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Bardic Arts

Misty Shores
Torvald Torgarson
Cynagua Fall Coronet
September, 1997 (AS XXXII)

Far o’er this world I wandered,
      seen lands of ancient fame,
And though my heart’s been given,
      there’s another I would praise,
Western Wind blows o’er a land,
      of legend and of lore,
And one day I will walk there,
      along the Misty Shores.

Mother of the Kingdoms,
      your hist’ry binds us all,
Enshrouded in your name sake,
      you’re a vision we can call,
It matters not in all this world,
      which kingdom now is yours,
One day we all shall gather,
      along the Misty Shores.

Birthplace of our spirit,
      homeland of the dream,
The honor that you hold there,
      beside the shining seas,
And one day when we all have passed,
      through history’s grim doors,
We all shall be together,
      along the Misty Shores.

This song was written as a gift to the Principality of the Mists and performed for the first time at the Mist/Cynagua War for Prince Brand and Princess Megen Brenna. -- Torvald

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