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Bardic Arts

Lord of the Clan
Torvald Torgarson

Our battle leader brave and wise
Beat the drum and the piper rise
Darkmoor prepares the Pride for war
Proudly he leads the march before
Boarsword raised he bears it with skill
Bravely he stands with iron will
Daring foes in the iron dance
Danger he courts in battle’s chance
With him I stand my sword is bare
Striking the foes my chieftain dares
Beware the rage of Scotsman’s wrath
Red the color of Panther’s path
Piper play as we rise to a man
Praise we all the Lord of the Clan

This poem is a drakkvaet flokr written in the 8 syllable count, 4 stress style of the 12th century. The alliterative is worked in, as well as making use of end riming. There are a few examples of end riming skaldic verse. The most notable by Egil Skallagrimson. This poem was written in honor of Lord Felix McGowan as a birthday gift for Mistress Anastacia Grindstead, and from me to the Lord of My Clan as I stepped down as the Champion of Darkclaw. -- Torvald

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