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Bardic Arts

For the Chivalry
Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova
A.S. XXXI (1996)

You don your armor and bear your steel
To battle you ever must go
You lift up your swords to salute your lord
And go forth to meet the foe
You wear white pure and you pledge your lives
Your courage has often been told
In battle or court you shall have your sport
For you are the Chivalry bold

     For the King, knights, you swear
     For the Queen, whose honor you bear
     For the West, your homeland so fair
     And the spoils of war shall be theirs
     For the King, knights, you swear
     For the Queen, whose honor you bear
     For the West, that jewel so rare
     And its glory beyond compare

You fight Caid and you fight An Tir
Our borders you guard with your might
You honor the field and chivalry wield
For that is the part of a knight
You hone your skills and your squires you train
The art of combat lies there
In lists or in war as you share your lore
A garden of steel shows your care


The wind tears banners and blows the dust
The shouts of fighters resound
You push the line back and as you attack
The foemen you do surround
The fighting is long and much honor is won
By friend and by foe, it is true
And at end of day as you make your way
Your friendship you shall renew


A song for the Chivalry; dedicated to Viscount Sir Gareth of Crawford, who said he was sick and tired of always hearing songs that make fun of the knights.

First of four songs which commemorate the Four Virtues of the SCA - Combat, Creativity, Service, and Nobility. -- Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova

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