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Bardic Arts

Ken Ye Well
Wander Riordan
September, AS XXVIII

Ken ye well ye lords and ladies fine
     Ken ye well for aye
Ken ye well the solemn deeds
     Ye maun do this day.

Honor stern uphold they skill and strength
Let virtue be they stay
Against the fell and fearsome foe
Ye maun meet this day.
     Anger, envy, pride and avarice
     May lead ye for astray
     So gluttony, sloth, lust also
Seven deadly sins personified
To strive against and pray
For virtue such that stand or fall
Yet ye maun win this day.
     Branwyn sallied forth in virtues quest
     All steadfast in the fray
     Though ribbons only her reward
     Right well she fought this day.
Mustafa hails from Antioch renowned
His homeland far away
Yet present purpose stood him well
He honor won this day.
     Guenllian did stand her ground withall
     These sins all for to slay
     Repentance gives true pilgrims joy
     For two she slew this day.
Richard, squire to our noble Prince
And dressed in bright array
Did to his lady tribute bring
Of striving done this day.
     Claivelle strove bold and strong upon the field
     What sorrow to relay
     Though many were the battles won
     His favor lost this day.
Geoffrey, captain, charged by his Princess
All honor to display
Did deal bright death e'en as he fell
And held his won this day.
     Philip, knight, and champion of the Mists
     His skill none by gainsay
     Alone of all except the King
     Unfallen on this day.

Ken ye well ye lords and ladies fine
     Ken ye well for aye
Ken ye well the solemn deeds
     Right well done this day.

This poem is commemorating the adventures and accomplishments of the Mist's Guard at the Black Knight Tourney held in September, AS 28.

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