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Bardic Arts

Deck the Halls With Skulls of Saxons
(To the Tune of: Deck the Halls)
Torvald Torgarson

Deck the halls with skulls of saxons
Cut them down with swords and axes
Don we now our chain mail armor
Board the ships down in the harbor

Cross the north sea seeking treasure
Sacking churches is a pleasure
Lots of gold and silver baubles
Monks and priests are not much trouble

When the knights come looking for us
Swords and axes beat the chorus
Helm and shield are quickly battered
They slowed us down but didn’t matter

Next year we will come back early
No where else is quite as worthy
Maybe we will come to settle
Show the Saxon dogs our mettle

Good King Harald wins and loses
Which is which it can confuse us
Not that is does really matter
Duke William comes now both are splattered!

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