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Bardic Arts

Torvald Torgarson
Cynagua Fall Coronet
October, 2000 (AS XXXV)

The Ravens call reaches
the rising western sun
and panther prowls about
paws light but razor sharp
heed the call that raises clear
counsel to the honored
mistress of the mighty
mansion of shadowed blades

her blood shed and shared in
shelter of others needs
her own care or comfort
kept second in service
grace she grants to us all
giving so tirelessly
as mother to many
might she be heralded

lifting in love for those
long brought into her heart
matchless is the mistress
marvel of the loom craft
This land and its lords
left without any want
as dark wings draw close to
drive away any pain

heed me all you heroes
who bear the western realm
as the raven rises
in rapture to the sky
wolf howls and swan takes wing
while mist blows from the south
above all the western sun
in honor burning bright

This poem was written and performed for the occasion of Mistress Anastacia’s elevation to the Order of the Pelican. It is a drakkvaet flokr using the more traditional 6 syllable, 3 stress count of the early period, and I worked the alliteration in. -- Torvald

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