A.S. XXXVIII
Snow Wolf, January, A.S. XXXVIII
Our Lands Treasure, Cynagua Investiture, January 24, A.S. XXXVIII
Song of Roland, February 5, A.S. XXXVIII
Legends, Estrella War, February A.S. XXXVIII
To Honor You, February (for March Crown), A.S. XXXVIII
900 Pounds of Atenveldt, March, A.S. XXXVIII
For Kaaren and Uther, March Crown, A.S. XXXVIII
Radnor's Chain, March Crown, A.S. XXXVIII
For Mauricio Perez, Mists Coronet, April 3, A.S. XXXVIII
For Owen Flechyr, Mists Coronet, April 3, A.S. XXXVIII
For William Warren, Mists Coronet, April 3, A.S. XXXVIII
The Bard for My King, Beltane, A.S. XXXIX
Beltane, Beltane, A.S. XXXIX
Camelot, Beltane, A.S. XXXIX
The Queen's Fool, Beltane, A.S. XXXIX
Eona's Rose, Mists Investiture, May 15, A.S. XXXIX
In Praise of Geoffrey Scott (Part III), Mists Investiture, May 15, A.S. XXXIX
Kaaren's Song, May 24, A.S. XXXIX
Our Crown, June Crown, A.S. XXXIX
Road's End, June Crown, A.S. XXXIX
Requiem For Kylson, June, A.S. XXXIX
Leofwynn of Darkwood (aka Branwen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda)
Bard of the Mists, September, 2000
Bard of the Mists, November, 2013
Bard of the West, June, 2015
Brion Bellatrix -- November 18, 2000 (AS XXXV)
Viscount Thorfinn -- November 18, 2000 (AS XXXV)
Three Hearts -- November 18, 2000 (AS XXXV)
Anachronist's Comedy: Inferno (PDF File Format) -- April 30, 2004 (AS XXXVIII)
Margrethe Astrid Ravn
Bard of the Mists, September, 1998
Bard of the West, June, 2007

Drummer by Robin of Thornwood

A Chivalrous Act, September 13, AS XXXII (1997)
For Lassar fhina (Drink Me Lads), September 13, AS XXXII (1997)
One Kind of Inspiration, September 13, AS XXXII (1997)
Three Hearts and Three Gold Lions, September 10, AS XXXIII (1998)
Phillip Harlech vs. The Pyrates, September 10, AS XXXIII (1998)
The Duke's Night Out, September 10, AS XXXIII (1998)
Wilhelm von Zweikopfeigen Falke, October 17, AS XXXIII (1998)
Limerick Contest Entries, November 1, AS XXXIII (1998)
Richard Greyfalle, November 21, AS XXXIII (1998)
William and Maren, November 21, AS XXXIII (1998)
Proud Cynagua, January 30, AS XXXIII (1999)
The Rules of the List, April 3, AS XXXIII (1999)
Chad Bitor, April 3, AS XXXIII (1999)
For Maren, May 15, AS XXXIII (1999)
For William, May 15, AS XXXIII (1999)
Why We Fight, May 15, AS XXXIII (1999)
Things Are Seldom As They Seem, October 16, AS XXXIII (1999)
Hanz von Wolfholz, October 16, AS XXXIII (1999)
To Athelisia With Love, November 20, AS XXXIII (1999)
Whose Daughter, November 20, AS XXXIII (1999)
For the Bard, May 13, AS XXXV (2000)
A Motley Bunch, October, AS XL (2005)
Na'arah bat Avraham Bard of the Mists, September, 2005 (Untitled), Duchess Ball, Twelfth Night, January, AS XL (2006)
Oisín mac Uislenn
Bard of Cynagua, (?)
