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Bardic Arts


June, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)

Alden comes, oak King
Angel caller, Ring Breaker, Lord of wolves
An heir to find, raven feeder, battle’s proven son!
Men of war, gather!

Constantina, fair hair, gold giver,
Glory's daughter, Rose of the dawn
Speaks to all, of courtesy and noble deeds
Fail her not!

Before them, come swords and banners
Bravery, fine speech, let deeds reflect
Witnessed by eagles, bulls, wolves
Your sword name write!
Chivalry guard well the steel circle.
Swords sing, shields crash
In glory's Western name.

Sunset  come, and with it the Laurel
From King's hands, to victorious brow
Roses set, a princess crowned
Who claims the first throne

"Written for Invocation, June Crown 09 - TRM Alden and Constantina requested a prose piece in the style of the Norse sagas. Much thanks is given to my lord Sir Roric, who is a fantastic editor for the Norse ear." -- Syele von der Rosen

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