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Bardic Arts

For Thorfinn and Katherine
Wander Riordan
January 27, 1998 (AS XXXII)

The summer sun that brightly shone
Hath dimmed in winter's cold embrace
Old and gentle and golden grown
Reflects on two of noble grace
Fierce Thorfinn, joyful Argent Boar,
In swan-cloak clad, upholds his word
Ne'er stinting self in peace or war
No bolder Prince was ever heard.
And Katherine, his Princess keen
Nature's bounteous treasure knows
Delights in Art, both felt and seen,
Kind and noble as autumn's rose.
At feast and tourney, hunt and court
They mirth and majesty employ
High dignity and gentle sport
Encouraged all in learning's joy.
Relentless Time now turns the wheel
Isa and Conor here will rise
Named anew the past shall kneel.
Excellent always in our eyes.

Katherine notes: "Pretty keen that the first letter of each line ends up spelling Thorfinn and Katherine."

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