Bard of the West, June, 2012
The Black Swan's Song, Fall Coronet, AS XXIX
In Elmhurst Hollow, Fall Coronet, AS XXIX
Kido, Summer, AS XXIX
Marjorie and Kido, Summer, AS XXIX
Lady Swan, Fall, AS XXIX
Megan, Purgatorio, AS XXIX
Merced and Louise, Spring, AS XXIX
Mighty the Man, Mists Fall Investiture, AS XXIX
Valgard and Megan, Purgatorio, AS XXIX
Thorstagg, Cynagua Spring Coronet, AS XXX
A Western Ordeal, June Crown Tournament, AS XLVII
"An Eastern Knight, A Western Lady, and a Crown", Purgatorio Coronation, AS XLVII
"Mina, Warrior Queen", Purgatorio Coronation, AS XLVII
"For Crown, a Beautiful October Day", October Crown Tournament, AS XLVII
The Raven and the Boar, Twelfth Night Coronation, AS XLVII
With Winter's Death, March Crown Tournament, AS XLVII
Thorfynn and Etain, Beltane Coronation, AS XLVIII
Oksenja Venäläinen Finals, Cynaguan Fall Coronet, XXIX
Kolbyr, Cynaguan Spring Coronet, XXX
Owen ap Morgan March Crown XXX, (1996)
Silver and Gold, (1996)
The Quest, June 9, AS XXXVI (2001)
The Golden Stag, (2001)
Warrior's Gate, (2001)
The Pelican's Hymn, (2002)
Portia's Song, (2002)
Southern Cross, (2002)
The Sun Never Sets, (2002)
The Swan's Charge, (2002)
Cynagua's Bloody Bastard, (2008)
Padráig Donn Mc Mathúna
Bard of Cynagua, July, 1995
Mistress Eilis (June Crown, AS XXXIII)
The Flame (Twelfth Night, AS XXXIII (January 2, 1999))
In the Land of the Swan (Jan. 30, 1999 (AS XXXIII)
Mistspa' (Mists Spring Coronet, AS XXXIII)
Defenders of the Flame (Mists/Cynagua War, AS XXVIII)
The Nestling (October 12, AS XXXV (2000))
Radiance (Purgatorio, AS XXXVI (August 25, 2001))
Philip Dyemoke ChristopherOfHoghton -- [Valhalla Collection]
Raymond the Mild Andrew of Riga -- [Valhalla Collection]
Rhiein Verch Aythan Crimson Song, Twelfth Night, January, 2011 (A.S. XLV)
Rima of Rockridge Bern Bellower (with Ruthven of Rockridge) -- [Valhalla Collection]
Elric du Cassel -- [Valhalla Collection]
Mark von dem Falkensfenn -- [Valhalla Collection]
Philip Dyemoke -- [Valhalla Collection]
Steven MacEanruig -- [Valhalla Collection]
Terrance of Halliday -- [Valhalla Collection]
Timor Mortis -- [Valhalla Collection]
Ruth of the Far North Brian Dritar an Conn -- [Valhalla Collection]
Hal Ravn -- [Valhalla Collection]
Sean Graethorne In Praise of Cynagua -- 1989 (AS XXIV)
Arms of the Storm -- 1988 (AS XXIII)
The Tower -- August 2, 1988 (AS XXIII)
Christian du Glaive -- July, 1989 (AS XXIII)
Sheen of Ire The Moon is High (?)
Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
Bard of the Mists, September, 1984
John Barleycorn Must Die! (1983, AS XVIII)
The Gryphon and The Unicorn (Fall 1983, AS XVIII)
A Mists Marching Song (Fall, 1984, AS XIX)
The Great Days of The Year (September 22, 1984, AS XIX)
The Princess and The Sea (February 16, 1985, AS XIX)
The Prince of Spring (March 16, 1985, AS XIX)
Legionnaire's Way (May 11, 1985, AS XX)
The Rules of The Lists (Fall, 1985, AS XX)
The Fields of Agincourt (1992)
The Queen of Lilies (?)
The Moon is High (?)
The Three Minstrels (?)
Siobhán ní hEodhusa
Bard of the Mists, September, 1982
Bard of the West, June, 1999
To The West -- (Date Unknown)
Rhisiset o Mor Hafen -- May, 1982 (AS XVII)
The Lover of Lord Eithras -- January, 1984 (AS XVIII)
The Ballad of Idath's Ride -- January, 1984 (AS XVIII)
The Bard and Four Dukes -- (Date Unknown) PDF
Pearl of the West -- April, 1999 (AS XXXIII)
Faith to the Wounded King -- May, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
Black Hound -- May, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
The Cup, The Sword, The Hawk, The Chain -- June, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
Uther -- August, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
Jade -- August, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
Drunk With Deena -- October, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
For Jade's Stepping Down -- January, 2000 (AS XXXIV)
Western Warband -- January, 2000 (AS XXXIV)
A Ghazal for Queen Bryne -- March, 2000 (AS XXXIV)
On The Bard's Medallion -- April, 2000 (AS XXXIV)
Margrethe Astrid Ravn -- November 18, 2000 (AS XXXIV)
Steven MacEanruig Bergen von Rauch -- [Valhalla Collection]
James Greyhelm -- [Valhalla Collection]
Syele von der Rosen
Bard of the West, June, 2008
A War March for Gemini and Mari -- February, 2008 (AS XLII)
On The Making of a Knight -- March, 2007 (AS XLI)
A Beltane Chorus for Titus and Eilis -- May, 2008 (AS XLIII)
On The Way It Was -- May, 2008 (AS XLIII)
In Praise of Cyneswith the Mad -- May, 2008 (AS XLIII)
For Uther and Kára -- June, 2008 (AS XLIII)
Taking the Mantle -- June, 2008 (AS XLIII)
On Western Heroes -- July, 2008 (AS XLIII)
