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Bardic Arts

A War March for Gemini and Mari

February, 2008 (A.S. XLII)

Death stalks on black boots, silent as the lion's padded step on the desert
To Western foe, take heed!

Men of the West fear not your blade, nor dread the arrow in your bow
Women of the West will take the field, our kingdom's valor for to show
We march to Aten's desert lands with banners high and voices loud
Our armor shining, polearms ready, bodies strong and spirits proud

The Western army comes to war lead by our mighty Gemini
His blade shall sing the battle song 'til in the earth His foemen lie
The eagle's eye, the adder's grasp, the mighty roar of blood borne son
Our Western King shall not retreat until the day's battle is won

Mari, Queen, warrior, rose, embodiment of  Western grace
Is not a wilting flower, no - by Gemini's side She takes Her place
An arm as strong and reach as far, Her own prowess all soon shall know
for Mari's sword shall take the field, and see the looming threat laid low

On Swan's black wings fly now, dread King, with blood tinged Mists to mark your way
the Northern Wolf runs at your feet, you know that you shall win the day
Your men and women fight beside you, strong and proud, honored to die
For the inspiration of Queen Mari, and to heed the war call of King Gemini

"Written Estrella 08." -- Syele von der Rosen

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