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Bardic Arts

Cynaguan Rose
Torvald Torgarson
May, 2000 (AS XXXV)
For her Highness Isa of Cynagua,
Performed at Spring Coronet

The white rose stands for purity, it petals brilliant white
   just like the stars up in the sky, that we see every night
A symbol of honor, that we all strive to know
   so if you strive for honor, consider the white rose

The red rose stands for passion, a love that’s burning bright
   just like the sun at mid day that warms us with its might
It fills the heart with laughter, and sends joy into the soul
   so if for love your seeking, consider the red rose

The blue rose stands for dreamers, which may include us all
   it gives to us the strength we need to conquer every wall
A symbol of an era, that for many has gone cold
   but if you are a dreamer, consider the blue rose

There is a rose that I’ve not named, to all of us is known
   so gently does it guide us, here in the black swan’s home
The essence of the others, in its own heart it holds
   I ask you to consider, our own Cynaguan Rose

At the begining of the reign of Connor and Isa I issued a challenge to the members of the Cynaguan Guard to Bardic combat in praise of the Princess. This song was performed in my first "bout" with Mistress Cassandra in opening Court at Spring Coronet. -- Torvald

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