Lady of the East - For Princess Kamiilah -- October, 2008 (AS XLIII)
Odin's Son -- October, 2008 (AS XLIII)
On Inspiration - Seeking The Crown -- October, 2008 (AS XLIII)
Battle Call -- February, 2009 (AS XLIV)
Red Roses - A Gift for a King -- May, 2009 (AS XLIV)
Undoubted -- June, 2009 (AS XLIV)
A Songbird's Farewell -- June, 2009 (AS XLIV)
Kolfinna's Song -- October, 2009 (AS XLIV)
In Praise of Gabriel -- July, 2011 (AS XLVI)
Song of the Summits -- September, 2011 (AS XLVI)
Dolphin's Daughter -- October, 2011 (AS XLVI)
Mountain Home -- Late 2011 (AS XLVI)
Wolves of the West -- January, 2012 (AS XLVI)
Muse of Darkness -- January, 2012 (AS XLVI)
Lokissongr - In Praise of Katla -- May, 2014 (AS XLIX)
On Farewell -- 2014 (AS XLIX)
For Ragnar - On His Journey to Valhalla -- 2014 (AS XLIX)
Swan Song - for Cecilia -- 2014 (AS XLIX)
A Silly Little Peer Poem -- 2015 (AS XLIX)
Lift the Silver -- May, 2015 (AS L)
Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova For the Chivalry -- AS XXXI (1996)
Favored of Apollo -- AS XXXIII (1998)
Birds of a Feather -- AS XXXIV (1999)
The Eternal Crown -- AS XXXIII (1998)
The New Recruit -- AS XXX (1996)
Celebrate The Day -- AS XXXI (1997)
The Lady's Thoughts -- AS XXXI (1997)
The Friday Night Song -- AS XXX (1996)
The Fighter's Dilemma -- AS XXX (1996)
Torvald Torgarson
Bard of Cynagua, July, 1998
Prince Geoffrey of the Mists -- September, 1983 (AS XVII)
Vlasta Ulveüs of the Wild Hair -- 1985 (AS XX)
Misty Shores -- September, 1997 (AS XXXII)
For Hauoc and Maren -- May, 1993 (AS XXVIII)
Honor of the Swan -- January, 1998 (AS XXXII)
Fabiankvida -- Beltane, 1998 (AS XXXIII)
Fredericksaga -- January, 1999 (AS XXXIII)
Erickvida -- March, 1999 (AS XXXIII)
Thoughts of a Hot Crown -- (AS XXXIV)
Flaming Messages -- (AS XXXV)
Cynaguan Rose -- May, 2000 (AS XXXV)
Misty Rose -- July, 2000 (AS XXXV)
Ravensongr -- October, 2000 (AS XXXV)
Elemental Argument -- April 2001 (AS XXXV)
Inspiration to Battle -- (AS XXXVI)
Lord of the Clan -- (No Date)
Thoughts of a Rose -- June 14, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Thoughts of Valor -- June 24, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Belt of Red -- June 17, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Gratitude -- June 24, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Leaping Froggy Salad -- June, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
For the Children -- June, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Battered Raven -- June, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Holmgang In Skaugnir -- June, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Cyneswith -- June, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
For the Guardians -- July, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Faithless -- July, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Soon To Be -- July, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Rage -- July, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Dreaming -- September, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Bryne McClellan -- September, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Deck the Halls with Skulls of Saxons -- October, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
God Save Us From the Viking -- October, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Take Me Out to the Holmgang -- October, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Three Viking Ships -- October, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Rebirth -- October, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Rumors -- November, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Riddle 3 -- December, 2002 (ASXXXVII)
Loss -- January, 2003 (ASXXXVII)
Dichotomy -- January, 2003 (ASXXXVII)
Feeling Norse -- January, 2003 (ASXXXVII)
Estrella -- February, 2003 (ASXXXVII)
Riddle 2 -- March, 2003 (ASXXXVII)
March Crown -- March, 2003 (ASXXXVII)
Love Verses -- March, 2003 (ASXXXVII)
Spring -- April, 2003 (ASXXXVII)
For Mists Coronet -- April, 2003 (ASXXXVII)
Riddle -- May, 2003 (ASXXXVIII)
Happiness -- May, 2003 (ASXXXVIII)
Mists Games -- June, 2003 (ASXXXVIII)
October Crown -- October, 2003 (ASXXXVIII)
Trude Lacklandia Robert of Westmarch -- [Valhalla Collection]
Wander Riordan
Bard of the Mists, September, 1992
For Thorfinn and Katherine -- January 27, 1998 (AS XXXII)
Ken Ye Well -- September, AS XXXVIII
William the Lucky Bela of Eastmarch -- [Valhalla Collection]
Martin the Temperate -- [Valhalla Collection]
Ranulf of the North Country -- [Valhalla Collection]

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